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   Music Review : Jimmy

Director :
Music :

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Starring :
 Raj N Sippy
 Anand Raj Anand, Bappa Lahri, Vijay Verma
 Ranbir Pushp, Virag Mishra, Anand Raj Anand
 Mimoh Chakraborty, Zulfi Syed, Aashish Vidyarthi.

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Star-kids arrival has always been big news in tinsel town. Every year brings new crop of such show-stoppers in fancy packaging but the results haven’t been that promising. JIMMY, the successful screen name of 80’s disco sensation Mithun Chakraborty (in film DISCO DANCER (1982)) turns out to be launching vehicle of his son Mimoh Chakraborty. This Raj N Sippy directed flick promises to showcase Mimoh’s acting prowess and dancing skills in upbeat set of rollicking numbers. The album comes out with Anand Raj Anand as its lead composer while upcoming Bappa Lahiri and new composer Vijay Verma adds up with their share of delights. It has its enthralling moments but in bits and pieces while overall it turns out to be a mediocre affair.

Vociferous Shaan races up tempo in infectious disco binge in enthralling hip-hop cum pop buzz in loud and peppy sounding “Why not Jimmy”. The rock paced music gears up with enthused electric guitar strumming with uproarious hip-hop striking rich in its prelude. Ranbir Pushp’s engrossing lyrics have catchy flair that gels affably with peppy arrangements. This may not be finest composition from Anand Raj Anand’s clan but the upbeat set of arrangements and Shaan’s remarkable rendition will surely be working wonders for it.

“Do Minute Mein”, a “yuppie” friendly soundtrack brings out again Shaan to the centre-stage again in a rather sluggish hip-hop cum trance singing mode. The smoothening electronic flute rendition is the main spotlight that gets mesmerized amicably with thumping electronically synchronized hip-hop beat patterns. Despite some rollicking musical moves, this Bappa Lahiri’s composition lacks the desired innovative ire that could have set the floors on fire. Even Virag Mishra’s user friendly wordings fail to be catchy and the cheeky “Allah” in chorals sounds pointless and senseless.

Early this year, Anand Raj Anand had consequential outing in “Bhula Diya” (DUS KAHANIYAN) and now he returns back with “Jeevein Bulliyan De”, an equally mournful and distressing romantic track in Punjabi “Sufi” lingo. The song showcases Anand Raj Anand multifaceted prowess as being competitive composer, poetic lyricist but a mediocre sounding vocalist. The wordings have intrinsically “Sufi” touches with added feminine classical “alaaps” that gives it minor poignant touches.

After impressive Shaan’s renditions, it’s another entertaining vocal delight from talented Kunal Ganjawala in enthused lovable party soundtrack “Aaya Hoon”. It’s again enthralling in its vocal textures but the composition sounds uninspiring in its outmoded frivolous modes. Like “Why not Jimmy”, this track will be having substantial (if not universal) takers from Gen X listeners and if promoted, it can be a surprise hit on its D-Day.

“Marhaba”, an extra-enthused boisterously pumped track tries to rekindle the flame of 80’s disco fervor in the disarrayed voice of unimpressive Debojit. Bappa Lahiri gets into the skin and soul of his father’s (Bappi Lahiri) 80’s discotheque musical compositions but disappoints completely with crassly delivered extra thumping percussive elements in its rigorous background flows. This can be presumed to be Mimoh’s hot-shot disco dancing attribute (similar to Mithun’s in DISCO DANCER) but neither the sloppy vocals nor energized ear-splitting compositions adds any substance to it.

The emotional “Sufi” elements gets another outing in “Zamane Se Keh Do”, a meek sounding distressing track about lost love and beleaguered relationships. Kailash Kher oozes out in his loud folksy baritones with Ranbir Pushp’s simple wordings makes it a obligatory affair. Anand Raj Anand’s unimposing composition is highly irritating and the uncanny repetitive rendition of “Rabba Mere Rabba” adds more to its fiasco.

Remember Vijay Benedict! The perfect voice that made significant news for Mithun Chakraborty in tracks like “I Am a Disco Dancer” (DISCO DANCER) gets major thrust as it gets replicated with similar sounding Vijay Verma in tragic sounding “Yeh Hai Meri Daastan”. This peculiar sounding vocalist has been second guest composer and the song unravels back into 80’s disco era. It may have few takers from strong Mithun’s strong fan following but the outdated presentation won’t be alluring multiplexes listeners.

JIMMY disappoints all its way for being “style minus substance” product with no soundtrack promising any chartbusting success. Shaan’s rendered two tracks “Why not Jimmy”, “DoMinute Mein” and Kunal Ganjawala’s “Aaya Hoon” might hold Gen X listener’s attention for its trendy flows but will fail to be anything that can be termed as “outstanding”. The album will be short-lived till it remains in spotlight and later on will be ending up as “non-starter” in the marquee.

Rating – 1/5

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