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Music Review : Toonpur Ka Superrhero

 Toonpur Ka Superrhero
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Kireet Khurana
 Anu Malik
 Kumaar & Munna Dhiman
 Ajay Devgn, Kajol, Tanuja, Sanjay Mishra, Delnaz Paul, Mukesh Tiwari

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Technical innovation has made its prominence in Bollywood and the latest buzz to arrive is Live Action 3 D Animation combination feature film that comes with the name and styling of TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO. In the last decade, the genre of animation films has garnered major attention with mythological characters getting major spotlight as the lead characters of these animated entertainers. Swimming against the tide, TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO dares to be different, pitching hilariously sketched animated characters with the adventures of 'Superhero' as its main premise. These animation based entertainers have so far been a damp squib on musical charts and not much can be expected from this cute-kiddies flick. Veteran Anu Malik gets into the chair of leading composer along with lyricist Kumaar and Munna Dhiman to churn out soundtracks that epitomize the quirky-cum-frolicsome feel of the flick. Can we expect this 'Superhero' to be turning tables on its D-day? Can we expect a chartbusting album from experienced campaigner Anu Malik?

The flight to the fantasyland of TOONPUR, kick-starts with detailing of touring the place (visa, passport etc) with the voice-over of peppy vocals, crazy lyrics and frolicking funky Punjabi punch-liners in the introductory track 'Let's go to Toonpur'. Down memory lane, Kajol's most nostalgic romantic entertainer KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI (1998) had one cute 'Silent Sardarji' (played by Parzun Dastur) whose one-liner 'Tussi Naa Jaon' became popular with film buffs. The cute kiddie 'Sardarji' (this times its cartoon 'Bolly') returns back again with similar one-liner in this frolicking soundtrack with the vocal supports of Mumzy, Veronica, H Dhani and Anu Malik. It comes in the format of cheerful nursery rhyme with flick's signature tune ('Tunak Tunak') as its major backdrop. This Anu Malik's composition comes out with Kumaar's Punjabi lingo chirpy lyrics that amuses for its nonsensical setting.

The song sounds average and its 'remix' version tries hard to create buzz for the journey to this lovable 'Toonpur'.

This 'club-remix' version is moreover promotional feature than disco-delight and should be positive support for flick's promotion in teasers and promos.

Punjabi fervor of 'masti' and 'dhamaal' maintains its top slot with 'bhangra' beat arrangements taking over the groove in hip-shaking 'Nach Mere Naal'. It's a welcoming and enticing signature gesture by svelte sounding Alisha Chinai that lifts the spirits of this 'kiddies-dancing' special number. Master Saleem's typical Punjabi singing with Mumzy's emceeing has zestful connotations that articulately connect well with Alisha's willowy vocal flows. Malik's composition tries to be extra instrumental in those impressive flute notes and rigorous percussive, and both gel well to deliver out a reasonably fare dancing feast for floors. Once again, it has nursery rhyme musical feel where one expects loads of cartoon and kids, dancing to its frolicking thumping pace. 'Nach Mere Naal (remix)' sounds more vigorous and pulsating than the previous remix version and tries to enthrall with its disco-beat thrills. It's more akin to rave parties type of entertainment with loads of hip-hop emceeing, beat juggles and DJ spins entertaining well with rigorous vocal flows. For its catchiness and bombastic dancing flavors, do expect 'Nach Mere Naal' to be prime musical feature in flick's promotions and success.



Melodramatically motivational in nature, the somber tones of Roop Kumar Rathod inspires the hero to become 'Toonpur Ka Superhero' in thematically composed 'Jeetoge Tum''. It blends fine singing with quality orchestral flows (lovable flute notes followed by thumping percussions and choral violin works) to serenade out a theatrical motivational feel and succeeds to a large extent in creating euphoria for the climax. Javed Ali joins later as amiable vocal support and gives ground support to this inspiring number. Munna Dhiman's routine lyrics may not be alluring but does not disappoint either in this title track. It will be an engrossing affair when this soundtrack hits loud and high in the challenging situations of the film.

Visually comical Bollywood-mania hits 'Toonpur' and there is mimicry galore of popular stars (Sudesh Bhonsle) with loads of nonsensical sounding lyrics in 'Rubdoot'. This peculiar sounding 'Rubdoot' (referred to as 'son-in-law' of Yamdoot) indulges in lots of silly and funny confrontations with lead protagonist (Ajay Devgn) with loads of funky sounds, voices and noises in the backdrop. Ajay Devgn's gibberish dialogues initiate the track followed by Sudesh Bhonsle (as 'Rubudoot'), Sonu Nigam and Altaf Raja's voices to deliver out a visually animated spectacle. This is purely a visual soundtrack where SFX and animation will hold the key of its success and will be the prime feature in lauding out flick's animation skills.

The finale of the album comes in contemporary Bollywood dancing-singing style and entertains with predictable sounding arrangements in average sounding 'Baliye'. Hard Kaur's racy rendition of 'Tunoo-Tunoo' with emceeing brings upbeat flair while Shaan's peppy voice leads the show. Alisha Chinai's zesty tones are evident again and her animated voice connects well to exude out a youthful feel.

TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO is a reasonably good 'kiddies-special' album but does not promise anything that can be termed chartbusting or path-breaking in its packaging. Like many of recently released animation based flick albums, this one too proves to be average affair that runs short of one chartbusting number. 'Nach Mere Naal' is presumed to be the catchiest of the lot while 'Let's go to Toonpur' is likely to create buzz for the film. As predicted and presumed from the subject of the film, the techno-skills of the animators, combined with directorial excellence, characterizations of animated characters and the face-value of the leading stars will be big decider for the fate of this album.

Rating : 2.5/5

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