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Music Review : Haunted 3D

 Haunted 3D
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Vikram Bhatt
 Chirantan Bhatt
 Junaid Wasi and Shakeel Azmi
 Mahakshay Chakraborthy, Tia Bajpai, Arif Zakaria and Mohan Kapoor

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download HAUNTED 3D wallpapers 
download HAUNTED 3D wallpapers
After a series of successful films belonging to different genres, like GHULAM, (which was an action drama) KASOOR (thriller) and AWARA PAAGAL DEEWANA (all out action and comedy), director Vikram Bhatt found his calling with a genre that not many front line directors have the courage to venture into, horror! But trust Vikram to do things, hatke.

Under the able guidance of the Mahesh and Mukesh, Vikram gave the audience a taste of classy, spine chilling horror experience with the Bipasha Basu and Dino Morea starrer RAAZ. Undoubtedly Vikram owed much of the success to the super hit music of the film by melody kings, Nadeem-Shravan. And he continued his winning march, (this time without the Bhatts) with another supernatural thriller, 1920, followed by SHAAPIT which marked the debut of Aditya Narayan, son of the talented singer Udit Narayan. Point to be noted here is that both the films, 1920 and SHAAPIT, were average earners and not as big a success as RAAZ and music of both the films too was not as big a rage as RAAZ.

After completing his trilogy, Vikram has gone ahead with another horror film, aptly titled HAUNTED - 3D. What is unique about the film is that it will be India's first 3D horror film. And helming the music is Chirantan Bhatt, now a known name to the patrons of Hindi film music and also a constant with Vikram having composed for his films like THREE-LOVE LIES BETRAYAL and SHAAPIT. Expectations may not be huge but since the lead actor Mahakshay (aka Mimoh) has promised us that we can expect some heart touching melodious tracks from the album, we are keeping our fingers crossed that this album would surpass our expectations.

Hauntingly melodious, yes the first song 'Tum Ho Mera Pyar' can indeed be called that and is just the right number to start the proceedings of an album befitting even the house of Bhatts. Kudos to the composer, Chirantan Bhatt, for composing a track that even music lucky mascot Emraan Hashmi would love to be a part of but the newly reinvented and handsome lead actor Mahakshay Chakraborty can indeed do justice to it. Ever dependable KK who has rendered innumerable memorable love ballads especially for Bhatts comes behind the mike with Suzzane joining in with her background croonings. A definite chartbuster of a track that is reminiscent of Nadeem Shravan's memorable number for Vikram Bhatt's KASOOR 'Zindagi Ban Gaye Ho Tum' in the opening part of the track but the rest of the 'mukhda' as well as the 'antara' is very different but highly enjoyable and with a lovely breezy, upped tempo chorus that will appeal to the youth and all die hard romantics. Shakeel Azmi's lyrics are quite beautiful with lots of usage of light on the ears and comprehensible Urdu and Hindi that makes the song all the more delightful.

Lovely piano notes set the tone for another highly charged romantic outing and as the song 'Jaaniya' sets in we know that we are in for another great hear. Newcomer Siddharth Basrur's uniquely base, soft and 'always in control' vocals that are a delight to savour are indeed the highlight of the track. With minimal music, mostly relying on percussion instruments to lend that mushy touch, this song peaks just at the right time with the soft rock touch culminating in a superb crescendo that makes the 'antara' all the more delightful and unique. Lyricist Junaid Wasi makes the mood even more romantic with his lovely 'shaiyeri'. The song definitely has the potential to hit the charts but needs massive promotion.

view HAUNTED 3D stills
view HAUNTED 3D stills
Like the Bhatts, Vikram Bhatt too has depended upon Pakistani artists to contribute towards music albums of his films and Najam Sheraz has been a prominent name in that effort, the last one being SHAAPIT. The next number, 'Tera Hi Bas Hona Chaahoon' is just the flowing 'sufi' rock composition that we cannot get enough of. An absolute chartscorcher that has everything going for it. Right from the spellbinding start with 'sitar', 'tabla' , superb rockish chorus where the two main singers, Jojo and Najam, come together, the soft melodious 'antara' and not to forget, the excellent lyrics by Junaid Wasi which convey brilliantly the intense love of the main protagonist. 'Khuda ko dikh raha hoga, Na dil tujhse juda hoga, Teri taqdeer mein mujhko, Woh ab to likh raha hoga.' All in all a superbly packaged effort that will be lapped up by the countless lovers of this genre of 'sufi' rock, a song to play on and on!

Soft piano drills and guitar strums commence 'Mujhe De De Har Gham Tera' and singer Sidharth Basrur, who showed so much promise with the first song is given another chance to showcase his immense talent which he does to perfection in this soft love ballad, although his diction is a bit flawed and needs correction in parts. The soft flowing melody with haunting overtones and lovely background English chorals and minimal music hinging on soft rock in parts, provides just the right backdrop for a perfect romantic escapade. Junaid Wasi's lyrics are once again filmy but as per the requirement of the script, we are sure!

Carrying on the romantic mood is 'You're So Beautiful' and it's promising singer Nikhil D'Souza who is given charge to render this soft love ballad with a slight rock touch. Nikhil's slightly inebriated and deliberately husky vocals remind one of Enrique Iglesias and the song on the whole is more like an unplugged version with just a hint of guitar in the background and will appeal selectively as it's more westernised than mass appealing. Junaid Wasi's mixes and matches English and Urdu words well to conjure up a good love song.

Interestingly, it's the last song 'Sau Baras' that reminds us that we are listening to a music album belonging to the horror genre but it's enough to give goose pimples and send in the sense of fear, chills and shiver down the spines of the listeners. And more than music it's Junaid Wasi's lyrics which are instrumental in doing that. To give an authentic touch, Tia Bajpai, the leading lady of HAUNTED 3D has been handed the microphone to render this easy to hum song and she does a pretty good job with her pristine clear vocals. The composer Chirantan Bhatt has managed to come up with a good situational track to end the album on a note of curiosity through which one can look forward to a good dose of classy horror.

The USP of any horror, suspense movie is its music as has been evident from the sixties, MAHAL, GUMNAAM, WOH KAUN THI etc and right down to Vikram Bhatt's very own RAAZ. The music of HAUNTED 3D is quite in the same corridor as RAAZ because of its consistency, all the songs have the potential to hit the charts, though our favourites are , ' Tum Ho Mera Pyar', 'Tera Hi Bas Hona Chaahoon' and 'Mujhe De De Har Gham Tera'. And we must agree that as promised we did encounter some heart touching melodious tracks from the album of HAUNTED 3D. And we are sure that music this time would surely play an important part in making the film a success when it releases all over in May.

Rating - 3.5/5

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