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Music Review : Tell Me O Kkhuda

 Tell Me O Kkhuda
Director :

Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Mayur Puri and Hema Malini
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Mayur Puri
 Arjan Bajwa, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Deepti Naval, Dharmendra, Esha Deol, Farooq Sheikh, Gubrachan, Hema Malini, Johny Lever, Madhoo, Rishi Kapoor, Salman Khan, Sudhanshu Pandey, Vinod Khanna

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The ultimate dream of Bollywood's dream girl Hema Malini to laud out successful career of her daughter Esha Deol in tinsel town, makes a worthy presence in TELL ME O KKHUDA. This female-oriented flick is second major directorial venture from the veteran beautiful actress and is also marked as re-launching pad for Esha Deol.

As per the theme and genre, the music is presumed to be fully loaded with bunch of affable sounding female singing talents and should be delivering versatility of genres, styles in its presentation. Pritam Chakraborty, a name that is associated with chartbusting hit female solo numbers like 'It's Rocking' (KYA LOVE STORY HAI) and 'Yeh ishq haye' (JAB WE MET ), composes the fun-filled music for this flick. The album pitches heavyweights of singing business such as Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Anushka Manchanda and Shweta Pandit in the credits of the album. To add musical shades, the album provides an array of guest composers in Sajid-Wajid, Abhijit Hegde Patil and George Theofanous in its credit listing. Can this multifaceted musical presentation be the one to strike gold at the musical stands? Let's get straight into its musical facts...

Vivaciously ''girlie'' musical binge gets underway with a tangibly solo romantic feminine number titled 'Someone Someday'. It pitches smooth 'n' smoldering Sunidhi Chauhan's suave tones in lighthearted tones with an ensemble of electronica synth rhythmical beat patterns. This time guest composer Abhijit Hegde Patil rejuvenates the auto-phonic plausible signature tuneful of 'Te Amo' (DUM MAARO DUM) in this lovable number that talks about the cheery romantic sentiments of a carefree girl. It comes out like an amiable sounding above-average score that sketches out the caricature of the lead protagonist. Despite lacking in novelty factor, it entertains with impressive sounding vocals and pleasant sounding arrangements that should find substantial takers among urbane listeners. 'Someone Someday (remix)', a rip-roaring 'club remix' version by DJ Aqueel and Amit Das, works more like a show-reeling promotional video for both Esha Deol and the flick in typical 80's stylized discotheque mode. It's racy, fiery and compassionate in rendition and brings out the sultry vocal oomph of Anushka Manchanda in the most impressive way. It has strong 'Nazia Hassan' vibrancy in Anushka's blistering voice and connects sporadically with techno-enthused disco-beat fillers, a better offering than the original soundtrack and commercially promising attribute from the album. Rocking!!!

Fresh from the warmth and freshness of folksy pop-fusion of recently held MTV Coke Studio, Pritam carries the innovatively positive effort forward and pitches the most brilliant offering of the album in 'Mera man jabse racha hain'. Mellifluously rendered and composed to perfection, it presents the budding nightingale Shweta Pandit singing her heart out in lovable tender tones with ground support of a likable ethnically tuned traditional composition. Pritam experiments to perfection this time by making Rajasthani folk artistes singing out verses of Gorband Nakhralo, a popular Rajasthani folk song and later interpreting with lighter words, sung to perfection with honey-coated vocals of Shweta Pandit. It's a beautiful amalgam of contemporary and folk, where melody leads the show and quality singing takes the lead spot in making this a brilliant outing. After impressing out in jocular singing shades in 'Madhubala' (MERE BROTHER KI DULHAN), Shweta Pandit delivers the best performance of her career so far in this track that will also be a scintillating on-screen visual spectacle for the flick. On repetitive hearing, one really gets into the contours of sand-dunes, colorfully textured culture and ethnicity of Rajasthani folk culture and can really mesmerize out the romantic vibes embellished in it. Outstanding!!!

The blazing thump of upbeat westernized pop arrangements takes over the groove with enthused uproarious voices getting louder and louder in 'Mile Na Tu'. Guest composer George Theofanous composes out this 90's stylized duet track that works primarily on thriving pop arrangements, routine wording and zealous vocals. The song entertains but suffers from 'heard-before' syndrome and delivers out set of plausible sounding set of arrangements with positive impact.

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download TELL ME O KKHUDA wallpaper
Sunidhi Chauhan's booming voice shows the zeal of rising up in the relationship where Anupam Amod's suave voice works in tandem with the tonality of the song.

After being mesmerized with Shweta Pandit's refreshingly soothing rendition in 'Mera man jab se racha hain', there's more of melody to be relished in Shreya Ghoshal's enchanting voice in 'Nagma Koi Gunguna Ka'. The soundtrack brings out a resilient sounds of Bagpiper as a welcoming optimistic gesture, blending up well with tender Spanish guitar riffs, piano drills, violin notes and soft percussions. Pritam notches up another impressive soundtrack that adds to the myriad feminine shades in those lovable relaxing set of arrangements. Mayur Puri's lucid wordings are ''easy-on-ears'' and gel appreciably with tender composition, thus making this a likable situational musical feature for this emotional saga. Lovable!!!

It seems to be ''cool'' bon-voyage of female singers and the next promising soloist to arrive is Aditi Banerjee in her comforting ''school-girlish'' voice. 'Love you dad', a third and final offering by Pritam, comes out as another situational number, epitomizing out the bond of love and affection between daughter and father. Presumed to be working on guidelines of evergreen 'Tujhse Naaraz Nahin Zindagi' (MASOOM -1983), it impresses with mint-fresh voice of Aditi Banerjee that sings out for the voice-over of a distressed daughter but disarrayed Hinglish lyrics at places proves to be bit of spoilsport. Anup Amod gets a better deal this time in singing out father's heartrending emotions with sincere singing efforts, fitting well with the melancholic decorum of the song, overall a ''decent-hear'' sentimental song that should draw positive response from the audiences.

Finally, there's something that can influence or woo international viewers comes in the scorching hot dancing title track number titled 'Tell me o kkhuda'. It brings out snooty sounding Sunidhi Chauhan in her haughtily crooned voice with strong influences of Latin and Arabic music, combing well in proportion to deliver out a potential rollicking feisty number. Sajid-Wajid, the last composer duo among guest composer listing, try to give it a typical Shakira's hip-shaking Latin-pop belly-dancing appeal, with strong inputs of harmonica, guitar riffs, recurring drums and percussions working cohesively in the backdrop. Despite the fact that this composition lacks the desired luscious catchiness, it entertains with its upbeat musical packaging and should be a likable listening delight for multiplex going listeners.

TELL ME O KKHUDA is an entertaining ''girlie'' friendly album that amuses with different blends of music in its packaging. The most striking and appealing musical attribute turns out to be the well composed folksy number 'Mera man jab se racha hain' while glitzy 'Someone Someday (remix)' promises to allure listeners with its blazing zing and star-appeal (Salman Khan). There is a glimmer of hope and promise in tracks like 'Nagma koi gunguna ko', 'Love you dad' and 'Tell me o kkhuda', of being a strong supportive force and factor in the narration of the flick. Among the listing of composers, Pritam makes the most promising impact with all three of his number striking chords with the feel and theme of the flick. Unlike bestselling RA.ONE and ROCKSTAR, TELL ME O KKHUDA can't be termed as another chartbusting surprise album and can be easily counted as decent musical offering and effort from reliable names in the music industry.

Rating - 3 /5

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