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Starring :
 Amrit Sagar
 Akash Sagar
 Dev Kohli, Zahir Anwar, Padmashree Dr. Gopaldas Neeraj
 Manoj Bajpai, Ravi Kishan, Chittaranjan Giri, Kumud Mishra, Manav Kaul, Deepak Dobriyal, Piyush Mishra, Vivek Mishra, Gyan Prakash, Farida, Deepti Gupta, Pramod Kapoor, Pankaj Kalra, Narendra Nina, Sunil Chauhan, Sagar Saini, Rao Devender, Amrendra Sharma, Pankaj Rathod.

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The glorious act of chivalry strikes chord with modern cinema with modest impact in highly spirited but low profile 1971. Unlike the conventional hip-hop and Sufi rock, it boasts symphonies and compositions dedicating to acts of gallantry of 1971 war soldiers. This heart-piercing tale of six POW (prisoner of war) gets the musical salutations in form of soul-stirring instrumental renditions and tear-jerking “Sehlenge Hum” from upcoming composer Akash Sagar. Pop diva Shibani Kashyap shines the brightest and shows her flair for westernized sentimental soundtrack with soulfully gleaming number “Sehlenge Hum”. Sagar’s instrumental works constructively in building jingoistic forum for this death defying war adventure but falters miserably in routine emotional soundtracks.

Vibrant notes of spirited Bhangra shows signs of enchantment in low pitched and unplugged mode in animated “Bhangra Paun”. Kailash Kher’s rustic vocal flair shares words of joy and ecstasy with fellow beings in traditional Punjabi phrases with average impact. This moderately paced number is catalyzed with accelerated tempo of faster pitched beat patterns in foot-thumping “Bhangra Paun (remix)”. Its upbeat rendition delivers booty-shaking thrill with strong appeal to lure party animals.

The connotations of glory and triumph strikes chord with gripping impact of marching troupe and sentimental binge of feminine whimpers in spirited “Honor of the heroes (theme of 1971)”. This instrumental work comes in grandeur of immortal gladiators of war front who have bestowed themselves for nation. This may have minimum takers for its typical theatrical appeal but will work effectively for film prospects.

The strong-willed pledge’s of death defying soldiers to keep flags flying comes impressively in energetic and patriotic “Kal Ke Antim Palon Tak”. It has situational feel with well-versed lyrics theatrical impact.

The silhouetted presentation of gallantry saga of 1971 is epitomized through synchronized signature tunes in soulful instrumental work “Main Title”. This well orchestrated symphony is presumed to be effective background score in grim and forbidding situations.

"Prelude to snow (instrumental)” is sentimental modulating violin work that signifies the spectrum of emotions. The shimmering and quivering instrumental display depicts the altering emotional phases of pain, agony and suffering. These instrumental works may fail to connect with average listeners but its pristinely refined display shows the deep-rooted penetration of the events by the composer. It’s classy show by all standards and so does it takers.

After couple of soulful instrumental display, mediocrity plagues the album with shoddy sentimental number “Sajania”. This avoidable number is a collage of average vocals by Harshdeep Kaur clubbed with routine lyrics and lethargically composed arrangements. Skip it!

Racy and thrilling disco fillers with pompous DJ claps welcomes the dancing spirits on the floors in highly animated “Sajania (Arabian sunrise remix)”. Sagar’s improvised westernized rendition adds Arabian spicy musical flavors for sensual flow and it works brilliantly and brighter than the original work.

Shibhani Kashyap’s breathy vocals make soul-stirring vows and vibes for the unforgettable and immortal love in excruciatingly sentimental “Sehlenge Hum”. It’s a heart-throbbing outcry from congenial soul epitomizing the emotional distress expressed through somberly rendered lyrics. Shibani shows her unexplored panache for singing sentimental blues in minimal musical impact and adds one more memorable number to her credits. “Sehlenge Hum” works as emblematic anthem for the film and sounds analogous to ever-popular theme track “Take my breath away” (TOP GUN).

Akash Sagar’s ambitious endeavors in propelling classy instrumental will restrict its presence to selected sect of listeners. The eternal feel is serenaded well with inspiring instrumental works (“Honor of the heroes”, “Prelude to Snow” and “Main Title”) but this will fail to connect with average listener intellect. The album shows its brightest sheen in emotional touching “Sehlenge Hum” while rest of vocal soundtracks disappoints.


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