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Music Review : Jism 2

 Jism 2
Director :  Pooja Bhatt
Music :  Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, RUSHk, Unoosha and Abdul Baasith Ahmed
Lyrics :  Arko Pravo Mukherjee, Mithoon, RUSHk, Unoosha, Abdul Baasith Ahmed and Munish Makhija
Starring :  Sunny Leone, Randeep Hooda and Arunoday Singh

July 20, 2012 08:24:45 PM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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Bhatt naturally, again! The musical success of JANNAT 2 this year showed the consistency of Bhatt camp and JISM 2, sequel to JISM, reaffirms the faith in the esteemed banner of delivering out an equally commercially viable music again. JISM 2, the launching pad of porn-star Sunny Leone in Hindi filmdom, has already stormed the headlines for its overtly bold subject and music too is expected to be luminous, as it has always been in Bhatt camp movies, for its explicitly experimental treatment.

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It may be recalled that JISM, a well-conceived erotica had tremendous musical score ("Jadoo Hai Nasha Hain", "Awaarapan Banjarapan") by experienced campaigner M.M. Kreem that rocked the charts. This time Pooja Bhatt has crossed many boundaries in getting internationally consequential musical names in the credits. From trying out with the reliable Paki rock talent Ali Azmat to budding Pakistani rock group RUShk and Maldives popular pop-singer Unoosha, the album pitches as much as five composers. It sounds like a potpourri of genres, styles and moods. Musically speaking, it sounds pretty resounding and enterprising! Will this work for JISM 2? Let's check out...

Tenderly drilled piano notes in an enchanting eloquence of guitar strumming make a beautiful compassion with KK's mesmerizing soft tones as they together enlighten the spirits of a delightful romantic communion in brilliantly composed "Abhi Abhi". It's a gem of composition by newcomer Arko Pravo Mukherjee, where the sensuousness, pain, joy and compassion are displayed in tender flows. Whether its brilliance of voice quality, impeccable vocal throws or variations from low notes to high notes, KK delivers one of the finest soft-rock ballad of this year and might get felicitated for being Best Male Playback Singer" of the year. The second major highlight is the brilliant amalgam of light-hearted percussions that plays a catalyst in energizing the tempo of the tenderly played arrangements. Arko's meticulous toil is laudable and so is the lyricists (Munish Makhija and Arko Pravo Mukherjee's) sensuously driven poetic words ("Teri baazuon mein meri chahatein samaaye, Teri dhadkano ko meri dhadkanein sunaaye, Teri khwahishon se meri khwahishey riha hain, Teri karwaton se meri dastaan bayaan hai, Kya sukoon kya junoon humnawaz...") that makes this a brilliant soundtrack. Akriti Kakkar (wrongly credited as Shreya Ghoshal in CD) joins KK's enlightening vocals in the "duet" version. It kick-starts off with similar tonality where huskier tones of Akriti's voice oozes up erotica feel and adds melodramatic shades to the track. Arko makes a commendable debut in Bollywood with "Abhi Abhi", and one expects it to be a big sizzler on big screen. Chartbuster!!!

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Few weeks back, it was pleasing to hear a different avatar of Sonu Kakkar in MTV Coke Studio (season 2) where she collaborated well with Vishal Dadlani and Clinton Cerejo in rendering out an impressive live performance in the form of "Madari". "Yeh Kasoor", a poignantly pitched sentimental brings out this singing version of Sonu Kakkar, a songstress who was better known for singing screechy raunchy item-songs. This Mithoon composition brings out his patent style of "lounge-mixing" effects that works optimally in this situational setting. The prelude has intimidating clarinet notes that sets out a decorum of subtle romanticism that later get webbed through reverberating sound effects and engaging lyrics. Mithoon's invigorating lyrics are equally impressive and add more soul to this sensuously-pitched solo track. Impressive!!!

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download JISM 2 wallpapers

After hearing out breath-taking vocals of KK in "Abhi Abhi", it's time to be entertained with Ali Azmat's sonorously piercing voice, that is not only emotionally painful but also compassionate in tempos in impressive sounding "Maula". Arko Pravo Mukherjee maintains his great performance with "Maula" as he scores a double whammy this time with this vociferous track. Haunting and intimidating in moods, its starts off with a wind-chimes sounds followed by a synchronized cellos that forms a tangible support to the captivating signature tune that works in tandem with Azmat's well rendered vocals. What comes striking to the ears are the usage of typical Urdu words ("Ilm", "Zeest", "Raashk") that gives it a true blue Sufism feel? Munish Makhija along with Arko are again at their best in the lyrics as they together pitches a blend of divinity, love, sorrow and pain in easy sounding wordings that works to the hilt in exuding out pathos. Vociferously resounding, Ali Azmat gives a strong impression of a reliable vocalist in "Maula" that takes him leaps and bounds ahead of his last Bollywood effort "Garaj Baraj" (PAAP); overall an impressive Sufi rock ballad that should strike chords with the sensibilities of the script and should draw applause from purists. Melancholic!!!

Controversy! Bollywood's musical fraternity has often been blamed for lifting international tunes and the latest to hit headlines is the new controversy child titled "Yeh Jism Hai to Kya". Love it or loathe it, this title track bears a very strong resemblance to two popular Turkish tracks ("Bizimkisi Bir Ask Hikayesi" and "Unut Beni") in its tuneful signature feels. Ali Azmat's excruciating throaty vocals are again at the helm of affairs with infectious flows of tender cellos, piano drills, violin notes that moves slowly with the pace of the track. This time Azmat contorts his vocals to many different ranges to deliver out pathos and sufferings and succeeds to a large extent, and a breathtaking visual will surely add to the glory. Arko maintains his consistency with his third composition that should work in the compelling moments of this erotic thriller. Bhatt camp has always been a paradigm of contemporary and new Paki rock talents and the latest to arrive is a new rock band RUSHk with their soundtrack "Darta Hoon Main" ("Adhoora") (Album - Sawal). This time Pooja Bhatt borrows a song from the debut album of this Paki band (RUShk) that is specialized in Gothic Metal Rock, a sub-genre of hard metal rock. It brings on vocalist Nazia Zuberi Hassan's soft and haunting voice to the fore. The song has blatantly played distorted guitar riffs in a typical hard-metal way with depressing tones of separation that mixes the expressions of desolation and aggression. In Bollywood, it's a peculiar experimentation that should be materialized as a daunting background score, a glooming feel that should appeal more to dramatists than to regular listeners.

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For all discotheque lovers and party-animals, there is something to cherish as bombastically loud trance-filled, haughty feel, with rigorous flows of disco beat fillers are all set to fire floors in "Hey Walla". Unoosha, a renowned Maldives singer along with composer Abdul Baasith Ahmed sings out this English number loud and high. Catered to lure urbane listeners and catalyze out "pep-factor", it has the thump of a typical "club-remix" and can be presumed to be oozing factor in glorifying out Sunny Leone's bold character in the film.

JISM 2 is another musical spectacular from Bhatt camp that will work commercially and will hopefully draw potential response from its target listeners. Despite the fact that album has an array of international musicians/singers in its credits, the finest to arrive is from KK ("Abhi Abhi" (both versions) while Arko Pravo Mukherjee makes a notable debut through this album. Soundtracks like "Maula", "Yeh Kasoor" and "Yeh Jism hai to kya" impresses with their quality performances and standards. On innovative quotient, JISM 2 scores potentially for being outrageous in delivering out tracks like "Darta Hoon (Adhoora)" and "Hey Walla"; overall a well conceived album that should be adding to plusses of the film. After JANNAT 2 and COCKTAIL's commercial success, this album is likely to be the next bestseller, once again a cool endeavor by Bhatt camp that will draw both applause and acclaim.


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