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Music Review : Lafangey Parindey

 Lafangey Parindey
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Pradeep Sarkar
 R. Anandh
 Swanand Kirkire
 Neil Nitin Mukesh, Deepika Padukone, Piyush Mishra, Manish Chaudhary, Viraj Adhav, Namit Das, Vinay Sharma, Palomi and Amey Pandya

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After the roaring commercial success of DHOOM (2004) and its sequel DHOOM-2 (2006), YRF punches hard again to refuel youthfulness and viciousness of stylish characters into one package titled LAFANGEY PARINDEY. It has its brigade of cool experimentations with new composer R. Anandh at helm of musical affairs while methodically artistic director Pradeep Sarkar PARINEETA (2005), LAAGA CHUNARI MEIN DAAG (2007) changes gear into lanes of trendy hi-fi octane action-packed thriller. No two doubts that this genre is the most likable entertainment among pop genre and so its arrival will be the most happening thing for the munificent producers. Shot in the underbelly of Mumbai with spotlight on dare-devil action stunts and high-fly roller-skate dancing, it's fresh youthful appeal boasts of lively rocking appeal that should set pulses high with its rollicking beats. R.Anandh, a prolific member of rock group "Agosh" (ZOR -1997) is the man of the moment with the experienced campaigner Swanand Kirkire as his aide in the writing department. Can they together pull up a belligerent musical show that can extenuate the "spanking new" look of the flick? Does R. Anandh's music have that razor-sharp edged killer feel to make things visually happening on big silver screen? Let's jump into their arena and check out its musical facts...


Grungy and intimidating rocking feel in electrifying distorted guitar riffs along with rigorous drumming brings out the anthem feel to this hot-headed thriller in the title track "Lafangey Parindey". R. Anandh's violently high composition has rock-band appeal with vociferously loud rendition by upcoming Ronit Sarkar in huskier-cum-booming baritones. The blazing electric guitar sounds varies wildly and makes resounding communion with stimulating-high chorals. Kirkire's words derive premise and characterizations about bunch of backstreet boys in its narrative phrases and connect well with the stylish feel of the flick. Ronit's voice impresses and so does the trendy rock-mode rhythmical patterns that go in tandem to jest out a likable background score. It should be valued add for the narration and affable promotional feature. Go for it!

Egocentrically romantic! Soft and malleable romantic emotions gets the voice-over of expressive verses in light-heartedly set of rhythmical soft-rock ballad moves in impressive sounding "Man Lafanga". Mohit Chauhan's sonorous baritones are blissful for the situation that comes in format of monologue, a sort of congenial self-talk about love-struck heart. Rationally poetic and beatifically hummable, this love ballad has sugar "n" spicy chirpy wordings ("Ho Teri hi baaton se peghalta hai, Chai mein cheeni jaise ghulta hai, Deewana aisa kahan milta hai, Pyaar main yaaro sab chalta hai...) to catch every listener's attention. After some really catchy wordings in 3 IDIOTS (2009), Swanand Kirkire makes another pleasant outing of volubly appealing wordings that is likely to be adding zesty punches. R. Anandh's delivers his finest of the album and packs every ingredient to make it a commercially viable soundtrack. Mohit Chauhan's singing is the striking feature and the most pivotal factor that makes it salient feature of the album and one of his biggest hits in the days to come. This is what makes your monsoon evening even merrier and so play it on repetitive mode to feel the romantic impulse.

"Man Lafanga (Remix)" by Joshilay is racy, energizing and plays to the needs of clusters of dancing feet's on floors. It's a conventional solitary "club-remix" track that has all rhythmical grooves to deliver "word-of-publicity" for the flick in its teasers and promos. Chartbuster!!!

view LAFANGEY PARINDEY movie stills

view LAFANGEY PARINDEY movie stills

The feel is now massy and there is "Mumbaiya" street-dance dancing thrives that comes all the way with foot-thumping music in "Dhatad Tatad". Like chartbusting hit "Dhan Te Nan" KAMINEY (2009), it's credited with sound as its title ("dhatad tatad") and comes with typical 70's Bollywood's dancing feel. It has countrified feel of customary "Ganpati" or "Govinda" festive celebration track with boisterous chorals and rip-roaring orchestrations as its strong back-up support. Shail Hada along with Anushka Manchandani sings this number that should have big following in festive gatherings, especially in interiors of Mumbai. R. Anandh plays strictly to the situation and delivers the needful for the occasion that should be adding colors to the big screen.

Tenderly breezy sentiments of "airborne eyes" come like minty breath of fresh air with caringly feminine tones in remarkably composed "Nain Parindey". Shilpa Rao's magically soft verve brings out sensuality of delightful eyes with undying feel of reaching seven-skies with its delightful charm. In terms of mellifluousness and classy feel, this one strikes the maximum with its tender notes mixing with supple vocals. It enamors, enchants and has soliloquy of subtle emotions in soothing wordings ("Nain Parindey, Badal badal, Khwabon ke sitaren chugne gaaye, Nain parindey, Chand churakar palkon se aapni dhak lenge, Palak jhapak kar udd jayenge, Sapnon ko aapne ghar laayenge...) and makes lovable affair for melody-loving ears. Swanand Kirkire is at his poetic best this time and has collage of euphoric romantic moments emoted through the "bird-view" of those adorable eyes. Shilpa Rao's voice brings enchanting spell of melodic pleasure in those captivating words and so Anandh's tender composition. Soulful!!!


The adventurous spell of LAFANGEY PARINDEY continues and its bling with death-defying action makes fiery spell of commotion in blazing hot "Rang Daalein". It's electrifying rocking feel makes it a special background score for deadly action sequences. Suraj Jagan races up his vocals to jest out audaciously loud feel and it connects amiably with hard-metal rock arrangements. Like "Zahreeley" (ROCK ON -2008), it brings out volubly grumbling tones with "Tarantino" stylized hi-octane thriller aggressive appeal. Kirkire's lyrics are lucid and fit into the rhythmical beat patterns of the track that boasts loads of terrific electric guitar riffs and thunderous percussive moves. Just wait and watch when it arrives on silver screen...

To sum up it all, the instrumental "Born to fly" arrives as a collage of all the above-mentioned tracks with their signature tunes and rhythms. The prelude in piano notes is reminiscent to Robert Miles "Children" with engaging violin chorals giving it spell-binding moments in tender notes. It further adds up tunes of "Rang Daale", "Dhatad Tatad" and "Lafangey Parindey" to give it a complete ensemble of all musical happenings.

LAFANGEY PARINDEY has its moments of enthralling entertainment and fuels up senses with its energizing youthful appeal. It may lack novelty factor but plays to the occasion well. R. Anandh makes a promising start in his first outing and play safe by not experimenting too much and sticking to the ground-rules of present-day musical trends. Like YRF'S recently released BADMAASH COMPANY, this album too has theatrically resounding appeal and every song is apt for the situation. Soundtracks like "Man Lafanga", "Lafangey Parindey" and "Dhatad Tatad" have impulsive massy appeal while "Man Parindey" is a classy treat. Like all YRF albums, it will all have its big takers among urbane youth and will be optimistic add to the "killer" feel of this action-packed thriller.

Rating - 3.5/5

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