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Music Review : Guzaarish

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sanjay Leela Bhansali
 Sanjay Leela Bhansali
 A.M. Turaz and Vibhu Puri
 Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya Rai, Aditya Roy Kapoor, Monikangana Dutta, Rajit Kapoor and Shernaz Patel

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view GUZAARISH videos

view GUZAARISH videos

Enter the filmdom of Sanjay Leela Bhansali! It's an artistic journey, an unconventional melodrama of portraying 'disability with grace' (KHAMOSHI-THE MUSICAL -1996), (BLACK -2005), a cinematic experience venturing into the unexplored style of filmmaking, ranging from multi-hued costume-dramas HUM DIL DE CHUKE SANAM (1999) and DEVDAS (2002) to opera-stylized drama SAAWARIYA (2007). His new brainchild GUZAARISH (meaning 'request') packs all these ingredients and adds one more dimension of musical composer to his multifaceted attire. After legendary Satyajit Ray and Vishal Bharadwaj, he is the next accomplished filmmaker who has entered the musical territories and promises to make big with this album. No matter what the box-office barometer has delivered to his directed flicks, the musical department has always been of the highest standards and has seen chartbusting successes. Daring to swim against the tides, this album is somber and soulful and has no 'remixes' to enthrall. Can GUZAARISH be the dream debut as a composer for this gifted filmmaker? Like all his previous albums, will the listeners respond positively to the subtle musical verve of GUZAARISH? It's a 'Guzaarish' (request) to be a patient listener and reader to get the facts right...

Nostalgia...with a request! Dark, calm and candid composure of meeting soulful beloved is mesmerized with forlorn sentiments that get embroiled with melodic serenity in giving a soothing start to the album with title track, 'Guzaarish'. Turaz's modest-in-expression words are concise, figuratively concentric in verses with varied sounds giving sensory perception to the 'gloomy but optimistic' feel of this theatrically melancholic soundtrack. KK's mellowed tones are breathed to perfection in varied pitches with retro feel of classical westernized instrumentals. Shail Hada's opera-stylized back-up vocals adds to the expressive sentiments with gloomy ambience of 'lost-love' in the backdrop and are suited to perfection. Bhansali's musical aesthetics gives it true European opera decorum and experiments well with sounds of raindrops, thunderstorm and loud melodramatic cries and fights at intermittent phases. KK's sings it deep-breathily for radio-jockey voice-over and overtly European theatrical feel gives it strong innovative touches with sounds making prominent expressions. Surely and subtly speaking, its classy feel will be pouring life on big screen and will be raising high on expectations in days to come.

Salt 'n' spice of life! Sobriety in mood remains the same but the expressions get philosophically poetic in 'Sau Gram Zindagi'. The soft piano drills in the prelude with Kunal Ganjawala's whispering-cum-sonorous sounding baritones are soothing charms that give optimistic thrust to this lively track. Its biggest spotlight is its catchy 'Whistle signature tune' (yes, it will be hot-favorite in ringtone select segment) that gives it a pleasing connotations and connects appreciably with the tempo of the track. Vibhu Puri's inferences of life are jovial and are light-hearted ('Thodi si meethi hai, Zara si mirchi hai, Sau gram zindagi yeh, Sambhaal ke kharchi hai...) and sounds more like spicy one-liners than preachy quotations, exuding out the vicissitudes of life in common-man language. Bhansali's flair over soulful instrumentals triumphs again but its Ganjawala's extremely voluble performance in modulating tones that takes the greater share in success. He was the 'chosen-one' voice in SAAWARIYA (2007) and rightfully again he excels again in giving the most promising attribute to the album.

After classically westernized influences, the decorum of Sufi music with refined 'ghazal-gayaki' takes it toll with prosaic grace in engaging 'Tera Zikr'. Shail Hada, one of the most undermined singers in business, renders splendid performance in supple tones that talk considerately about the aromatic fragrance of real love. Shail's soothing charms reminds some of Hariharan's finest 'ghazals' and gels gracefully with tuneful beat of classical Indian musical instrumentals. The harmonized collage of harmonium, dholak, table with violin and piano works are the soul factors that works in tandem with impressive vocals. To give it an ethnic Sufi 'qawalli' feel, there are Rakesh Pandit's high toned yelling voices that affix earthen feel of romance in it. Parthiv Gohil did a commendable job in 'Yoon Shabnami' (SAAWARIYA -2007) with higher tempo and Shail delivers his 'comeback' with this beautiful track. It's a breather for him and success for Bhansali's musical team-work that have played to perfection again and again.

In Portuguese opera musical stylized 'Saiba', Bhansali creates a feminine Goan cultural feast by adding specialized instrumentals (Oud Saz and Flugel Horn), enchanting strings with fine support of budding singing talents. Vibhavari Joshi is the discovery of this voyage and she resplendently responds as voice-over of club-crooner in her quivering-cum-placid varied tones. To give it an internationally resounding feel, there are appealing Francois Castellino's back-ups that mellows with the smoothening textures of delightful musical enamors. The enchanting feminine tones of Vibhavari are the highlight and so do Bhansali's aesthetics in incorporating foreign elements to give it a pleasing romantic feel.

Dreams...illusions! Flights of dreams are indeed mystical charms, an amalgam of reality and illusions. Bhansali's breezy melodic ambience takes a silk-route of despondent emotions with singing grace of KK's magical voice in beautifully composed 'Jaane Kiske Khwab'. Turaz's lyrics are less of wordings and more of unspoken pathos, delivered in simple words with brilliance of delectable orchestrations. Light-hearted guitar plucks, strings and soft piano drills plays calm prelude to the track and later it's the genteel arrangements that takes over spectrum of poignant sentiments. KK's soulfully pitched softer tones are indeed a great asset that adds to the melancholic pace of this soundtrack and makes this a special feature in compelling moments of the film.

download GUZAARISH wallpaper

download GUZAARISH wallpaper

After hearing impressive Vibhavari in 'Saiba', there is added feminine grace that is there to entertain with glitzy 'art-design' decorum in highly publicized 'Udi'. It breaks loose from the consistently prominent somber tonality and flashes energy with great dancing moves on floors. Sunidhi Chauhan's seductive oomph in exuberance adds lighter moments to show with Shail Hada being restricted to back-up vocalist. Bhansali refurbishes the Goan carnival festive spirit of 'Gaate the Pehle' (KHAMOSHI - THE MUSICAL -1996) and primarily focuses on appreciating 'glamour quotient' of this thought-provoking saga. This swanky number is triumph mainly for Sunidhi in this retro-feel westernized track as it matches her earlier feats like 'Kaisi Paheli Zindagi' (PARINEETA -2005) with similar grace.

'Tera Zikr' was listening delight and so do the next solo number 'Keh Na Sakoon' by immensely talented Shail Hada in his minty cool voice. The peppermint-filled freshness is echoed to perfection by Shail's relaxing vocals with slender piano drills commuting well with his voice at regular places. It's poetic and expressive in thoughts (lyrics - Late Jagdish Joshi and Vibhu Puri) and signifies about the arrival of love in life. The tender-paced piano works (Jarvis Menzes) in tunefully enchanting flair is highly appealing and should be sentimental musical-piece as background score in the film. Bhansali's magical touches are reminiscent of his conventional classy taste and bring memoirs of lovable track like 'Haan Maine Chukar Dekha Hain' (BLACK -2005). On repetitive hearing, the mind-relaxing feel of this enchanting track is likely to be seeping well into senses and will be making singer's name more prominent in other significant film albums.

Earthen, spicy and yet poetic, the situational sounding 'Chand Ki Katori' bring spectrum of varied circumstantial moods of characters with 'tongue-in-cheek' one-liners. Harshdeep Kaur's folksy singing makes mood bright in unconventional Vibhu Puri's written wordings ('Thand mein thithur ke sikhud ke bikhar jaate hai, Mohabbat ka sweater kis ke liye buntey hai...), giving shades to the narrative flows. Like the somber musical textured moods of previous tracks, it plays sedate again with lighter piano drills, softer guitar plucks with added Flugel Horns at middle stages. It's an engrossing situational musical add-on (somewhat similar to Gulzar's writing style) with a difference.

Hope Floats! Soft-rock ballad hues galore and makes merry with nostalgic memories and creates deja vu of romanticism in highly appreciable 'Daayein Baayein'. This Bhansali's composition should make Pritam proud as it brings 'soul' into this much-accepted genre and ushers hope and optimism. KK's buoyancy in spirited rendition is beautifully conceptualized in country-western rock mood and deserves all appreciation. Turaz's lyrical moods epitomize rejuvenation of life with enlightenment of heart and soul with arrival of beloved. Beautiful in expressions and lucid in wordings, this KK's featured number is one promising ace that is going to cast spell in ears, its arrival on silver screen will be big endeavor. Well done KK!!!

Dawn...finally makes the last call! Bhansali's lovable bon-voyage of mesmerizing musical comes to a silent melancholic finale in Shankar Mahadevan's pensive singing in sentimental sounding 'Dhundli Dhundli'. As the light falls into the laps of dawn, it brings out a myriad of melancholic emotions where there is long wait for the beloved, with chirping and bell sounds, evoking realism to its best. Mahadevan's extremely penetrating voice carries the euphoric tuneful impact (similar to 'Kuch Na Kaho' (1942- A LOVE STORY -1994) with modest poetic impact in light-hearted communicative wordings. Bhansali gives a perfect artistic finale look and pulls down the curtains with grace to leave an everlasting impact of soulful expressions in this album.

GUZAARISH is 'a beautiful mind' that conceptualized soulful music in varied genres, styles and format and dares to be creatively different and yet succeeds with panache. As a debutante music director, Bhansali makes competent start and leaves a very strong impact. The album braves to experiment and dares to survive and excel without any 'remixes' in its long listing, often original soundtracks. Without any shred of doubt, GUZAARISH will have big takers among class listeners and is likely to grow manifold among masses in days to come. Do feel the musical artistic impulse in almost it's every soundtrack and give it a repeat hear to explore the mystical charms of soulful music. In a nutshell, a gem of an album, a lovable experience that should not be missed by melody-loving ears...Happy Listening!!!


Rating - 4.5/5

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