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Music Review : Kurbaan

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rensil D'Silva
 Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant
 Niranjan Iyendar & Irfan Siddiqui
 Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Dia Mirza, Kirron Kher and Om Puri

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view KURBAAN videos

view KURBAAN videos

Hi -profile Candy-floss entertainers are fast divulging their brawny aspects by converging from 'goody-goody' family dramas to 'political comment' based path-breaking cinema. Earlier this year, it was Yash Raj's NEW YORK and now it's Karan Johar's KURBAAN (meaning 'sacrifice'), an offering that reveals the aftermath of global Islamic terrorism on West with writer cum debutante director Rensil D'Silva making hitherto efforts in giving it realistic shades and dimensions. As predictable from its theme, there is intense Sufism involved with tracks that should be preferably theme tracks rather than melodies. Like all K Jo's big successes, concept has been give prime significance and so there is flair of Prasoon Joshi's razor sharp edged writings with Salim-Sulaiman promising mystical Sufi melodic works in its audio packaging. After the musical success of 'yuppie' friendly WAKE UP SID, this album sounds like 'serious business' for producers with music carrying baggage of intensity and compassion embroiled in the works of Sufism. Can Karan Johar's flawless spate of musical success be carrying forward with KURBAAN? After KAAL, will this be another Salim-Sulaiman's blistering commercial success for the coveted banner? Let's find out its intricacies by plugging on 'play' button to its very first soundtrack 'Shukran Allah'...

Sonu Nigam is finally back!!! After couple of non-happening tracks, the singing sensation Sonu Nigam makes a swashbuckling comeback in 'Shukran Allah', rhythm-divine Sufi track with mystical magic woven in the mesmerizing instruments, echoing chorals with soul-enchanting romantic wordings to support. Salim-Sulaiman's dexterity brings out ensemble of musicians in the supple whirlwinds of sounds, rhythms that concocts metaphorically with Sufi chants of 'Shukran Allah wallah Alham dulillah...' (Offering thanks to God Almighty) echoed aptly with delightful set of voices. This soulful endeavor has intrinsic A.R Rahman's Sufi outlook and redefines the mellifluous spell of Sufism with brilliance that sparkles off with Sonu Nigam's pristine vocals, subtle feminine splurge of Shreya Ghoshal's demure and exhilarating back-up of Salim Merchant's resonant rendition. Prasoon Joshi's poetic finesse ('Nazron se nazrein mili to, Jannat si mehki Fizayein, Lab ne jo lab chu liya to, Aasmaan se barsi Duyaien...) explores the myriad shades of love and sacrifice unveiled with gratitude to Great 'Allah', exuding poetic semblance of being in love with divinity. The musical duo pours Persian and Arabic elements of Sufism with fine control of electronic sounds and rhythms to usher modernity in it. 'Shukran Allah' stands out as one of the finest in Sufi genre and also benchmarks the brilliance of Sonu Nigam with a promise of hitting charts in a big way. This clearly shows the aesthetical affluence of Karan Johar as knowledgeable connoisseur in picking up this number as signature track for this volatile love story and deserves applause for it. Soul-Enchanting!!!

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After intense Sufism, the mood loosens to thriving pop-beat disco-qawalli type of music with divinity being the prime focus in situational sounding track 'Dua'. It triggers off with racy rhythmical patterns, similar to 'Dil Se' (DIL SE) and later gets into frivolous moods of party-freaking numbers like 'Nasaa Nassa' and 'Tauba Tauba' (KAAL -2005). This time Salim-Sulaiman's composition is again inspired from Rahman's style of music but the feel is moreover upbeat and urbane. Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher are the two lead vocalists in loud tonal mode in this disco-thumped 'qawalli'. Marianne D' Cruz sensuous back-up chorals give it trendy ambience of happening of West but the arrangements are too routine in its electronically synthesized maneuvers.

Salim Merchant makes notable embark of his intense and appealing vocals with intrinsically Sufism getting into sentimental tones in worth-hearing 'Ali Maula'. Beautifully written and pristinely composed, this Sufi divine track had traditionalistic flair of devout rendering his offering to God with likable chorals and customary instrumentals, giving it thriving narrative flows. This one has situational melodic number with quality substance of Sufi music and remarkable Salim's voice in varying tones. Prasoon Joshi's aptly penned number is likely to be a big catalyzing factor as a background score and will be the choice for quality listeners.

'Ali Maula (remix)' is big surprise but sounds like promotional feature flashy number that has all strong inputs of 'club-remix' soundtrack in it. This author backed number gets feisty dosage of DJ spins and scratches to lure pop-listeners and is likely to be creating 'word-of-mouth' for the flick in promos and discos.

download KURBAAN wallpapers

download KURBAAN wallpapers

When it comes to intense, heartrending singing among young talents, Shruti Pathak has the honor of delivering out gems like 'Mar Jaava' (FASHION) and 'Payaliya' (DEV D). What follows the next is touching Sufi melancholic track 'Rasiya' with dark romantic impulse? Salim-Sulaiman's music is again a silhouetted Rahman-ic version of later interludes of 'Satrangi Re' (DIL SE) with excruciating outcry of desolated beloved craving for love. Shruti scores hat-trick with her sublimed tonality that mesmerizes with the equanimity of the grim situational intense appeal. This 'lounge' composure feminine number has that pathos evoking reclusive touches in seductive splurge and expressively prosaic wordings ('Sawali ki saansein mori Arz sunawe, Aake mori shwate preet pe, Rang saza de...') emoted well in classical rendition mode. This aesthetically composed number is surely to be flaring up the tempo in the climax where there will be duel between mind and heart. Worth-a-hear!

Salim-Sulaiman gears up for the word 'Kurbaan' and fires up all cylinders in bombastic hard-meal rock binge to splurge out infectiously vociferous background score title track 'Kurbaan Hua'. This racy composition brings out shades of zoom-y rock impulse of duo's recently composed 'Nazara Hai' (8X10 TASVEER) but the arrangements are intrinsically Sufi rock this time. Vishal Dadlani croons out in varying tones, carrying out varied emotions of love, compassion, disguise, deceit and finally sacrifices with mild to aggressive set of arrangements. After 'Shukran Allah', this compelling rock number carries sufficient ammunition to ignite the proceeding on the silver screen and again commendable work of exuding emotions through upbeat style of melodic exhibit. This is likely to be fuelling up the intense moments of the flick's and be worthy asset in progression of eventful happenings in the finishing moments of this 'jihadi' love story.

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Overall, it's another quality Sufi work by the duo and should be promising feature in the promos of the flick and likely to be luring quality Sufi rock listeners. Great Going!!!

KURBAAN is 'Sufism Redefined' and collectively can be termed as one of the finest in the genre of Bollywood Sufi music genre, catering well to the impulsive violent sacrificing theme of this hot-blooded love saga. Salim-Sulaiman's ethnicity in background score coupled with dexterity in Sufi music paves way for some fine works like 'Shukran Allah', 'Kurbaan Hua' and 'Rasiya'. For its intense and somber musical textures, it is likely to be favorites among quality listeners and is expected to rise well with masses in due course of time. As far as commercial success is concerned, 'Shukran Allah' will be scaling higher among charts and will be hot-favorites among leading radio channels, followed by 'Kurbaan Hua', 'Dua' and 'Ali Maula'. After the chartbusting success of WAKE UP SID, KURBAAN brings out good news for Dharma Productions and winner in audio markets. Go for it!

Rating - 4/5

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