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   Music Review : 42 Kms.

 42 Kms.
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Nisha Chainani
 Tubby & Parik
 Shahab Allahabadi
 Mandira Bedi, Sameer Dattani, Purab Kohli, Bikram Saluja, Prashant Chainani, Nausheen Ali Sardar and Nauheed Cyrusi

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view 42 KMS videos

view 42 KMS videos

In the ever-growing and fast-changing Bollywood musical world, 42 KMS, a low profile social entertainer brings out the likes of new composer Tubby & Parik, arranger turned composers to the marquee. After the supreme disaster of MEERABAI NOT OUT, it's another entertaining sport-filled dossier from Mandira Bedi, where she leads the show as the lead protagonist.

Ironically speaking, 42 KMS is hitting stands and theatres when Mumbai is healing fast from 26/11 attack with the advent of ''Mumbai Marathon 2009''. Despite its zilch expectations and low profile face value, it has the stuffing of bankable singers like Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Mahalxmi Iyer, Roop Kumar Rathod and Udit Narayan in its modest packaging of 6 original soundtracks. After the much-deserved success of Amit Trivedi (DEV D), can Tubby & Parikh be second probable new entrants in Bollywood? Does 42 KMS have the sufficient bag and baggage to deliver for its prospective multiplex listeners? Let's find this out...!

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Tubby-Parik make dazzling opening of the album by pulverizing out Indonesian style of rock-music in the theme-spirited motivational soundtrack ''Chand Zameen Par''. KK's racy vocals are at scorching pace with composition that sounds similar to chartbusting hit track ''Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai'' (WOH LAMHE). It tries to create the inspirational hysteria of another KK resounding number ''Aashiyan'' (IQBAL) but sounds too jarring and ear-splitting as it gushes down fiercely to its last beats. Tubby & Parik have done an overdo of rollicking rock-music substance with loads of ear-splitting percussion and racing guitar strumming. Rags and Clinton prove valued support as back-up vocals but Shahab Allahabadi's wordings aren't gripping enough to make thing work for this inspirational sounding soundtrack.

Upbeat sounds and hip-hop rhythms makes top slot again and the mood-swinging fervor takes the floors on fire in impressive sounding ''Zara Aankhon Mein''. Sonu Nigam experiments out in the caricature of hip-hop singer with his flickering cum quivering voice modulations. Gayatri Ganjawala makes delayed entry in her piercing rendition but its hip-hop emceeing (un-credited) that strikes chord with the feel of this racy soundtrack makes it an affable sounding hip-hop track. Tubby-Parik melodic inputs have remarkable trendy zooming arrangements that bring memories of super-hit hip-hop number ''Ek Main Aur Ek Tu Hai'' (BLUFFMASTER). Sonu Nigam makes another fervent presence as dependable vocalist and gives out the only hope for this album in this soundtrack.

view 42 KMS movie stills

view 42 KMS movie stills

As predicted, this soundtrack gets the preferred treatment as it gets flavor of ''club'' remixing in the only remix number of the album. ''Zara Ankhon Me (remix)'' punches hard with its stridently loud disco-beat fillers that is supported well with thunderous DJ bangs and claps to create passionate feel for the disco-freaks on dancing floors.

Roop Kumar Rathod's sublime and submissive soothing voice changes the mood with flavors of traditional ''ghazal-gayaki'' singing in modestly penned and composed ''Ae Meri Zindagi''. Despite sincere efforts, the outmoded melodic substance of traditional instrumentals and ordinary wordings fails to deliver out the needful that could make this another impressive attribute for Roop Kumar Rathod's prowess. Mahalaxmi Iyer's subtleness is added support that flows in tandem but fails to embark any nostalgia into the tonality of the soundtrack.

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Boredom enters into a new phase in the lackluster sounding ''Tumse Milke Hua'' where bankable singers like Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan sound completely wasted. Tubby-Parik makes an apology of composition with drooping arrangements and passable lyrics that ends up making up this a forgettable affair. Skip it!

Tubby-Parik go decades back and try to impersonate out 80's type of ''jhankaar-beats'' stylized love duet in unimposing ''Aate Jaae Mausam Se''. Udit Narayan's contemporary voice and Shreya Ghoshal sweetly timed vocals are at the helm of affairs to make credits look promising but the expectations dashes to doom in its unimpressive composition. It's a final nail in the coffin that sums up the disastrous musical show of this unassuming album.

42 KMS fails to even conquer 1 KM of success with the soundtracks that sounds average to ordinary and fall flat before it could inspire to rise. Tubby & Parik prove to be weak in their efforts and their music never props to deliver the desired musical flavors of our times. The sole exception of ''Zara Aankhon Me'' (above-average) makes things brighter but falls much short of being classified as ''chartbusting'' material. Low profile, bleak face value and now shoddy musical presentation makes this a ''non-starter'' material that will faint out in its initial run at the stands.

Rating- 2/5

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