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Music Review : Cocktail

Director :  Homi Adajania
Music :  Pritam
Lyrics :  Irshad Kamil, Amitabh Bhattacharya
Starring :  Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone, Diana Penty, Dimple Kapadia and Boman Irani

June 23, 2012 10:25:10 AM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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COCKTAIL... a conglomerate of youthful happenings, a paradigm of fun-frolic, a ''feel-good'' factor happening flick that brings back the youth-friendly 'yuppie' music, is all set to make big bang in marquee. After the chartbusting musical success of LOVE AAJ KAL and moderate success of AGENT VINOD, Pritam Chakraborty makes his third consequential presence as lead composer in Saif Ali Khan's home production. Inspired by the successes of Indi-Pop bands and cross-cultural concert feel, Pritam experiments with them and tries to add more genres and styles through this album. Fuelled with magnificent opulence and bankable face value, the album already enjoys the support of urbane youth. Soundtracks like ''Tumhi Ho Bandhu'' and ''Daaru Desi'' are already a rage; all thanks to aggressive promotions...Will the album make it to the top this time? Let's find out...

Let the beach party begin! Cherubically electronic and peppery in funky tones, the first offering ''Tumhi Ho Bandhu'', a rollicking dancing track sets the mood on fire and curtains up a lively trendy music show by ever reliable Pritam. Kavita Seth's (of ''Iktara'' (WAKE UP SID) fame) breezily earthen vocals sounds noticeably bright and catalyzes up the 'pep-factor' in those shimmery feminine friendly tones. Neeraj Sridhar, a promising vocal in Pritam's fervent tracks, sings as intermittently flamboyant back-up vocal supports and gives it an added thrusting thrive. This funk-licious track is brilliant amalgam of trance and electronica rhythmical beat patterns and delivers some quality display of electronic keyboards, thumping percussive moves and distorted electronic guitar riffs. Irshad Kamil's compassionately friendly wording takes a bow to devotional Morning Prayer (''Tumhi Ho Bandhu Sakha Tumhi'' (MAIN CHUP RAHUNGI (1962)) in delivering out youthfully peppy emotions and connects well with the jovial decorum of the track. After Amit Trivedi's beautifully composed ''Iktara'' (WAKE UP SID), Kavita Seth delivers out a spectacular that should not only be a massy hit but will surely be adding to this year's finest party tracks, a much deserved DJ 'club-remix' is the only missing link in the album. Hip-Shaking!!!

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Friendship-Fraternity-Forever! Upbeat friendly tones takes intoxicating vibes in ''Daru Desi'', a guitarist friendly number that brings out a compassionate feel of 'being together' against all odds and enjoying every moment of it with great zeal. This Pritam composed track has synchronized Spanish acoustic guitar riffs that deliver an infectious signature tuneful impact that lingers-on in senses. Benny Dayal's cool and huskier tones are indeed peppy in moods, delivering out the desired carefree and considerate feel. Shalmali Kholgade, surprise factor of ''Pareshan'' (ISHAQZAADE), naive sounding have ''girlie'' campus-caper Indi-Pop binge and suits the mood to hilt. Amitabh Bhattacharya's ''happy-go-lucky'' lyrics are really poetic delight, from carrying 'timeless' motivational feel (''Waqt Bhi Sarfira Sa Lage, Bhaagta Sa Rahe Har Jage, Waqt Ko Inn Dino Sujhne Hai Lagi Dillagi...'') to light-hearted imperturbable feel (''Dhoop Ko Thaam Ke, Chal Pade Na Thake, Fursaton Mein Rahe, Kaam Ho Naam Ke, Befikar Befikar Subha Suhaani Ho Khali Ho Pal Sham Ke...''), the entire track is indeed a ''easy-on-ears'' listening delight. To sum up, Pritam delivers another winner in ''Daaru Desi'', a feel-good 'cool' musical move in the light moments of the flick and probably another chartbuster from the album. Cool!!!

From being ignited and later intoxicated with deliriously loud peppy friendly feel, mood contorts to 'blue-romantic' sensitively plucked rock-concert feel in well-versed ''Yaariyan''. It brings out an alternate rock-anthem-ic feel where the 'heart-break' is epitomized in serenely ushered vocals, sensitively played drums, caring chorals and rhythmically delivered electronic distorted guitar riffs. Mohan Kanan (lead vocalist of AGNEE) makes a soulful outcry in varying singing shades and delivers soothing meditative touches. This is one of the most notable experimentation in genre as well as in vocals that should spring positive surprises. Distressed and mournful in emotions, Mohan's excruciating voice sublimes well into the contours of alternative rock-band thrives and later connects well with Shilpa Rao's affectionately booming voice. For every listener concern, Mohan collaborated brilliantly with Pritam and Raghu Ram in delivering out a gem of performance in ''Aahatein'' (MTV Splitsville 4 theme track), a song from similar genre and league and 'Yaariyan' simply adds to the glory. ''Yaariyan (reprise)'' has soft-serene Bollywood-ish familiar musical feel as it brings back its one of its favorite diva Sunidhi Chauhan on center-stage. It has the tranquil feel of Mariah Carey's R&B/Soul tracks feel, where tender piano drills along with gentle acoustic guitar riffs forms a beautiful decorum. Arijit Singh's classical 'alaaps' in varying pitches adds to the pathos. Like ''Paani Da (female version)'' (VICKY DONOR), it carries a melodramatically profound background score feel that should work positively in challenging moments of the flick. Impressive!!!

view COCKTAIL movie stills
view COCKTAIL movie stills
After delivering three 'uber-cool' multiplex-friendly tracks, anti-climax comes in ''Second Hand Jaawani'', a garishly crooned 'item-number'. The song belongs to the massy genre where one anticipates a gaudy opulence and lascivious dancing moves taking over the musical proceedings. This time Pritam pitches a blend of Arabian, African and Punjabi folksy flavors to jester out the flamboyance, but the outcome is too mediocre. It brings out the yelling and screechy tones of Neha Kakkar along with Miss Pooja and Nakash Aziz in bizarre renditions. In recent times, we all have heard tracks like ''Imported Kamariya'' (SHANGHAI) and ''Pritam Pyare'' (ROWDY RATHORE) and this one joins the league.

Tracing back to the finest of Pritam's finest 'bhangra' beat culture (''Aahun Aahun'' (LOVE AAJ KAL) and Sajid-Wajid's ''Soni De Nakhre'' (PARTNER) numbers, the next soundtrack 'Tera Naam Japdi Phiran' rekindles this old flame that has strong UK 'bhangra' affixation attached to it. It triggers off with a funky 'Barbie-girl' electronica feel followed with a trance musical thrives that connects with 'bhangra' beat buzz. Javed Bashir's folksy voice (sounding like Labh Janjua) brings out the ethnicity of Punjabi romantic folklore feel while the breezy back-up vocals of Nikhil D' Souza and Shefali Alvares lends audacity of urbane feel. As compared to the success of tracks in this league, it sounds like pale comparison but still carries the desired pep and froth to make booty shake. ''Tera Naam Japdi Phiran (remix)'' fuels up emotions and pumps up adrenaline to league extent and sounds better option than the original version. This one is a DJ's groovy delight track that infuses loads of energy in highly pitched beat-juggles, DJ claps that connects well with echoing impacts and singers voices.

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After a short span of mediocrity, quality and substance makes their notable moves in well-nurtured and well-versed Sufi-Qawalli titled ''Luttna (Saif-ul-Malook)''. It brings back the customary divine Sufi feel that is embroiled in techno-gadgetry and displayed well in the format of a likable 'fusion' work. Pritam's composition delivers a soulful divine feel this time where quintessentially customary ''Sufi-qawalli'' is matched up well in optimum proportions of loud hard-rock metal base displays. In terms of mood and situational setting, it has emblematic 'viraah' song outlook where lover exhibits his distressed emotions. Irshad Kamil's well-etched lyrical-setting too deserves a special mention (''Dil Da Lagna Agg Da Lagna, Yaara Sab Kujh Hai Jal Jaana, Na Tu Dhuaan Na Chingaari , Yahaan Kuch Bhi Nazar Na Aana...''), and makes this one a classy attribute from the album. Masuma Anwar, Sahir Ali Bagga and Anupam Amod sing this with utmost sincerity and it's their refined rendition that makes this as one of the finest in this genre. 'Luttna (version 2)' comes more like its 'reprise' version where significant verses are over-stressed with similar sounding arrangements. Classy!!!

In MTV Coke Studio Sessions, Pakistani singer Arif Lohar showed his great enthuse and zeal in rendering out a delightful track titled ''Jugni Ji'' as now it gets re-arranged and re-composed in more polished way in the last original soundtrack ''Jugni Ji''. In Bollywood sensibilities, all tracks titled ''Jugni'' have roped good results but this version is shades parallel to the earlier versions. This time ''Jugni'' (literally meaning 'female firefly') comes more like metaphor for a distressed beloved rather than a cherubic observer or performer and serenades out her heart-broken emotions. Arif Lohar's deep-throated voice has the depth of emotions and penetrates well into the senses in modulating tones. Harshdeep Kaur's infectiously catchy voice joins him in tandem and gives it a perfect Sufi-western fusion outlook. For all niche listeners, this one is a big surprise and innovative musical move by Pritam to incorporate customary sensibilities in a commercially resounding Bollywood album. Ethnical!!!

COCKTAIL is a ''cocktail'' of varied genres, styles and formats of music. On creative quotient, this album scores the maximum as it inculcates traditional values and delivers bountiful of urbane-friendly musical 'masti' that is going to stay long on the charts and will be enjoying a longer shelf life. On commercial parameters, soundtracks like ''Tumhi Ho Bandhu'' and ''Daaru Desi'' are likely to be front-runners while Indi-Pop stylized ''Yaariyan'' is likely to be raising high in days to come. There is strong feel of MTV Coke Studio cross-cultural feel where blend of varied singing talents have made their strong impact in this album. For all classy listeners, who crave for divine Sufi numbers, tracks like 'Luttna' (both versions) and ''Jugni Ji'' will be a sheer bliss while ''Second Hand Jawani'' turns out to be to be a sore thumb. Without any shred of doubt, COCKTAIL comes out as the finest from Pritam this year, as he has packed style and substance in optimum proportions, and a smooth sailing on box-office will surely be adding to the joy-ride.


Rating - 4/5


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