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Music Review : Khatta Meetha

 Khatta Meetha
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Irshad Kamil & Shehzad Roy
 Akshay Kumar, Trisha Krishnan and Rajpal Yadav

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view KHATTA MEETHA videos

view KHATTA MEETHA videos

When we talk about huge expectations arising from a film that teams up the amazing hit trio Akki-Priyan-Pritam it is certainly not an exaggeration. The reason is obvious, right from their very first film, GARAM MASALA to their last, DE DANA DAN, the team has always triumphed and has succeeded in providing some chartbusting music that has paved the way towards the success of these films. Their latest project, KHATTA MEETHA becomes all the more special as it is produced by Priyan's favourite Akshay Kumar under his home banner, Hari Om Entertainment Co. and Shree Ashtavinayak Cinevision Ltd. The film is a quickie, a satirical comedy based more on social issues, and maybe there will not be much scope for music here. But one can expect Pritam to come up with something out of the box and deliver a few chartbusters as is the norm with most of his films in the past.

Talking about chartbusters, one comes across it right at the beginning of the album and as can be guessed, we are talking about the much anticipated and promoted "Nana Chi Taang" . The song is very unique in its composition and the reason is the fusion of Hindi-Marathi in an amazing rap, hip-hop and rock style . The main tune of the song is also instantly likeable and the Marathi parts add the icing on the cake as they blend in perfectly with the song . Marathi lyrics go as- Jithe mi jaate tithe tu diste, Hawaat tujhe sugandh pasarte, Manaat tu majhya dhyanaat tu...(In English it means - Wherever I go I see you,There is a fragrance in the air, In my heart its just you and I think of you). The rap portions composed, written and sung by URL are simply superb and the rock guitaring and drumming that follow are simply breathtaking. Kunal Ganjawala's dew fresh vocals are the main attraction of the song as he sings in his own unique rock style that has made him a favourite of millions, although it is a pity that we don't hear him more often. However we are sure that "Nana Chi Taang" will give him the lease of life and the chartbuster that he deserves and needs. Pritam's very own reliable lyricist of many previous albums, Irshad Kamil, delivers the goods and overall contributes in a big way towards the making of this chartbuster.

The remixed version of "Nana Chi Taang" by Kiran Kamath is quite a nice job; thankfully not much radical change is seen and the added beats and rhythm simply enhance the beauty of the song.

Next up, "Sajde" is the quintessential love ditty that has found acceptance by a large section of the die hard romantics who love and patronize these mushy numbers in whichever form they are offered. The slow drawl tune which has it's origin in the folk music of the hills is encapsulated in a beautiful traditional garb of lovely Hindustani musical arrangements like the flute, 'tabla', 'sitar' and the sounds of anklets/ 'payal' and beads. And the best of the best, K.K and Sunidhi have been assigned the task of delivering this romantic ballad and needless to add, they are excellent! However, it's once again the lyricist Irshad Kamil who needs maximum applause for penning easy to hum lyrics which are universally appealing and also convey the feelings of the protagonists very clearly. "Sajde kiye hain lakhon, Lakhon duayein maangi, Paya hai maine phir tujhe." Pritam has always composed some lovely romantic numbers for Akshay and this will go down as one such number, though it will not be path breaking like "Teri Ore".

view KHATTA MEETHA movie poster

view KHATTA MEETHA movie poster

The remixed version of "Sajde" by DJ A-Myth has Harshdeep Kaur in place of Sunidhi which is a good idea to avoid monotony. The overall work on the song makes it more spicier and the slow tune is shaken up a bit to add more pace.

The film being a satirical comedy one was prepared for some 'in your face' songs that question the system and Shani's "Bull Shit" is that situational composition! The Prince of Pakistani pop Shehzad Roy (who has turned a humanitarian and works a lot for the underprivileged through his music) does a fantastic dual job of singing as well as writing lyrics. The main tune and the spirit of the song has it's origin (may be co-incidentally) in the iconic "Chino Arab Hamara" (PHIR SUBHA HOGI). Though it's the lyrics by Shehzad himself that work big time. They are not just apt but there is a black humor/ dark satire that makes the song funny and sets one thinking and are inspirational as well. The start of the song with "Mantri jee ka bhashan" literally sets the tone for this satirical piece and lays bare the false promises of the ministers/politicians and the rot prevailing in the system where one has to fight for basic necessities like water and food. "Mantri jee ka bhashan, Dega sabko ye rashan , Peeyeinge hum saaf paani, Bull shit, Bull shit!" The song on the whole is VERY GOOD (given the theme of the film). No bull shitting here!

The album ends on a full carnival mood with the retro "Aila Re Aila" and Daler Mehndi, who with his robust energetic vocals sets the fun mood soaring in this highly racy dance track in association with Kalpana Patowary who provides the oomph factor. The main signature tune that forms the backdrop of this celebration/festive song is totally R.D. Burmanish, and that is because the main tune (used in carnivals) is basically the same. And after HOUSEFULL where Akshay paid homage to the megastar Amitabh Bachchan through his "Dhanno" it appears that the "Khiladi' is set for another one through "Aila Re Aila" which seems to be heavily inspired by "Bachke Rahna Re Baba" (PUKAR) which too had the Goa carnival backdrop to it . Nitin Raikwar who has this knack of coming up with chartbusters that have a local Mumbaiya flavour ("Aati Kya Khandala"- GHULAM) to it has done a good job and the lyrics will definitely play a big part in appealing to the target audience. The song though will not be universally appealing but will definitely serve to lighten up the drama. The "Aila Re Aila" remix by Kiran Kamath is nicely done making the song more merrier and racier with heightened rhythm and beats.

Summing up, the album certainly has the situational charisma of the hit troika, Akki-Priyan-Pritam. It offers a variety, though there are just four songs, all are quite in sync with the mood and theme of the film. The chartbuster in the form of "Nana Chi Taang", the love ballad "Sajde" are the pick of the lot while the rest "Bull Shit" and "Aila Re Aila" may also become popular after the release of the film.

Rating - 3.5/5

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