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Music Review : Raaz 3

 Raaz 3
Director :  Vikram Bhatt
Music :  Jeet Ganguly and Rashid Khan
Lyrics :  Sanjay Masoom, Kumaar and Rashid Khan
Starring :  Bipasha Basu, Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta

August 23, 2012 05:22:06 PM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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Bhatt and Bhatt naturally, again! Vikram Bhatt's RAAZ (2002), an erotic supernatural thriller was one of the biggest surprises of our times. It was consequential in many ways, and music was one of its greatest aspects that worked. It was followed by equally successful RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES (2009, Director-Mohit Suri) and now all eyes are set on its sequel- RAAZ 3. After a hiatus of almost a decade, it brings back Vikram Bhatt back in Bhatt camp with this spine-chilling suspense thriller. Jeet Ganguly, a prominent figure in Bengali cinema, makes his second major outing in this Bhatt camp entertainer. Will the black-magic of impressive music work this time? Let's find out...

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Soothing and serene in typical South-Korean soft-ballad format, the first outing "Deewana Kar Raha" brings the quintessentially romantic flavors of Bhatt camp. It brings Javed Ali's engaging vocals to fore with refined set of Urdu prosaic flair, epitomizing out the state of enchantment of lover's heart. Guest composer and lyricist Rashid Khan's composition makes a strong impression, a number that primarily moves with soft Sufi-rock aesthetics in vocals and lyrics. As far as tonality of the track and Javed Ali's rendition is concerned, it reminds back of Javed Ali's "Tu Hi Haqeqat" (TUM MILE) to some extent and has the desired mushy flair to entertain on the big screen. To add sensual erotic tones, there are huskier feminine chorals (sounding like Akrit Kakkar's rendition in "Abhi Abhi" (duet version)) at intermittent phases that works in giving it a darker melodramatic shade. Despite low on creative quotient, it's a reasonably lovely solo ballad that has potential of growing big on ears in the days to come; overall a promising start to the album.

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"Zindagi Se", a motivationally romantic theme track, divulges the melodic feel from soft-serene to soulful. Jeet Ganguly makes his presence as a composer with this track, a soundtrack that boasts of classically refined vocals and expressive lyrics. In BLOOD MONEY, Ganguly rehashed some of his finest compositions, but this time he refurbishes branded Bhatt camp melodic feel. In last few years, listeners have been fed up with tracks like "Tum Mile" (TUM MILE), "Tu hi haqeeqat" (JANNAT 2) etc where melancholic romanticism persists in amalgam of impressive vocals and soft-rock ballad format, "Zindagi Se" falls in this cadre. After an impressive "Tu Hi Mera" (JANNAT 2), Shafaqat Amanat Ali delivers another notable singing work that has meaningfully written lyrics as one of its strongest feat. Sanjay Masoom's eloquently sensitive lyrics ("Mehfooz tu mehsoos kar, Tere paas hoon main sada, Tujhse nahi ho sakta main pal bhar bhi ab juda, Ab saath hain hum is tarah aankhon ke sang palke, Aa waqt ko yeh baat hum ik baar phir se keh dein...) delivers a fresh lease of life that helps in materializing out a desired love-chemistry in the track. Like the previous track, it has intrinsically South-Korean soft-ballad nuances in arrangements that move in tandem with the expressively rendered vocals and lyrics. Despite having a strong "heard-before" syndrome, "Zindagi Se" appeals with its most sensible romantic appeal and should work in mushy moments.

Intimidating-cum-grueling instrumental impact of the next track "Rafta Rafta" in the prelude brings memories of "Aa Zara" (MURDER 2) and later it shapes into a contemporary solo ballad. Routine and characteristically sentimental in nature, KK's vocals brings out his finest efforts in giving this track a relevant substance but the end result is not too convincing. This time Jeet Ganguly's composition takes inspirations from couple of last Bhatt camp hits and camouflages it in a new format. It's a reasonably good situational score but lacks the desired emotional punch; overall a decent listening fare for all KK's fans.

"Soniyo" (RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES), a sugary romantic composition by Raju Singh was indeed a formidable melody, a number that even multifaceted Sonu Nigam would love to cherish it again and again. "Oh My Love", a classical western base soft melody belongs to this school of composing and proves to be big solace to the ears. In terms of compositions and lyrical settings, it's not as enterprising as "Soniye" but has soothing decorum in its entire rendition. Sonu Nigam's emotionally thriving vocals are pleasing in modulating tones and so are Shreya Ghoshal's extra svelte voice that melts well in subtle-paced arrangements. Jeet Ganguly's toil at western arrangements is good but certainly not great (as one expected it) and fails short of desired expectations; overall a decent valentine's day track that should add optimum saccharine in sweet moments of this flick.
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download RAAZ 3 wallpapers

Haunting, dark but mediocre (!!!), the title track "Kya Raaz hai", a contemporary 90s Bollywood suspense-thriller sounding theme track brings Arabic music flair to the fore. The track amalgams the deceptive sauntering tuneful impact of "Sanam Mere Humraaz" (HUMRAAZ) with the dark shades of "Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai" (RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES) but unfortunately the "whodunit" feel is too mediocre. The extra energizing Arabic feel and later Indian classical rendition fails to coordinate appropriately with each other. Shreya Ghoshal sounds too ordinary (???) and outmoded this time while Zubeen Garg's appealing voice is too inconsequential in the track.

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Outmoded, outdated and overstretched, the sorry tale of mediocrity of RAAZ-3 continues with the last soundtrack "Khayalon Mein", a "girlie" sounding conventional Bollywood track that brings the likes of Anu Malik and Nadeem-Shravan style of composing to the fore. Jeet Ganguly's old-fashioned style of composing is too monotonous in present context and lacks the emotional punch in both lyrics and arrangements. Despite some sincere efforts in vocals, this Shreya Ghoshal rendered track ends up as another mediocre sounding situational soundtrack.

RAAZ 3 fails to live up to the high standards of earlier Bhatt camp chartbuster albums. It's an average sounding musical album that has a couple of impressive scores to its credits. After an impressive start in BLOOD MONEY, Jeet Ganguly disappoints to a large extent with outdated, routine and jaded compositions while guest composer Rashid Khan impresses with his solitary work "Deewana kar gaya". Against all odds, soundtracks like "Zindagi Se", "Rafta Rafta" and "Oh my Love" deliver some quality singing but again none of the soundtracks have the skill and kill of hitting the charts; overall a routine sounding album with no great shakes.

Rating - 2.5/5

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