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   Music Review : 8x10 Tasveer

 8x10 Tasveer
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Nagesh Kukunoor
 Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant, Bohemia and Neeraj Shridhar
 Irfan Siddiqui, Sameer and Bohemia
 Akshay Kumar, Ayesha Takia, Sharmila Tagore, Benjamin Gilani, Anant Mahadevan and Javed Jaffery.

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view 8x10 TASVEER videos

view 8x10 TASVEER videos

Nagesh Kukunoor, maverick director and actor, has always been known for making films which are away from the league. Though he had directed some successful and critically acclaimed films like HYDERABAD BLUES, ROCKFORD and 3 DEEWAREIN, he became a known name in the Hindi film industry through Subhash Ghai's Mukta Arts Production, IQBAL, which saw the debut of the versatile Shreyas Talpade. From the critically acclaimed 3 DEEWAREIN, the inspirational IQBAL, to his next, the heartwarming DOR, the rib tickler, BOMBAY TO BANGKOK and his upcoming films like AASHAYEIN and supernatural thriller, 8 X10 TASVEER, there is one common factor that binds all these completely diverse movies. And that is music by the new face of the music industry, the talented duo, Salim Merchant and Sulaiman Merchant. Nagesh needs to be applauded for spotting their talent so early on and sticking to them and the sole reason as per Nagesh himself, ''I wanted songs that stood out from the clutter and something that was different from the usual that is being heard today.'' Salim-Sulaiman has had a tremendous year with Madhur Bhandarkar's FASHION and the All Time Blockbuster, Shah Rukh Khan starrer, RAB NE BANA DI JODI which has definitely catapulted them to the top bracket. Their ''Mar Jaava'' and ''Haule Haule'' is still ruling the hearts and the charts. So, let's see if the duo repeats the magic and give us a score to remember.

Pulsating rocking and rolling beats and enticing chorals herald ''Nazaara Hai'' and one is stumped! Is it Vishal-Shekhar or A.R.Rahman, no its Salim-Sulaiman! The style is a majestic blend of V-S's rock style and A. R. Rahman's lavish musical orchestrations coupled with the maestro's haunting crescendo. But in all this milieu, Salim-Sulaiman chart out a distinct flavour, unheard before and the result is an awesome track that spices up senses and sends the adrenalin pumping. Vishal Dadlani in his rock avatar, a la Jim Morrison is spellbinding. What a choice of singer, one must add, the original rock master Vishal Dadlani of Vishal-Shekhar fame. True blue rock star! Irfan Siddiqui's lyrics are so apt and yet so dramatic that the impact is a heady one. All lovers of hard rock music will gorge; in fact binge on the song that has all the elements of hard rock, from superb orgasmic guitaring and heady percussions to mind-blowing singing by Vishal, a la Doors style composition. Indian rock is certainly coming of age and Vishal Shekhar and Salim Sulaiman are the two composer duo to look forward to. The song should be used as a background support in tense and edge of the seat moments or during the rolling credits or even at the fag end of the movie.

The remix version of ''Nazaara Hai'' is at first heard a normal routine remix, but what comes out as a pleasant change and surprise is the innovation by the lead singer. The singing is a bit slower in this fast tempo remix, a contrast to what we are used to, and picks up pace later on.

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Salim-Sulaiman gave us ''Mar Jaava'' last year, and with ''Haafiz Khuda'' they have another mind blowing love ballad, which slowly but surely has the capability to engulf the listeners, who have a slightly discerning taste when it comes to romantic songs. The composition has a tune that is slightly drawn out, a bit on the slower side and may not appeal to all, but two things stand out loud and clear in this minimal musical arrangement song. And they are the lead vocalists, both male and female and lyrics. First things first. The rendition by Mohit Chauhan and Tulsi Kumar is absolutely top class, especially Mohit who is slowly cementing his place at the top. Tulsi too is superb, she has used voice modulations to complement Mohit's base vocals and that really stands out. But she has to work on her Urdu diction, which is bad and jarring. And so it's Mohit who walks away with all the accolades with his characteristic well loved, inebriated style of singing and his base vocals, which convey that dreamy and heady feeling of romance. Lyrics by Irfan Siddiqui too complement the singing and simple Urdu/Hindi words add to the beauty and charm and they are easy on the lips too. Enchanting!!

The slow drawl charm of the original gets converted into a fast tempo with 'dhinchak' synthesized beats in the ''Haafiz Khuda'' remix and may appeal to the youth and used in pubs and discos. But musically this is the most inappropriate song to remix!

view 8x10 TASVEER movie stills

view 8x10 TASVEER movie stills

''Haafiz Khuda'' makes an entry once again as ''Kuchh Is Tarah'' and we say this because both the songs are one and the same (the rhythm appears a wee bit slower than the original) and only Irfan Siddiqui's lyrics are different. May be situations will be different. This one appears to be sung after the wedding of the lead protagonists. ''Kuchh is tarah, Dil ko mila hai sukoon, Kuchh is tarah khush hai yeh dil kya kahoon, Aasaan hai ab ye safar, Jo bani tu meri hamsafar.'' And like the previous song, this number too has excellent renditions and amazing romantic lyrics, so a third version is more than welcome.

Typical dance floor remix in form of ''Kuchh Is Tarah'' remix surfaces and its better than the ''Haafiz Khuda'' remix. The funky sounds gel well with the arrangements and words.

Neeraj Shridhar dons the mantle of a composer, not that this is the first time that he has done this. In fact while he was the lead singer of his band, Bombay Vikings Neeraj had composed some chartbusters, in his own right. And he comes up with an absolutely delightful love ballad, ''Aaja Maahi'', a superb amalgamation of Indian and Western orchestrations. Neeraj commences the song in a really mesmerizing manner, with lovely English chorals and Tulsi backs up in her sweet vocals and when the crescendo (appearing as a chorus) comes up with the fusion of the two singing together, it is amazing. Neeraj shows that he has good control over his vocals and his anglicized rendition integrates fantastically with Tulsi's syrupy sweet vocals. Sameer's lyrics are filmy and routine, ''Aaja maahi, Aaja maahi, Ab to aaa ja'', but they convey the deep sense of love and belonging and his use of simple words too need to be commended. If Emraan Hashmi's ''Aaja Maahi' rocked the charts in the beginning of the year, we are sure that Akki's ''Aaja Maahi'' too will prove to be a chartbuster in the coming days. And knowing the potential of the song, a music video of the same has been shot recently for promotional campaign with Tulsi Kumar and Neeraj featuring in that.

Super fast tempo and rhythm herald the beginning of a superb remix version of ''Aaja Mahi'' and will definitely burn the dance floors of discos and nightclubs.

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Akshay Kumar's association with Bohemia, the U.S based rocker which started with CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA continues with TASVEER, where Bohemia come up with the title track, ''I Got The Picture'', in his characteristic rap style. And proves beyond doubt why he is so popular abroad. It's a one man show all the way where Bohemia not only sings, but pens the lyrics as well as composes the music and excels in all the three department. The background synthesized tune which forms the backbone of the song and can be called the signature tune as it is present throughout the song, is instantly catchy, gripping and haunting. Taut, edge of the seat thriller element is conveyed effectively through the awesome musical orchestrations (mark the crisp sound of breaking glass) which as the composition is rap, it is not very lavish, still it's masterly. His lyrics both in English and Hindi are in sync with the script and entirely situational. ''If you could only see what I see, Take a ride inside my zindagi, if you could only see inside my mind, there is so much more than meets the eye.'' And ''Aadmi khilona duniya ke khel mein'' conveys the gist of the story effectively and still leaves behind that surprise element. It will not be an exaggeration to say that it's the most happening title track in recent times. Knowing its potential Akshay and Nagesh have utilized its services in making it into a superb promotional music video, which surprisingly features Nagesh towards the end and leaves the audience hungry for more? Absolutely rocking and mind you the song grows on repeated listening, so put on the repeat mode to savour it. Bohemia, Akki and Nagesh, you rock!

The remix is just space filler and the original was mind blasting enough. In fact the gripping signature tune is missing, which makes this all the more insipid. A lounge version would have been a better choice here.

When the basic story line of Nagesh's film was first revealed it was generally assumed that the music would not find much representation during the proceedings in the tense, psychological thriller, except for some fast paced (mainly background tracks). But as they say, appearances can be deceptive! 8x10 TASVEER boasts of some of the best compositions of the year (thus far), namely ''Nazaara Hai'', ''Haafiz Khuda and its versions, ''Aaja Maahi'', and of course the rocking title track by Bohemia... Unfortunately the album has not been promoted as aggressively as it should have been though there is still time and one hopes for a massive turn around in its fortune when (and if!) the film releases on 3rd April.

Rating - 3.5/5

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