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Music Review : Bittoo Boss

 Bittoo Boss
Director :  Supavitra Babul
Music :  Raghav Sachar, Gajendra Verma
Lyrics :  Luv Ranjan, Kumaar, Aseem Ahmed Abbasi
Starring :  Pulkit Samrat, Amita Pathak

March 24, 2012 04:01:36 PM IST
By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial
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download BITTOO BOSS wallpapers
download BITTOO BOSS wallpapers
Naughty, impish but still youthful! Controversy makes a bold style statement, and this works wonders in promoting a buzz word for this flick. Controversy and music, the two words are now an interrelated feature in B-town, the latest controversy buzz (''Bittoo sab ki lega'') to hit the marquee on musical front comes from comic-caper BITTOO BOSS. Like many frolicsome rom-com, this one too blends a flavor of newbie actors with pack of fun-loving tracks, a really engrossing affair is certainly on cards. Raghav Sachar, a musical prodigy who holds the distinction of playing varied instrumentals, along with guest composer Gajendra Verma, composes music for this romantic comedy. As promos and teasers suggest, it sounds like a crispy on-screen affair and also looks like cousin to Yash Raj's BAND BAAJA BAARAT, where leading man Pulkit Samrat shows great resemblance to Ranveer Singh's rough and stubble appearances. The show is about to begin...will this be another musical BAND BAAJA BAARAT for its listeners? Let's find out...

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''Bhaag D.K Bose'' (DELHI BELLY), ''Mit Jaaye Gum'' (DUM MAARO DUM) and now the new controversy child ''Bitoo Sab Ki Lega''! Verbally lewd and characteristically sketched on lead protagonist (video cameraman of weddings), the first musical treat is a raunchier listening feast, an enthralling track that unravels the escapades of a videographer, with garish looking ''baaratis'', one who prefers to be in the spotlight in a hustling wedding celebration. Mika Singh, the big singing bad boy, whose roguish tones have not only flared impish youthful sentiments but also has been instrumental in delivering a pack of chartbuster tracks, sings this out with maximum zeal. Sultry-paced chorals by Neeti Mohan and Natalie Di Luccio in loud tones simply adds to the glam-quotient and makes this a frolicsome treat. After penning out thematically audacious ''Ban Gaya Kutta'' (PYAR KA PUNCHNAAMA), Luv Ranjan (lyricist and director of PYAR KA PUNCHNAAMA) is again in the news for delivering out double meaning set of verses (''Chaachi seedhi bitha ke, Maami ulti ghumaa ke, Utarega sabki sab ki kheenchega...'') that are surely going to titillate frontbenchers. As far as contents and renditions are contents, this song can well be clubbed into genre of Mika's earlier sung songs like ''Saari Duniya Mere'' (LOOT) and ''Ganpat'' (SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA), a raunchy flavor of music that is catching fast with young (buying) listeners.

Remember ''Shukran Allah'' (KURBAAN)! Some melodies are here to stay for forever, and so is the combo of vocal talents that makes it so special. ''Kaun Kenda'', a gem of melodic affairs and also a purist's delight, brings out the enchanting vocal flair of Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal once again to fore with equally set of tender-paced mesmerizing arrangements. On melody count, composer Raghav Sachar scores maximum with this beautiful composition that has the brilliance of instrumental exhibits matching well with the vocal finesse of these two remarkable singers. In the middle interludes, the track enters into impressive ''Sufiyana qawaali'', serenading out soulful healing touches to this delightful sounding track. Lyricist Kumaar's lyrics are expressively poetic (''Main karun hifazat teri, Tu dekh le shiddat meri, Chalne se pehle saansein, Leti hai ijazat teri, Rehnuma Meharma...'') and also 'easy-on-ears' and plays a soothing catalyst in adding soothing decorum to the melodic shades of the tracks. Close on heels to the singer's earlier sung tracks like ''Shukran Allah'' (KURBAAN), ''Chori Kiya Re Jiya'' (DABANGG) and ''Soniyo'' (RAAZ-THE MYSTERY CONTINUES), this soothing number is likely to be the next big offering from this lovely singing combo, and a strong promotional drive will be a big boost. Shahid Mallya's booming Sufiyana chorals adds shades of divinity and sobriety in the female version of ''Kaun Kenda'', which brings out 'bright-as-sunshine' Shreya Ghosal's gleaming voice again to the ears. Presumed to be theme-centric musical piece, it can probably be a sensible addition in the graph of love-chemistry of lead pair and also a brilliant work by ever-reliable Shreya Ghoshal. Soul-enchanting!!!

BAND BAAJA BAARAT garish festivities spark loud! Catching fast with customary Punjabi marriage celebrations, Raghav Sachar's composing skills take a big inspirational lift from teasing-pleasing 'Ainwayi Ainwayi' (BAND BAAJA BAARAT), and spices it up with juicy punches of tangy lyrics and vocals in ''Kick Lag Gayi''. The song energizes the mood with the customary set of Punjabi ''boliyan'' (''Latthe di chaddar...'') by Tulsi Kumar, epitomizing out the gutsy and feisty mood of the marriage carnival. Sachar delivers an equilibrium of ethnical (ektara, tumbhi, dholak) and westernized (mandolin, guitar, piano) orchestrations at intermittent places, but it's the catchy folksy stringed signature tuneful appeal of the track that makes it so special. Raghav Sachar's mischievously boyish tones lead the show with a 'bhangra' thump that later gets the support of enthused 'boliyan' and chorals. For its immensely vibrantly catchy flavors, ''Kick lag gayi'' can be presumed to be the hottest favorite to be a chartbuster. ''Kick Lag Gayi (remix)'' is a typical marriage DJ stylized number that has all ingredients to make the mood merrier. Master Saleem replaces Sachar in this 'remix' version and enjoys singing this fun-loving peppy version. Catchy!

view BITTOO BOSS movie stills
view BITTOO BOSS movie stills
Thumping ''bhangra' is the mood and Raghav Sachar is the 'chosen-one'' and together they try to create a ruckus of affair on floors in ''Audi''. As compared to the hip-shaking ''Kick Lag Gayi'', it sounds like a meek comparison but still manages to grab attention for its audaciously loud dancing thrills that connects well with boisterously pumped vocals. Like a couple of fast-paced tracks from OYE LUCKY! LUCKY OYE!, it sketches out a Delhi based fable of 'boy-meeting-girl' in a typical 'bhangra' hip-hop jiving manner, but the pep-factor is somewhat is mediocre this time.

Mika Singh, the much loved ''bad boy'' and specialist in roguish pitched tracks enlightens with his jovial style of singing in rollicking ''Kabootar''. Hilariously narrative in nature, Sachar turns into an absorbing storyteller in his composing rather than a routine composer and delivers out a really spicy situational background score. This fun-filled track reminds back of quizzically quirky tracks like ''Ab Kya Karenge'' (KHOSLA KA GHOSLA), where absorbing contents are laced well with a humorously packed narration. To make it even more thrilling, there are also 80's stylized 'disco-masti' in those edgy club-beat fillers that add to the fun-element of the track. ''Kabootar'' can be termed as title track for BITTOO BOSS and a worthy background score work that should be appearing at intermittent phases of the film, and is a promising feature in lifting the spirits of this comic caper.

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For the last musical offering of the album, the mood swings from over- elated and frolicking 'masti' to the darker zones of separation and pain in emotionally distressing ''Mann Jaage''. After showing a great potential of singing melancholically romantic track like ''Ik tu hi Tu'' (MAUSAM), talented Shahid Mallya gets his second major opportunity to prove his mettle in this generously sentimental number that impresses with its quality contents. Upcoming lyricist Aseem Ahmed Abbasi deserves a special mention as he emotes out with his flair of writing that is enriched with both poetically pristine wordings and easy-sounding expressive verses (''Thandi aahein bhar ke jeeta hai mar-mar ke, Pyasa reh gaya hai yeh dariya se guzar ke, Dhoke se nazar ke, Jhonke se umar ke, Ret ke mahal sa, Deh gaya hai bikhar ke...'') narrating out the distressed and discomforting state of mind. For niche listeners, it also brings a taste of ''santoor'', ''jal-tarang' and ''shehnai'', mixed well in proportions and connecting well with appealing voice and gloomy decorum of the track. Guest composer Gajendra Verma may not have delivered the finest in this genre but has delivered a quality performance that packs all the essential ingredients in right proportions. Worth-a-hear!

BITTOO BOSS is an immensely massy album and works primarily on market diktats (double meaning songs, 'bhangra' numbers, melody tracks and an emotional number). As compared to Raghav Sachar's previously composed albums, this one holds maximum promise and music will be a promising feature in the success of the film. On commercial parameters, controversial ''Bittoo Sab Ki Lega'', ''Kick Lag Gayi'' and ''Kabootar'' will be grabbing maximum eye-balls, while quality tracks like ''Kaun Kenda'' and ''Mann Jaage'' will appeal to class listeners. Despite being low on face value and expectations, the album delivers the needful; a promising box-office run will surely be a ''sone-pe-suhaaga'' and might make this ''Bittoo'' a ''Boss'' on shelves in the weeks to come!

Rating - 3.5/5

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