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Music Review : Life Partner

 Life Partner
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rumi Jaffery
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Javed Akhtar and Kumaar
 Fardeen Khan, Tusshar Kapoor, Govinda, Genelia Dsouza, Prachi Desai and Anupam Kher.

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view LIFE PARTNER videos

view LIFE PARTNER videos

Hilarious! The one amusing expression that sets cash registers ringing in Bollywood and has always been ''partner-in-rhythm'' to many sagging and unsung careers is out again with LIFE PARTNER! Abbas-Mastan, a prolific director duo of our age, make their first entrepreneur move with such a bankable mood in LIFE PARTNER. This is Rumi Jaffery second directorial laugh-a-thon brings in Partner No.1 (Govinda) as its leading man with spooky Tusshar Kapoor and Fardeen Khan, completing a bunch of madcap trio. After two back-to-back chartbuster albums (NEW YORK and LOVE AAJ KAL), Pritam holds big promise and now the flagship of this roller-coaster ride with the likes of chirpy lyrics of Javed Akhtar as its strongest force. Can this LIFE PARTNER be another PARTNER in the making on the musical front? Do its frothy numbers have enough rib-tickling ooze to make us laugh? Let's be part of this bumpy ride and find out how many times it makes us giggle and tickles our funny bone with its funky-beats and sounds...!

Cacophony-in-fun! How come ''cacophony'' becomes the invigorating thrust of any album? Yes, it does, and surprisingly teases and pleases in screeching and yelling singing gesticulation of promising Antara Mitra in ''Kuke''. Pritam de-glams her singer for the first time in ''irritating'' nasal twang for the wannabe (unwanted) singer (Genelia D'Souza) and collages it with rhythmical supporting voices of Shaan and Debojit Datta. Javed Akhtar pens down this ''difficult-to-imagine'' cocky ''n'' tacky number that works with recurring punch-lines and verses in tandem to evoke humor. Pritam's composition packs racy electronic beat fillers that are loaded with engaging drumbeats in a chirpy melodic conversational mode. Watch it for its hilariously dramatic humor with all lead actors on floors in comical dancing attire for its ''real'' listening cum viewing pleasure. Ironically it has least to do with melody (knock, knock...?) but provides substantial fodder for this ''no-brains-all-fun'' multi-starrer extravaganza.


''Kuke (remix)'' intoxicates the fun with swaggering thumping disco-beat fillers that explodes with the flickering paced voices of all three lead singers. Shaan's voice sounds the loudest with Antara's recurring ''Kuuuuuke'' and merges well with the punching beat-juggling and DJ spins in making it amicable sounding ''club'' remix number. Chartbuster!!!

''Teri Meri Yeh Zindagi'', a breather from bizarre comical feel, comes in contemporary Pritam's romantic melodic textures with refreshing ''feel-good'' touches to it. Soham Chakraborty (sounding more like Shaan...?) along with Shreya Ghoshal sways out in tingling-jingling set of arrangements and remind couple of Pritam's earlier composed numbers ''Baat Pakki'' (JUST MARRIED -2007) and ''Chori Chori'' (GARAM MASALA-2005) with added instrumental modernity to it. This impressive but repetitive sounding number has flare to spark off love-chemistry on screen with a dash of comical tinge, adding to the affinity of subject with the characters.

view LIFE PARTNER movie stills

view LIFE PARTNER movie stills

Pritam takes unpredictable divulge into 80's format of composing with styling of trendy rap and feeble Latino music in average sounding ''Aage Aage''. This comes in situational ''get-together'' dancing-jodi mood with ''Chika'' dancing culture (similar to ''Ab to Forever'' (TA RA RUM PUM -2007) coming out with unimpressive arrangements. It brings communion of singers in the form of Mika Singh, Shakti Singh, Ajay Jhingran, Soham Chakraborty and Antara Mitra to sing the song that hardly puts listeners into any dancing jives. Ordinary!!!

Ethnical colors of Gujarati ''garbha-raas'' dancing bonds evocative cultural backdrop to add spectrum of vibrant colors in this fun-filled comical saga in situational sounding ''Gunji Aangna Mein Shehnai''. Kirti Sagathia's booming rustic baritones are loud, recurring and brief but its Sunidhi Chauhan familiar voice that carries this dancing show till the end. Pritam's dismal composition is too ordinary and monotonous sounding in its genre with old-fashioned ''filmi'' arrangements disappointing completely with Javed Akhtar's lethargically routine lyrics falling flat on its face.

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Upbeat hip-hop emceeing and glitzy electronically punched fillers brings back trendy Pritam to the fore in ''girlie'' sounding soundtrack ''Poorza Poorza''. It sounds more like second version of ''Hey Ya'' (KIDNAP-2008) that comes in duet format with Sunidhi Chauhan and Kunal Ganjawala forming affable sounding singing partners. Pritam sounds repetitive again with shades of his previous numbers like ''Ishq Hai Jhootha'' (EK KHILADI EK HASEENA -2005), getting repeated in the tuneful settings of arrangements of this track.

''Poorza Poorza (remix)'' is charged up version with contemporary ''club-remix'' stylized disco beat fillers with hip-hop emceeing taking lead route. This brings guest lyricist Kumaar with added ''pep-factor'' for disco freaks with no great results again and further it proves to be another average fare for this ''masti-bhari'' comedy film album.

LIFE PARTNER proves to be ''life-less'' entertainment in its complete audio-package and works in bits and parts for listeners. Pritam disappoints this time by being least creative and more repetitive in his work. The saving grace comes in the form of ''Kuke'' and ''Tere Meri Yeh Zindagi'' while rests of the numbers are too meek to be compared to his earlier works. It will be flick's consequential box office success that can be adding soul and verve to these set of soundtracks or else one can expect miracle to happen to make it a ''happening'' album for the listeners.

Rating - 2.5/5

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