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   Music Review : Thodi Life Thoda Magic

 Thodi Life Thoda Magic
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Anand Rai
 Vinay Tiwari
 Sunil Jogi, Aanand L Rai, Irshad Kamil
 Jackie Shroff, Arbaaz Khan, Sahil Chadha, Meera Vasudevan

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view THODI LIFE THODA MAGIC movie stills

view THODI LIFE THODA MAGIC movie stills

THODI LIFE THODA MAGIC, a low profile 'feel good' entertainer brings out name of Vinay Tiwari (of Nikhil-Vinay fame) as solo composer in the credits. After his critically acclaimed but unnoticed STRANGERS, this album comes out as his second solo release. The year has so far proved fruitful for new composers for their innovative inputs and creative abilities. Vinay Tiwari's efforts in the album may not be ground breaking but certainly delivers some moments that can be cherished.

Sonu Nigam made his sparkling charisma in soulful melody 'Kal Ho Na Ho' (KAL HO NA HO) and the similar magical connotations about 'life' and 'magic' makes another resounding presence in title track 'Thoda Sa Gum Ho Thodi Khushi Ho'. This emotionally penetrative track about sorrow and happiness of life shows the gleam in Vinay Tiwari's prowess. Sunil Jogi's motivational lyrical works ('Sagar ko dekhkar, Lehron mein kho gaye, Parbat mein chadke, Hum ucche ho gaye'...) are praiseworthy and works well with the mood of the flick. This congenially audible composition is mesmerized into somber textures in its 'sad' version where low pitched Sonu Nigam's soothing voice mellows into set of subtle arrangements. It's persistently melodramatic touches can well be conceived as effective background score and likely to be 'soul' factor in film's narration. The third version in the form of 'club remix' may be bit unassuming attribute but still sparkling disco beats infused deliver liveliness in it. It's likely to be useful addition as constructive promotional feature for the flick.

The thematically bound concept of 'life' and 'magic' with lyrical inputs by director Anand L.Rai gets into upbeat mode of arrangements in 'Zindagi Zindagi'. It comes out in the form of jingle sung by Suhaas and Sahil with strong inputs of saxophone and percussive elements. This melodic jingle proves to be effective promotional track that reflects the urbane-centric feel of the flick.

'Yeh Mast Hawa', a soft-natured duet brings on Shreya Ghoshal and Vinay along with impressive Sonu Nigam singing out emotions of grooming love relationships. Its contemporary compositions and arrangements are routine in flows but Sonu and Shreya excellent voice quality in supple overtones makes it a likeable love song.

Kailash Kher's excruciating folksy vocals in traditional Bollywood's 'viraah' singing mode about separation and resentment in love relationships makes impressive mark in 'Tune Kahi Aur Maine Maani'. Irshad Kamil's striking poetic binge about painful love saga splurges out in the form of expressive verses in giving it an appealing melodramatic touches. It's 'remix' version comes out as big surprise and sounds more like a promotional feature showcasing strenuous and sentimental moments of the film.

Vinay Tiwari revisits the genre of 60's style of music in creating decorum for typical Bollywood party song through modest sounding wordings in 'Maana Yeh Aaj Hamne'. Shaan makes the most striking presence in this melodramatically conceived song along with new singing talents Vijay and Swati. Its archetypal 60's touches in its moderate arrangements proves uninspiring and all it ends up as another average sounding situational number.

THODI LIFE THODA MAGIC fails to create any 'magic' but still has some 'life' in the form of soundtracks like 'Thoda Sa Gum Ho Thodi Khushi Ho' and 'Tune Kahi Aur Maine Maani'. Vinay Tiwari needs a chartbusting hit album that can really set the pace for his career as solo composer. The low profile of the film coupled with its low promotion and weak face value will further be decimating its sales prospects.

Rating -2/5

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