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Music Review : Acid Factory

 Acid Factory
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Suparn Verma
 Bappa Lahiri, Manasi Scott, Gourav Dasgupta, Ranjit Barot and Shamir Tandon
 Virag Mishra, Manasi Scott and Amitabh Bhattacharya
 Fardeen Khan, Dia Mirza, Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani and Danny Denzongpa

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view ACID FACTORY videos

view ACID FACTORY videos

ACID FACTORY, a nerve-racking hi-octane thriller is an emblematic stylized Sanjay Gupta's adventure movie that rolls out in a mold of psychological thriller. As subject demands, the music of the flick has shady, aggressive and intriguing appeal and so it subjugates into filmmaker's archetypal style of hi-pitched and modish musical works. It follows the similar musical treatment of Gupta's earlier successful musical ventures (DUS KAHANIYAN, ZINDA, MUSAFIR and KAANTE) with comparable style of packaging and presentation. Shamir Tandon, Bappa Lahiri, Gourav Dasgupta, Ranjit Barot and Manasi Scott are the chosen five composers for this ''edge-of-the-seat'' action packed drama. Will Sanjay Gupta be getting pulses racing high with their style and efforts that promises heavy duty disco beat ''dhamaka''? Like all of Gupta's successful endeavors, does this Suparn Verma's directed ACID FACTORY have enough combustible flare of setting floors on fire? Let's visit this ammunition-filled ''factory'' that promises something that is energizing, pulsating and vibrating in its packaging...!

The electronic sounds of absorbing dark noir cinema looms in subtle tones, with heart-piercing vocals of Raaj, echoing loud with trendy paced arrangements in the opening track ''Yeh Jism''. It opens with intrigue mode but enhances with racing ''cardio-video'' type of thumping-pumping disco flavors. Raaj's vocals (...sounding similar to KK) has penetrative splurge in Virag Mishra's daunting wordings and its later Aanchal Dutta's singing that delivers a terrifying ''whodunit'' appeal. Well suited for deadly thriller drama, Shamir Tandon punches hard with his heavily loaded percussions that work in tandem with electronically profound harmonies and guitar riffs to support. Raaj and Aanchal show substantial flair in their remarkable modulating tones, but the ''spur-of-movement'' for all deadly melodic moves comes alive in its ''club-remix'' version. DJ Nawed and Nikhil Chinappa work hard on varied electronic beat structure with funky beats and rhythms that comes bouncing all the way in echoing mode. It's well shot video (in sepia tones) featuring all lead players will be great asset and surely be one rollicking hit to view.


Femme fatal goes melodic! Indeed, a thriller like ACID FACTORY possesses space and grace for irresistibly desirable enchantress and so it does when Manasi Scott shows her multifaceted musical attire in ''Khatti Meethi''. Her seductive allure raises ''oomph'' factor with sluggishly punched sounds and rhythms seeping into the beguiling sensuous expressions. Manasi's composition has that ''heard-before'' syndrome but overall packaging of instrumentals, lyrics and music delivers captivating glamour to enamor listeners. ''Khatti Meethi'', a presumably ''eye-candy'' sizzling show, works on upbeat electronic works with slow-pitched sounds and rhythms matching up to the tonality of the situation.

Remembering R.D Burman! ''Panchamda'' brought the ''groove'' in filmdom and till today it has spunk-ed many music-videos with big success. ''Jab Andhera Hota Hai'', an inspired version from 70's thriller RAJA RANI (1973) hit-track with similar title by Gourav Dasgupta mixes all spicy ''masala'' of ''remix music videos'' and piles up DJ's disco thrills to deliver out a accelerating high hip-shaking track. Aanchal Datta maintains top slot again with Shweta Vijay and Saptak Bhattacharya joining the fun and together, it's again like a riot on the floors.

It's ''club remix'' carries extra ammunition of blasting floors and if you are disco-freak, just get yourself ''spin-ned'' into those crashing beat-juggles and scratches that last till the last thumping beat.

download ACID FACTORY wallpapers

download ACID FACTORY wallpapers

''Kone Kone Mein'', a ''lounge'' stylized electronic number is a respite with gory terrifying haunting feel. Vasundhra Das creates scary decorum with her husky-paced voice in this Bappa Lahiri's composition that impresses for notable upbeat arrangements. Vasundhra's deep-throated voice emotes well in darker tones in Virag Mishra's descriptive wordings. This slender voiced haunting track is likely to be petrifying musical factor in the flick and will be big asset for all Vasundhra's fans.

''Kone Kone Mein (Lounge Kilogram Mix)'' by Kilogram K & G breaks loose from noir cinematic impact and enters into dark dungeons of enthralling discotheque room with all thriving DJ spins, thumps taking over the proceedings. A peppy disco treat that can well be enjoyed at rave parties with feverishly Vasundhra's voice getting mixed into electronically textured sounds and rhythms...indeed DJ's delight, enjoy with your floor partners!

Zip-Zap-Zoom! Shamir Tandon shakes the floors for the second time and now the pulses go really high with fast-pitched sounds of ''car-racing'' pumping out senses in the hot-headed prelude for the track ''Raftaar''. Tandon repeats the duo of Aanchal Dutta and Raaj again, but the tempo is exceedingly fast with electronic sounds and drumming taking over with aggressive paces. It's a typical ''party album'' offering with the mood that sets listeners on tizzy high in its funky ''n'' frolicsome beat patterns. Aanchal's throaty and deep voice rocks and rules at major portions of this track in thrive of techno-crafted gadgetry giving it an overall complete upbeat ''zip-zap-zoom'' disco outlook.

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Ranjit Barot's English track ''Nothing Else Will Do'' (as Bonus Scorpio Track) brings out 80's pop retro feel with no great shakes. Barot's sings as well as composes this number that sounds more like TV commercial jingle with feverish female back-up vocals (...sounding like yelling Tina Turner and Cyndi Lauper's singing mode) and intimidating electric guitar riffs. It could well be worthy background score or promo feature but overall sounds too average to appeal.

ACID FACTORY is a factory that produces ''party album'' musical works with heavy duty electronica sounds and rhythms. It's a typical White Feather Film's stylized musical album with all composers attributing their possible bit in creating the froth for disco-shaking music with added daunting dark noir cinema appeal. Soundtracks like ''Yeh Jism'' and ''Khatta Meethi'' holds maximum chartbusting promise while ''Raftaar'', ''Jab Andhera Hota Hai'' and ''Kone Kone Mein'' has that ''killer'' disco party feel to make booty shaking on floors. The highlight of this album is some quality singing by female lead singers with slender Vasundhara Das, seductive Aanchal Dutta and vivacious Manasi Scott sizzling out the show with grace. On creative contents, it falls much shorter in expectations with repetitive beats and sounds but promises loads of ''disco-dhamaka'' for party music lovers.

Rating - 3.5/5

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