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Music Review : Soundtrack

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Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Neerav Ghosh
 Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale
 Dhruv Jagasia, Anushka Manchanda, Kailash Kher, Majrooh Sultanpuri, Ankur Tewari, Papon, Anand Bakshi
 Rajeev Khandelwal, Soha Ali Khan, Mrinalini Sharma, Mohan Kapoor, Yatin Karyekar, Ankur Tewari, Anurag Kashyap, Siddharath Coutto

By Satyajit, Glamsham Editorial Send to Friend

view SOUNDTRACK stills
view SOUNDTRACK stills
SOUNDTRACK...the title itself sounds like a musical feast or a biopic on any musician. In genre of musical based entertainers, SOUNDTRACK comes out as a life-sketch of a DJ (played by Rajeev Khandelwal) with music being its biggest ammunition to strike big at the box-office.

Midival Punditz along with Karsh Kale (MPKK), a team of internationally acclaimed composers, who are specialist in electronica based fusion music with blend of rock, trance, jazz and pop in their musical offerings make their big way into Hindi filmdom with this flick. Fresh from the international success of their Indi-Pop albums, these musicians are all set to create ruckus and conventions for a different breed of music. Will they succeed? Let's unravel the music behind SOUNDTRACK...!!!

Buzz of gaming video music finally makes its flavorful presence in Bollywood music section, as this prolific electronica band delivers out one of their most successful international track Atomizer as the first major outing of the album. The track garnered international acclaim when it was chosen for the official Fifa World Cup 2010 video game and later made commercial significance when it appeared on musical scenario last year in composer's last album 'Hello Hello' (2009). It has a unique electronica fusion pitched ambience where combo of drum machine and synthesizers collides sporadically with frenzied remixing, guitar jamming and fervent 'dhol' beats. Innovatively snazzy in listening experience, it has recurrent sounding punch-lines (Fake that, Shake that, Take that...) coming in the voices of Gaurav Raina and Karsh Kale. For any contemporary Bollywood music lover, it's an all-together 'a different beat' cool experience that will surely connect well and is likely to have major takers among DJ's and party animals. Go for it!!!

Papon, a bright vocal talent that impressed in Jiyen Kyun (DUM MAARO DUM), also a favorite with composers in a couple of their concerts makes a typical devotional Indi-Pop presence in Banao. It's an unusual soft-rock ballad that has electronica based fusion feel where singer's credible voice matches the tempo of the track in tandem. Papon makes an uber-cool presence in upbeat style of singing and it's again the experimental feel of divinity that gives it a 'hat-ke' amusing feel. In live concerts, songs like Banao creates a euphoric atmosphere and should make a notable presence in this musically based emotional saga.

The ethnical feel of Indian instrumental makes its vibrant presence with eclectic mix and match of electronica, rock and jazz in vigorously composed Ek Manzil. Vishal Vaid, another prolific singing talent and regular vocalist of the composers gets into traditional Indian classical singing attire and creates a fusion classy feel. The soundtrack has shades of Sufi rock but it's the amalgam of "east meeting west" in those likable melodic grooves that makes it special. Vishal's soft vocals and varying pitches in alaaps are its other impressive features and so is fusion based composition, overall a good experimentation that should go well with niche listeners.

Sufi disco buzz of Bhatt's camp revitalizes back with froth of extra sizzles of electronica in highly energetic discotheque track titled Fakira. Like Pritam's composed Fakira (BADMAASH COMPANY), its musical base is primarily flashy Sufi rock feel that gels well with 'club-remixing' antics and have amiable vocal support of Vishal Vaid. It's a situational score that highlights the divine feel of Sufism with the emotional setbacks faced by the protagonist, a mediocre track that should be prove to be a vital narrative factor in the flick.

download SOUNDTRACK wallpaper
download SOUNDTRACK wallpapers
Divinity is so far the flavor and traditional classical feel is the preferred genre of the album, the mood and tempo continues with extra dosage of supernatural feel in Main Chala. It's intimidating, vibrant and energetic in arrangements where racy disco beat fillers, electronic synth beats collides together to give an uproarious disco floor feel. Kailash Kher's immaculate classical singing flair (preferably Raag Ahir Bhairav) is at the helm of affairs, that makes substantial melodic concoction with the fusion based ambience. The classy feel continues and so do the innovative buzz of serenading out a different musical feel, overall an impressive situational number that should go well with ardent Indi-pop listeners.

After listening to the finest of electronica fusion based traditional Indian classical feel in Atomizer, the magical communion of Papon's dazzling voice and composer's stylized presentation delivers the finest in Naina Lagey. This harmoniously delightful composition was among the most received works at Paleo Fest 2009 (Switzerland) that featured the refined Indian classical instrumentals (flute, table, and sitar) flows interspersed beautifully in electronically tuned rhythms and sounds. Without any shred of doubt, it's one of the most brilliant Indian classical singing display of this year where Papon's immaculate classical singing impacts (preferably Raga Khamaj) excels to maximum in exuding out a relaxed romantic feel. As far as vocal presentations are concerned, MPKK deliver their most impressive soundtrack of the album that conglomerates the Indian classical singing attires with brilliance of fusion music. Brilliant!!!

If the flick is biopic on DJ then it's quite predictable to expect rehashed versions of old Bollywood numbers striking big in new packaging of remixing and styling. The first major dent comes in the soft "n" silken vocal textures of Suraj Jagan as he sings out old Kishoreda classic Ruk Jana Nahin (IMTIHAN -1974). Undoubtedly, old is gold and some glitters it carries in this 'club-remix' version that has fine piece of sound engineering and DJ antics in making this as another uber-cool trendy track. Kishore Kumar's enigmatic singing is again the 'chosen one' genre as the next rehashed Bollywood classic comes in feminine tones of Malini Awasthi in Yeh Jeevan Hain (PIYA KA GHAR -1972). This evergreen Laxmikant-Pyarelal composition has nasal twang of Malini's classical tones (similar to Rekha Bharadwaj) and sounds more like one of 90's UK fusion based melancholic tracks.

Symphony of streets, a realistically conceived instrumental musical feature comes like a collage of varied sounds played at varied pitches. It's a typical 'sound-recordist' specialist number that emphasis on the dramatic splurges of daily-heard noises on streets. MPKK makes the finest of their experimental skills in pitching out sounds of car-horns, ambulance-whistles, trains, airplanes and bustle of crowds together and mixing them well, a likable situational score.

The sad melancholic cello sounds that initiated the beginning of Main Chala, kick-starts the musical happenings of the theme instrumental track The Soundtrack Theme. MPKK make it a suave happenings of affairs with no sporadic innovation but playing modest with likable concoction of westernized orchestrations.

What the F? The weird sounding tagline of the movie makes its techno-bright disco buzz presence in deliriously youthful sounding track titled What the F. After giving 'tongue-in-cheek' vocal rendition in controversial Mit Jaye Gum (DUM MAARO DUM), Anushka Manchanda's sultry voice in snooty moods is all set to fire floors with its fiery 80's disco-beat thrives. Volubly infectious and catchy in electronically tuned synth beats, this blistering hot DJ stylized number can be presumed to be most commercial viable commodity of the album. Like the S-E-L composed It's time to disco (KAL HO NAA HO), it has its hearts at right places with optimum remixing skills matching well with soloist's sweltering loud voice, a strong promotional buzz will surely be raising potential of this lively disco track. Sizzler!!!

SOUNDTRACK is an experimental and classy musical attribute that brings out the innovative buzz of electronica based fusion music with quality and substance. As far as the present trend of Bollywood music is concerned, it's a big experimental maneuver that deserves to be applauded. Midival Punditz and Karsh Kale (MPKK), a renowned international musical figure, deliver out their finest in tracks like Atomizer, Naina Lagey, Ek Manzil and What the F, it will be interesting to see the response of the present genre of urbane listeners to these set of interesting soundtracks. Low profile, bleak face value and zilch promotions are its biggest roadblocks but SOUNDTRACK is likely to have big takers in DJ's, party animals and niche listeners. The album goes especially for those who always craves for a quality different listening experience and surely worth your precious money.


Rating- 4/5

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