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Music Review : Anjaana Anjaani

 Anjaana Anjaani
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Siddharth Anand
 Neelesh Mishra, Amitabh Bhattacharya, Kumaar, Irshad Kamil, Anvita Dutt, Kausar Munir , Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani.
 Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra

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The greatest love stories are between strangers...! DDLJ fostered these prophecies that are still ringing magic in romantic comedies with its candyfloss textures. ANJAANA ANJAANI unravels out this bon-voyage of adventurous happening with rich "yuppie" youthful appeal. Director Siddarth Anand, a regular in Yash Raj Films camp contorts his way into Nadiadwala's camp and jesters this entertainer out with his favorite Vishal-Shekhar. It also marks the fourth consequential communion between director-composers duo with a promise to allure youngsters with its funky-licious musical thump. International landscaped locales, pub-culture, engaging love-track and what equally resounding cheerful set of soundtracks to flare up sensory delights. Does this hi-profile confluence of romantic happenings packs enough musical punch to enlighten listeners? Can we expect another winner from V-S as they are one among most bankable commodity in the business? So let's get moving with these strangers with their musical zing...

Here the love story begins...! The first bombastic "yuppie" punch of this bon-voyage comes with stream of "club music" funky thumps with zooming electronically tuned fillers taking hyper-route in highly entertaining "Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani". V-S experiments it with Nikhil D'Souza's boyish charmed vocals that makes merry with Monali Thakur's svelte vocal oomph. It comes out in typical Mexican flavored pub-cultured rhythmical paced beat patterns that get accentuated with electrifying disco beat fillers. Neelesh Mishra's simple "boy-meeting-girl" wordings are in sync with loud tones and DJ stuffed decorum that makes it electrifying for the party animals. Despite its edgy rock feel, it's the catchiness in signature tunes that makes it "extra-large" and enthralling. This super-hyped track has already grabbed senses and ears and is likely to be next foot-thumping sensation on floors. Do play it loud to feel its thump....Highly enjoyable!!!

Grungy hard-metal rock comes roaring all the way with thriller-feel "Tarantino" stylized signature tunes in electrifying sounding "Hairat". Like the recently heard "Tum Bhi Ho Wahi" (KITES -2010), it's energized with extra throaty vocals and compassionate hard-rock feel to deliver out the "rush-of-blood" of the situational feel. After churning out classy "country-western" rock numbers in albums like "Sunoh" and "Sifar", Lucky Ali makes another thriving move in this hard-metal section with loads of energy in his modulations and variations.This V-S composition is fuelled up with tantalizing distorted electric guitar blues, riffs and jamming that are grounded well with pumping bass-lines to deliver out a truly rocking soundtrack. It plays out special for those lively rock-concert moments and should be lovable attribute in giving out pacing in engaging romantic moments. Electrifying!!!

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's refined classy singing has been a domineer figure in pensive-mood melancholic tracks and once again it regales out splendidly in "Aas Paas Khuda". For its potential melodic features, it can easily be termed as sentimental core element of the album. Soft guitar pricks in the prelude sets a meditative decorum and its gets complemented well with mellowed textures of soft-rock beat music. There is sense of divinity embroiled in Shekhar's motivational wordings ("Dhundhla jaayein jo manzilein, Ik pal ko tu nazar jhuka, Jhuk jaaye sar jahan wahi, Milta hai rab ka raasta...) that contorts this love-journey into self-realization thinking platform. This is another beautiful treat from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's refined vocals and is likely to be one among finest sentimental numbers of this year with great success. Soft guitar riffs are at the helm of affairs, its "unplugged" version is added delight from the distinguished vocalists as it packs serenity in the air. It's beautiful, touching and invigorating for quality ears. Motivational!!!

view ANJAANA ANJAANI movie stills

view ANJAANA ANJAANI movie stills

After getting bonfire style of rhythmical acoustic guitar verve in "Sham" (AISHA -2010), there is another similar sounding number with different beat-culture to enthrall youngsters in "Tumse Hi Tumse". Shekhar Ravijani picks up the mike and croons up this lively "jingle" sounding track with sweet-sounding Caralisa Monteiro. Its biggest highlight is the soft-seductive sounding feminine binge in English wordings ("I wait for a sign so I know your mind everyday, I look in the mirror and I see your face...) from Caralisa that adds youthful poise to the track. Shekhar's decent voice plays to the feel to this guitarist special number and should be getting "easy-on-ears" to its prospective youthful listeners.

Sublime Sufi overtones make ethereal presence of romance with pleasant sounding vocals, fusion-pitched arrangements getting the steam of impressive wordings in "Tujhe Bhula Diya". V-S produces another gem with international Sufism feel (similar to Bally Sagoo's Punjabi musical videos) in impressive Shruti Pathak's voice. Mohit Chauhan's sonorously profound voice domineers resplendently with influence of vociferous Sufi "qawalli" as its effective backdrop. The melancholic ambience is analogous to "Tu Jaane Na" (AJAB PREM KI KAHANI) and its mellowed sentimental shades permeate well into senses. Composers promise another tear-jerking number that will surely grow on ears with Mohit Chauhan adding another super-hit number to his impressive listing.
As predicted for its international Sufis touches, this poignant number gets remixed meticulously by Abhijit Vaghani in "Tujhe Bhula Diya (The Dance to forget mix)". Mohit Chauhan's voice bounces while Shekhar Ravijani's back-up vocals are brightened support with thriving disco beat fillers, sarangi tunes and beat juggles taking out centre-stage with great thrive. Touching!!!

Youthful yore strikes big again and this time it's in league of stylish American romantic comedy original soundtrack mode with brightened up arrangements and flashy vocals doing the needful in "I Feels so good". It reminds of some of the finest tunes from Hollywood's original soundtracks and hit likes tons of brick as the music sirens high in its latter interludes. Vishal Dadlani's softer groove and Shilpa Rao's sultry rendition makes strong amalgam with energized hard-metal technocratic skills ruling with pompous thrills. Dadlani's verbose skills are also amusing in this hot-headed "love-me-feel-me" pretentious love converse. On repetitive hearing, its gets the pulses high and makes you thrill to take on the floors. Thrilling!!!

After series of rip-roaring and exhilarating musical delights, curtains finally falls down to a mellowed situational theme-track titled "Anjaana Anjaani". It breaks into poignant shades of "Aas Paas Khuda" signature tunes with thrilling rock-beat impulse and sauntering stringy instrumental flows. Vishal Dadlani prospers again with his voice and teams up well with Shilpa Rao in bringing back the nostalgia of "Khuda Jaane" (BACHNA AE HASEENO -2008). Presumed to be thematically resounding background score, this tear-jerker musical piece goes out especially for those compelling climax moments when "Anjaana" finally meets "Anjaani", exuding out a typical "filmi" finale to the flick. Impressive!!!

ANJAANA ANJAANI is a winner all the way! Great perceptions, positive thinking and meticulously compiled soundtracks, this musical entertainer has truckloads of youthful moments to be rejoiced in its packaging. After a super-successful I HATE LUV STORYS just a couple of months back, Vishal-Shekhar hit the jackpot yet again and this time fun is even bigger and better. As far as commercial success is concerned, soundtracks like "Anjaana Anjaani Ki Kahani", "Hairat", "Aas Paas Khuda", "Tujhe Bhula Diya" and "I Feel so good" will be amongst the frontrunners and instant hits in the coming days, making the album among top 10 bestsellers of this year. Quality music has always promised bigger promotions and the album delivers it with style, a worthy buy for listeners and winning preposition for its connoisseurs. Happy Listening!!!


Rating - 4.5/5

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