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Music Review : Love Aaj Kal

 Love Aaj Kal
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Imtiaz Ali
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Irshad Kamil
 Rishi Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone

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view LOVE AAJ KAL videos

view LOVE AAJ KAL videos

The team of director Imtiaz Ali, music director Pritam Chakraborty and lyricist, Irshad Kamil, who regaled us with a fresh as the morning dew music of the heart-warming superhit, JAB WE MET, are back once again. And this time its under the banner of Illumanti Films, whose producer is none other than our ''Chote Nawab'', Saif Ali Khan, who from his debut film till this date has been associated with some chartbusting songs. Naturally expectations assume humongous proportions. Top composer Pritam is once again being accused of plagiarism in Yash Raj's NEW YORK and so has a lot riding on his shoulders. First of all he has to deliver superhit music like he did with JAB WE MET and secondly to prove all wrong (yet again!) and give an original yet chartbusting score, very much in the league of JWM, which in our opinion was one of the most original (apart from his LIFE...IN A METRO) as well as fresh music from Pritam. So, its time to sit back and enjoy and let the musical offerings of the JAB WE MET team captivate our senses once again.

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Lovely combination of simple guitar strums as well as crunch guitar sounds herald one of the most rhythmic track of the album '' Aahuh Aahun''. Although the start is quite misleading, especially the Ataullah Khan type beginning which gives an impression of a sad love number. However as the song unfolds and Neeraj Sridhar takes control of proceedings, the absolutely rocking rhythm blows away the listener. He is ably supported in his endeavour by Saleem and Suzanne. The background rhythm, although synthesized, is quite nice and the touch of electronic beats an added charm. The combination of simple English and Hindi and Punjabi lyrics is highly entertaining and would be relished by the youth as well as the children. ''Mohabbat mushkil bhari, Badi hi mast bimari, You wanna let it going on, Mohabbat lambi yaari, Bina permit ke jaari.'' The lyrics can't get any more humorous ! Chartbuster!

The ''Aahun Ahun remix is predictable and not much care has been taken to make the song any better, although the original was highly rhythmic and didn't need rearrangements.

Just a few seconds into the 'mukhda' and the all too familiar and popular 'been' notes from the evergreen classic ''Man Dole'' engulfs the listeners and any novice can say that Pritam has another chart cracker of a number up his sleeve in the form of ''Twist''. Thereafter, the African style rap is the precursor to a great party/celebration number. And once Neeraj Shridhar comes behind the microphone, the song gets all the more groovy, more hip hop and it would not be an over exaggeration to say that the rhythm of the number simply overtakes and just forces the listener to 'twist' (a dance form prevalent in the sixties!). The chorus girls in the background (as is the norm in most Pritam songs) need a mention as they are superb with their stuff, making the song even more spicier with characteristic style of English singing. The 'mukhda' as well as the 'antara' is mind blasting. Its a hundred per cent success rate for Neeraj Shridhar and Pritam and must say that their consistency is amazing. This number will rank right up there after the super success of the title song of BHOOL BHULAAIYA, and surely in times to come there will be no escape from this chartbuster at the parties, marriage ceremonies, pub and discos and also blasting from car speakers, such will be the popularity of ''Twist''.

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Upped tempo and beats kick start the remixed version of ''Twist'' and its a nicely done number as there is not much deviation from the original, except the heightened rhythm, which makes it even more dance oriented.

Its Pritam's lucky charm Neeraj Shridhar once again behind the mike in ''Chor Bazari'', a song which is not quite up his ally, but he does well in the company of Sunidhi Cuauhan who sure is in her elements. Neeraj is a bit too nasal here. An interesting number, the rhythm is quite bouncy, and has its ups and downs, but its the orchestral arrangements, lots of saxophone and bagpipe sounds, more like march past/drill music, along with male chorus in the background that impress. The song may not be an instant hit but in the context of the movie might serve to enhance the story. The lyrics too are in sync with the situation and quite fresh and at times quite funny.

''Chor Bazari-Remix'' is one of those rare instances where the remix is better than the original. Though the rhythm remains quite bouncy, the upped tempo makes it a better dance track, and the inclusion of the rap makes the song even more humorous.

download LOVE AAJ KAL wallpapers

download LOVE AAJ KAL wallpapers

Mohit Chauhan and Pritam still continue to lurk in the hearts of the romantics with their ''Tum Se Hi'' from JAB WE MET and it would not be wrong to say that we were awaiting yet another masterpiece from them. And with ''Ye Dooriyan', they have done just that. A number which is in the same corridor, a sad love song, bordering on semi philosophical aspects of loving and longing. The 'antara' is almost similar to ''Tum Se Hi'' and that is on purpose and not a co-incidence, (considering its from the same makers) but hardly matters! Mohit serenades with his super smooth vocals, but its the amazing musical arrangements that make this song great. The orchestral arrangements hinging more on violin, scintillating flute notes and keyboard sounds make this song worth listening to over and over again. The lyrics are top class, simple Hindi and Urdu which gel with the situation ''Ye dooriyan, In rahon ki dooriyan, Nigahon ki dooriyan, Humrahon ki dooriyan, Fanaa ho sab dooriyan.'' Yet another winner from the team of Pritam and Mohit Chauhan!

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Shreya Ghoshal may have taken home all the awards for ''Teri Ore'' (SINGH IS KINNG) but it would never have been possible without the support of silken smooth vocals of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan. Here in this song, he goes solo as he sings ''Ajj Din Chadheya''. The true inheritor to the legacy of the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Rahat is simply eclectic as he effortlessly croons his way into the hearts of the audience with this beautiful song. Its one of those number where the 'antara' is more catchy than the 'mukhda' and stays long with you, especially the way Rahat goes about singing, ''Rabba mera...''. Lovely harmonica piece in between, some superb guitaring and absolutely amazing lyrics, all make this number a memorable experience. Lyrics may be more inclined towards Punjabi but its simple and easy to comprehend. The intensity of love of the protagonist is beautifully expressed through some lovely penned lyrics, and to an extent he even fights with God for his beloved! Sample this - ''Manga jo mera hai , Jata kya tera hai, Maine kaun si tujhse jannat maang li, Kaisa khuda hai tu, Bas naam ka hai tu, Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali.'' Isn't it absolutely amazing, Irshaad Kamil take a bow. You deserve an award for this!

It was first A.R.Rahman who started the trend, and here Pritam follows suit, as we have a very normal voiced female (to give an impression of an ordinary villager) starting the song with the popular Punjabi folk ''La la la la hogayee re, Baija baija baija baija ho gayee re '' and that chorus is the best part of the next song, ''Thoda Thoda Pyar''. A totally rustic composition which has its root in the popular Punjabi folk and is engrained on the heart and soul of song . It would appeal to all those who are fed up with the current 'bhangra ' pop. The music arrangements too are totally rustic, lots of 'dholak', 'ektara' and even the rhythm that Pritam has chosen is very sixties/seventies kind. Sunidhi sings with attitude and her Punjabi accent is suited to a tee. The situation of the song suggests that it may come during the flashback part, where love during the sixties (1965 to be precise) is shown in the film.!

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Sensuous female crooning and racy synthesized rhythm beckons a super fast track , ''Main Kya Hoon'' , a number where the lead protagonist talks about himself and his new found happiness and his 'mantra' of success. Quite a narcissist, one must say! The number is a let down (in the context of the album), would have better if the rhythm was a bit on the slacker side. One classic number that (inculcating the same theme) comes to mind, is Shah Rukh Khan's ''Bas Itna Sa Khwab Hai'' from YES BOSS. However, this number is just not happening! K.K. breezes through a composition which was better suited for Shaan or Abhijeet. The arrangements too are no great shakes , too much synthesizer has been used to not so good effect

So let us do the ritual, through our final verdict, which is obvious! On the whole, the audio album of LOVE AAJ KAL is a worthy follow up to the team's (Imtiaz, Pritam and Irshad) JAB WE MET. Almost the entire album (with one or two exceptions) is a winner all the way. The exceptional ones include - ''Aahun Aahun'', ''Twist'', ''Ye Dooriyan'' and ''Aaj Din Chadhiya'', the rest are great! Grab it first up.

Rating - 4.5/5

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