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Music Review : Wake Up Sid

 Wake Up Sid
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Ayan Mukerji
 Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Amit Trivedi (guest composer)
 Javed Akhtar
 Ranbir Kapoor, Konkona Sen Sharma, Rahul Khanna, Anupam Kher, Shikha Talsania, Supriya Pathak and Namit Das

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view WAKE UP SID videos

view WAKE UP SID videos

Lethargy! Now this is one expression has so far been eluding in ''feel-good'' factor flicks but WAKE UP SID inculcates it with style and compassion. When you have heavy-weights like Karan Johar, Javed Akhtar and Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy (SEL) in the credits, it becomes easier to predict the signature feel of the music. Peppy, fresh and urbane! Yes, we have got it right and this again is going to rock with the impulse of rock-music in it. Despite some unpredictable high to low in career graphs (CHANDNI CHOWK TO CHINA, SHORTKUT-THE CON IS ON, 13 B, LUCK BY CHANCE and SIKANDAR) in recent set of releases, WAKE UP SID must be big fight-back for SEL and the first major attribute from Dharma Production in the year 2009. Can this be another resurrecting ROCK ON !! for the gifted musical triumvirates? Does the music of WAKE UP SID have enough enlightenment of rising up to the gargantuan standards of the esteemed Dharma Productions? Be prepared for the first uproarious rollicking thump of this youthfully punched album as we plugged on the first beat of the title track...


Wake-up Call! From the cozy ''comfort-zone'' of plush Mumbai high-rise, the racing rocking music of loud guitar strumming and thrilling percussions rings up ''wake-up-call'' for the lethargic ''Sid'' in the breezy title track ''Wake up Sid''. SEL pick up where they left with ROCK ON!! mania and pulverize all elements of upbeat rock-music to give it a zany feel. Shankar Mahadevan's breezy ''n'' peppy rendition makes heyday of happening in rollicking thrust of energized electric guitar jams, eclectic percussions with cherished chorals and back-up vocals (Loy Mendonsa), giving it a true blue cosmopolitan feel. To cater to this inconsiderate expression of unnecessary comforting, Javed Akhtar's informative lyrics aren't preachy (''Suno to zara, Humko hai yeh kehna, Waqt hai kya Tumko pata hain na, So gayi raat jaake, Din hai ab jaag utha...''), but perky enough to gel with the tempo of this blasting rock track. Like all successful theme and title tracks in the past, SEL's techno-savvy composition works well again with varying tempo, prolific instrumentals and a fine collage of wordings and vocals, making this a hot-shot likeable track for campus capers.The triumphant trio shows their brawny edges by making ''club mix'' more thematically inclined rather than disco-thrill show. It head-starts with clock-ticking and rises up in tempo with grungy hard-metal loud noises, clubbed with DJ spins and claps. A hot-headed ''concert'' number that is likely to blitzkrieg of affairs on college rock-shows! Chartbuster!!!

If the inferno of rock music proved combustible for the title track then the soothing calm feel of country western rock music paves way for the sentimentalism of lazy ''Sid'' in ''Kya Karoon''. It charters the path of bygone era of 60's ''rhythm and blues'' where legends like Johnny Cash and Shakin Stevens ruled hearts with their stylish country-western rock musical flair. SEL experiment with zeal as they gets great results with fine concoction of racing rhythm & blue guitar strumming and harmonica as its signature tune with the add-on of the catchy punch-line (Tu ru tu tu do...) in it in making it a pep-fizz youthful track. Clinton Cerejo's serene sounding voice in mild tones gives out breezy romantic feel of finicky youngster caught in web of affairs. The blustery wordings in the recurring whimsical flows along with zingy back-up vocals (Dominique Cerejo and Loy Mendonsa) gives out a fun-loving situational soundtrack appeal that is likely to be making many eyeballs glued to silver screens. Engrossing!!!

view WAKE UP SID movie stills

view WAKE UP SID movie stills

SEL long association with the word ''dreams'' rejuvenates again and charters new territories with supple soft rock stylized ballad in the inspirational sounding ''Aaj Kal Zindagi''. They did it splendidly in ''Kaisi Yeh Rut'' (DIL CHAHTA HAI) and recently heard ''Yeh Aaj Kya Ho Gaya'' (LUCK BY CHANCE) and get it again with different beats and sounds in this motivating track. Shankar Mahadevan voices this ''go-getter'' sort of motivational feel number with brilliance of peppy rock thrive that goes sluggishly with the ''feel-good'' factor of the track. It picks up well with thought provoking phrases with peppiness of subtle arrangements in its cool rhythmical patterns and ends up well as effective situational background score. Cool!!!

DEV D was the desired breakthrough for Amit Trivedi that gave him his share of limelight. As a sporty guest composer, he minces and mixes folksy flavor with the modernity of rock music in expressively resonant number ''Iktara''. After making waves with ''Mujhe Mat Roko'' (GANGSTER), Kavita Seth's throaty vocals in ''thumri'' rendition justifies the outcry of ''dreamy'' lonesome hearts trying to be one in this rock fusion number. Amitabh Bhattacharya's calm back up vocals supports the tender decorum of genteel piano drills, recurring percussions in the latter interludes to serenade out soulful healing touches to it. Trivedi's prowess adds one more glitter to this offering, a probable catalyzing factor in love-chemistry of lead pair that might be adding one more sub-genre in this cadre of songs. Delightful!!!

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''Life is Crazy'', a spunky ''cool-buddy'' getting together for a thriving-jiving carefree life makes feisty affairs in rigorous flows of rock music with lively rhythms and sounds, taking it over with delight. It brings out the friendliness in air (similar to ''Dil Chahta Hai'' (DIL CHAHTA HAI) with trendy signature tunes, reminiscing to a couple of WESTLIFE style of soft rock ballads with zesty flair. Once again, it's the lively spark of Shankar Mahadevan and Uday Benegal's perky voices that enlighten the show with narrative feel of feeling all colors of life. The energizing back-up vocals (Loy Mendonsa and Alyssa Mendonsa) with ''Na-na-na-life-is-crazy'' recurring punch-line are infectious to core with delightful guitar plays in progressions and jamming sessions, giving it a well-groomed urbane outlook. Colorful!!!

For its complete entertainment package, WAKE UP SID goes all out for SID resting, comforting, working and reading out this review, as this one is catered for all those who strive big in life. It's motivational, romantic, youthful as well as entertaining in all respect, and all credits goes out for the composers for making it happen. The title track ''Wake up Sid'' (both versions)'' is presumed to be front-runner in charts with numbers like ''Life is Crazy'', ''Aaj Kal Zindagi'', ''Iktara'' and ''Kya Karoon'' catching fast with the mood of young listeners. The conglomerate of SEL and Karan Johar has once again proved that they can provide 100 percent results with no weak-links in their musical offerings. Do expect the soundtracks of WAKE UP SID to be next hot favorites in all leading FM radio channels with ''Wake Up Sid'' becoming the next big pop anthem of this year.

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