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   Music Review : One fine Monday

 One fine Monday
Director :
Music :
Starring :
 Manu Chobe
 Siddharth Shrivastav
 Shekhar Suman, Tanaz Currim, Gauri Karnik, Raj Zutshi.

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view ONE FINE MONDAY movie stills

view ONE FINE MONDAY movie stills

In midst of musical and film releases draught, low profile entertainer ONE FINE MONDAY promises to draw some attention from media and masses. Unlike extraordinarily composed low budget albums like ANWAR, MANORAMA SIX FEET UNDER, this album proves to be “washout” from the first word “go” for its outdated and lifeless musical display. Last year it was likes of new composers like Mithoon, Jayesh Gandhi and Ronnie-Shirish in the marquee that made great impact with their compositions. Siddarth Srivastav, the first major young blood among budding composers shows inadequacy and incompetence in his work and no track can be termed as appreciable or bankable by any standards.

Shekhar Suman tries to replicate SRK’s DON act by impersonating Shaan’s well sung “Main Hoon Don” with his jaded voice and “worn-out” disco arrangements in mediocre sounding “Shyam Diya”. The track goes out like a biopic tale of “rags to riches” underworld don with wearily penned wordings supported with haphazard chorals and sloppy orchestrations in the backdrop. No doubt that Shekhar had done a brilliant job as “stand-up comedian” in the past but now his new avatar of turning into songster is surely proving to be damp squib in all aspects.

Sunidhi Chauhan, the most commercially bankable name in the credits goes full throttle in Arabic-Persian style of “seductress” enticing and inviting track “Dabi Aag” with slightly better results. The frolicsome techno mood of Arabic-Persian musical outburst that was prominently evident in “Dard-e-Disco” (OM SHANTI OM) comes out with dim shades of outdated arrangements. Sunidhi’s affable voice coupled with some catchy beats might draw few eyeballs on silver screen but overall the track proves major disappointment for the reputed singer. There is some solace for urbane listeners in its “club” remix version where finely punched disco beat fillers along with DJ scratches and moves collages effectively with echoing vocals.

view ONE FINE MONDAY movie stills

view ONE FINE MONDAY movie stills

“Sab Ganya”, an amateurish imitation of “Kaalu Mama” (SATYA) by composer cum singer Siddarth Srivastav is typical “tapori” number hailing the might and strength of dreaded gangster in bawdy lingo. Like “Ganpat” (SHOOTOUT AT LOKHANDWALA) and “Kaalu Mama”, the track is full of wishy-washy wordings rendered with slackening orchestrations and unresponsive vocals.

There is some satirical musical presentation in the form of religiously bound “Ram Rang Le”, an upbeat track about fabricated fable of street-smart don. Vinod Rathod along with Pt. Madhukar Chobe gets into parody singing style mood with strong punches of hip-hop and rock arrangements. Its composition has slight shades of “Aane Char Aane” (LAAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI) but overall it’s an above average situational track that might add to the humor quotient of the flick. The “remix” version fails to create any sensation or enthuse on floors but might work well in the background screen needs of the flick.

Experienced campaigner Abhijit along with folksy Richa Sharma makes their unwanted entry into early 90’s style of romantic duet work in “Deewana Dil”. The bland arrangements along with outdated composition somewhat similar to “Pyar To Hona Hi Tha” (PYAR TO HONA HI THA) makes tasteless presence and proves to be hopeless attribute from these two renowned talents from musical fraternity.

ONE FINE MONDAY comes out as “washout” both in terms of quality and substance. New composer Siddarth Srivastav was expected to be in league of new talents like Mithoon or Jayesh Gandhi but he disappoints completely with his spineless and irresolute music display. The poor display, low face value coupled with zilch promotion will surely be writing obituary for this non-happening album.

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