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   Music Review : Aamir

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 Rajkumar Gupta
 Amit Trivedi
 Rajeev Khandelwal

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view AAMIR movie stills

view AAMIR movie stills

In an era of experimental cinema, new genres and talents have surfaced who have made huge impact with their indifferent and immaculate talents. If low-profile films like ANWAR brought Mithoon to limelight then AAMIR promises another impressive musical composer in the form of Amit Trivedi. This unconventional psychological thriller brings another consequential name in the musical fraternity.

Upcoming Amit Trivedi makes a striking introduction to the album by rendering out pious moments of spiritualism in melodious piece of 'Sufi' quawalli dedicated to God Almighty in enchanting 'Ha Raham (Mehfuz)'. After Mithoon's brilliant composition 'Maula Mere Maula' (ANWAR), this melodic piece comes out as another refreshing surprise with some great philosophic wordings like ('Sone chamak mein, Sikko khanak mein, Milta nahi, Milta nahi, Dhool ke zarro, Mein dhunde koi toh, Milta wahi, Milta wahi). Murtuza Qadir's impeccably developed vocals bring out spiritually refined sentiments in air that is well concocted with Amit Trivedi and lyricist Amit voices. It has serene shades from Rehman's beautiful composition 'Piya Haji Ali' (FIZA) that stay on in senses till its last beat. This devout number is presumed to be imposing background score that will certainly be appreciating 'emotional' quotient of the flick. Impressive!!!

Amit Trivedi makes himself full throttle as lead soloist in earthen folksy track 'Chakar Ghumyo', song about trials and tribulations of lost protagonist finding his way out in whirlpool of emotions. It has folksy attributes of Ila Arun's popular Rajasthani folk track 'Ghagra Ghoomiyo Re' in its substance but sounds too loud and recurring in its customary arrangements. Do expects twists and turns in the tale with some haunting noir narration in its background when this run loud in theatres. Amit's lyrics sound unsophisticated and crude in its flows but will be finding its major takers among interior audiences.

If you have liking for daunting tracks like 'Ash Tray' and 'Jab Bhi' (NO SMOKING), then this dark noir stylized rip-roaring and pulsating 'Haara' is going to impress you. Amit Trivedi pelts out an intimidating number that comes with reverberating sounds, instrumentals depicting the distressing state of mind of the demoralized protagonist. It's an out and out situational track that will be making its relevance in its cinematic displays.

'Phas Gaya (Never Mind)', another haunting and pulsating track comes in the voice of another upcoming singer Neuman Pinto with rigorous set of westernized arrangements. It has the nerve-racking situational feel where protagonist gets entrapped. The song has typical western feel composition that could well be experienced in RGV's stylized loud and dark shaded tracks like 'Jo Darr Gaya Woh Marr Gaya' (DARNA MARNA HAI) and recently heard 'Johnny Gaddar' (JOHNNY GADDAR). Neuman's invigorating vocals makes impact in its piercing flows but do expect it to making its sound moves in compelling situations of the film.

Amit Trivedi's second most impressive work comes in the form of delectably poised emotional track 'Ek Lau' that showcases captivating voices of Shilpa Rao and Amitabh. It has soulful rendition that talks about the flare ('lau') of life in beautifully conceptualized Sufi musical works and cultured poetic verses. Shilpa delivers remarkable performance in low octaves with a sanctimonious backdrop of tranquil-feel arrangements. Amitabh's expressively poetic lyrics are epitome of divine serenity as it transforms listeners into ambience of spirituality in its relaxing musical appeal. This poignantly melancholic track holds significance for its quality melodic substance that gets epitomized in its brilliant teamwork displays. Soul-stirring!!!

After couple of enlightening vocal tracks, 'Climax Theme' comes out as the only instrumental number that is beautifully amalgamated with soulful 'alaaps', relaxing 'lounge' impact and significant violin works. Marianne D' Cruz makes resounding impression in outstretched 'alaaps' that emotes out in the form of inspiring 'Gregorian chants' in lingering backdrop of haunting orchestration. The latter part has melancholically paced violin works by Jeetendra Thakur that plays in tandem and adds layers of pathos and serenity into it.

Commercially speaking, AAMIR won't be holding any great surprises for its classy appeal, low promotion and bleak face-value but tracks like 'Ha Raham (Mehfuz)' and 'Ek Lau' will be drawing major attention from class listeners for its remarkable quality display. Even folksy tracks like 'Chakkar Ghumyo' and instrumental 'Climax Theme' will be working well for small sect of listeners. After the successful arrival of new composers like Mithoon, Gourav Dasgupta, Bappa Lahiri and Mithoon, Amit Trivedi along with lyricist Amit holds great promise of becoming notable figure in the marquee.

Rating -3/5

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