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   Music Review : C KKompany

 C KKompany
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Sachin Yardi
 Anand Raj Anand and Bappa Lahiri
 Anand Raj Anand and Shabbir Ahmed
 Mithun Chakraborty, Tussshar Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Raima Sen, Ekta Kapoor, Karan Johar, Mahesh Bhatt

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view C KKOMPANY videos

view C KKOMPANY videos

After making a swashbuckling presence in musical scenario with the success of MISSION ISTAANBUL, producer Ekta Kapoor, the country's most renowned TV baron, makes another spirited move in the marquee through comical action pot boiler C KKOMPANY. The album brings Bappa Lahiri, son of Bappi Lahiri back in the credits again after he made a splendid debut in, hit album DUS KAHANIYAAN. Veteran Anand Raj Anand (ARA) joins him as the second composer and the album churns out in the format of 'masala' music, showcasing a blend of funky and hip-hop music. C KKOMPANY follows the musical trend of upbeat comical thrillers but can it match up to the standards of comical super-hits like APNA SAPNA MONEY MONEY, PARTNER etc. Let's find this out!

Bappa Lahiri makes the thrilling fun frolicking comical acts in 'Khoka', an out and out family affair as he pitches his father Bappi Lahiri, sister Reema Lahiri along with roguish sounding Mika Singh as lead vocalists for the song. 'Khoka' (meaning 'crore' in Mumbaiya lingo) is a humorously punched fun song where the significance of wealth and money is emoted out with Shabbir Ahmed's frantically flashy wordings. This one comes out as glitzy promotional feature number where one can expect all hot 'n' happening events and characters of the flick splashing out their maneuvers in hilarious shades. Bappi Lahiri makes engrossing vocal moves with chirpy one-liners (similar to 'Bombai Nagariya' (TAXI NO 9211) while Reema Lahiri and Mika Singh's peculiar sounding vocals add to the zest. The fun continues in its 'club remix' with extra zestful thrust as the tempo is accelerated in a mix and match of DJ claps and scratches.

Anand Raj Anand (ARA) has been a prolific composer in Punjabi lingo tracks and 'Speaker Baje' comes out as one of his finest traditional 'bhangra' number that has been spiced with 'disco-bhangra' cultured musical arrangements. ARA is multifaceted this time by being vocalist, lyricist and composer and makes an infectiously thunderous chemistry with boisterous Sunidhi Chauhan in delivering out an intoxicating pub-culture feel. Lately the soundtracks like 'Talli Hua' (SINGH IS KING), 'Main Talli Ho Gayi' (UGLY AUR PAGLI) and Indi-Pop tracks like 'Soda Whisky' (Rishi Singh) and 'Glassy' (Hard Kaur) had made big news and this number too follows the same genre, mood and thump that can thrill pop genre. If promoted well with flashy promos, it can be one big chartbuster hit that will surely be adding another convincing number into ARA's credits. The mood is even peppier in its Dhol Mix' and thrill of hitting floors is aggravated to the hilt as energized 'dhol' beat mixes well with the original composition.

'C Kkompnay', an animatedly squeaky sounding title track comes in satirical overtones where the three musketeers of 'C Kkompany' are introduced with cheeky one-liners. Sanjay Dutt makes great singing maneuvers as he mellows his gruffly baritones to humorously lively tones in subjugating out these three funny characters. ARA makes all thriving moves by making this a livelier title number by adding squeaky sounds, hip-hop rendition and pulsating electronic sounds. It will be enlightening factor as funky background score and will be promising factor in the promotional campaign for the film.

The 'remix' version emoting out humorously penned characters with bluesy buzz is energized with lively disco beat fillers to deliver desired thrill on floors.

After heavy dosages of 'masala' music, the final original soundtrack comes out in somber romantic overtones with KK and Shreya Ghoshal delivering out a mushy feel in 'Jaane Kya'. It's a typical soft rock ballad style of love song where titillating guitar strumming initiates the proceeding and gets followed in tandem with sensuous chorals, impressive piano and vivacious percussive elements. Bappa Lahiri's smoothening romantic overtures are big inspiration from Pritam's style of music and have the gripping of penetrative sentiments in its mellifluous flows. It's a promising move (if not chartbusting) from talented Bappa Lahiri and all credits to some delightful singing acts by KK and Shreya Ghoshal to make this a pleasant hearing soundtrack.

C KKOMPANY is a massy album that delivers out a 'spur-of-the moment' feel of a rip-roaring comical melodrama with its set of funky songs. The fun loving songs like 'C Kkompany', 'Speaker Baje' and 'Khoka' has the comical zing that can really set the pace for a riveting comical laugh riot. Bappa Lahiri and Anand Raj Anand have delivered a reasonably entertaining album and these funky beat numbers will surely be a positive factor in film's future prospects.

Rating - 2.5/5

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