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Music Review : Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji

 Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Madhur Bhandarkar
 Sanjay Chhel, Neelesh Misra, Kumaar and Sayeed Quadri
 Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, Shruti Haasan and Omi Vaidya

By Abid, Glamsham Editorial Send to Friend



CHANDNI BAR, SATTA, PAGE 3, CORPORATE and FASHION. Just some of the critically acclaimed and award winning films by Madhur Bhandarkar. Known more for his socially relevant hard-hitting films that take a dig at the high society it was but natural that there were not many memorable musical scores in them apart from a few, namely in PAGE 3 (Lata's "Kitne Ajeeb Rishte") and of course FASHION where Salim-Sulaiman did a commendable job. Its signature tune is still quite a favourite at many fashion shows.

However DIL TOH BACCHA HAI JI sees a different side of Bhandarkar. It's a light hearted romantic comedy, an all out commercial entertainer. And since the focus is on romance it's but natural that the intelligent director and the enterprising producer, Kumar Mangat , have entrusted Pritam , the king of melody with the responsibility of composing the music. Here he has the support of quite a few of his favourite lyricists like Sayeed Quadri, Neelesh Misra, Kumaar and Sanjay Chhel. Only Irshad Kamil seems to be missing! Naturally expectations abound from this album too, especially after the tumultuous success of Pritam-Ajay-Emraan's last venture, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI . So let's plug in and get going!

Lovely blend of soft guitar strums, keyboard notes and soft whisperings greet the listeners to transport them into the dizzying world of spellbinding romance through the scintillating "Abhi Kuch Dino Se". The super hit singer-composer duo, Mohit Chauhan and Pritam, come up with another brilliant love ballad that would surely make everyone fall in love with it, such is the haunting effect of the easy to hum, light on the lips song. The superb display of harmonica, piano drills and chorus in the midst of the song too is delightful and coupled with Mohit's slightly inebriated style of 'bindaas' singing, makes the song class apart. Neelesh Misra the new gen lyricist displays his mastery with words that make his poetry so very appealing and simple to understand as well. "Tu bekhabar, Ya sab khabar, Ek din zara mere masoom dil par ghaur kar, Pardon mein main rakh loon tujhe, Ke dil tera aa na jaye kisi ghair par." An outright chartbuster and with music's lucky mascot Emraan Hashmi crooning his way into the hearts on screen definitely this song will stay at the top for quite a while.

The romantic mood set up by the first song continues to enthrall through the king of romantic numbers Sonu Nigam's 'Tere Bin". A gift to treasure for the hopelessly in love this song is an absolutely superb love ditty that is a notch higher than the first song (difficult to believe but Pritam is simply outdoing himself here!) due to the irresistibly mesmerizing rendition by Sonu. His hold over his vocals and the way he conquers the high and low notes with immense ease makes the song a delight to listen to, and not to mention his diction (talaffuz) which is impeccable, a problem with most other talented and promising singers . The background chorus, especially the female part is a bit jerky but the male portion covers up well. Lyricist Kumaar pens words that would be loved and appreciated by those that matter most, the youth; very simple and appropriate.

Then there is the second version, "Tere Bin" reprise sung by Naresh Iyer with minimal music in the background and he does well for himself as he has nice soft and refreshingly sweet vocals.

The remix version too is classy and the high tempo suits the song and the way Sonu has resung it will make the song more endearing to the target audience; the youth who love everything fast paced and racy.



Jazz and all out rock and roll sixties style welcome "Yeh Dil Hai Nakhrewala", and it has been rendered by a relatively new talent on the block Shefali Alvaris. Sung in the Geeta Dutt style, the song may be a bit of an anti climax as it would suit a male singer better but Shefali does a fine job of keeping the spirits high with her enthusiastic rendition. This retro style composition has one problem and that is: it just does not exude the kind of energy usually associated with such kind of songs, the music arrangement is lighter and the pace a tad gentler than desired. One must add that some might prefer the lazy tempo and find it infectious . Neelesh's lyrics are quite novel and suit the retro mood and setting of the song perfectly.

Antara Mitra's "Yeh Dil Hai Nakhrewala"(Film Version) is not much different, though the background music arrangements slightly differ, more guitars, trumpets and percussion instruments galore and from the title one can guess that this is the film version and will feature in the movie rather than Shefali's version.

The last two songs have been rendered by Kunal Ganjawala, and naturally with Pritam at the helm of affairs and Emraan Hashmi as one of the male leads (apart from Ajay Devgn), one does expect another chartbuster from the singer-composer duo. Although Kunal has become quite choosy and is not heard much but lately he has come out and delivered some good numbers. His dew fresh vocals and his voice modulations are always a treat to savour. "Jadugari" is one such number that does showcases Kunal's talent like never before. The highly infectious rhythm lingers on for quite sometimes and the soft musical arrangements, bordering just on guitars and drums, coupled with a soft lovely chorus highlight the romantic feel of the composition. Highly versatile Sanjay Chhel, who is now writing for quite a few films, jots down some nice wordings that project the feeling of love in quite a new manner.

The album rounds off with another love ballad, and this time it's a duet, "Beshuba" with Antara Mitra giving company to Kunal Ganjawala. A frothy and bubbly fast paced love song that has a nice beat which does not relax even in the 'antara'. All credit to the artists, both Kunal and Antara who sing so well in tandem as this is one song that required a good tuning between the singers. Antara's diction leaves a lot to be desired. The English portions too are well rendered and do not appear forced at all. In fact they succeed in enhancing the lovey dovey mood and the wordings are easy to understand as well. Sayeed Quadri's lyrics are like the icing on the cake and this song should appeal to all.

Summing up, the album is exactly what one expected from Pritam and his gang. Two chartbusters, "Abhi Kuch Dino Se" and "Tere Bin" are our picks. The only problem with the album is that it does not offer much variety unlike Pritam's last OUATIM. The songs are mostly soft romantic numbers (due to the subject of the film) that may not appeal to all, but for us die-hard romantics, this album is the perfect gift for the upcoming Valentine Day which is not very far way and by that time the music will indeed get popular as well.

Rating - 3.5/5

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