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   Music Review : EMI

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Saurabh Kadra
 Chirantan Bhatt
 Shakeel Azmi, Sarim Momin, Shabbir Ahmed, Hamza Faruqui, Junaid Wasi and Amar Valentine
 Sanjay Dutt, Arjun Rampal, Malaika Arora, Aashish Chaudhary, Neha Uberoi, Urmila Matondkar, Manoj Joshi and Daya Shanker Pandey

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download EMI wallpapers

download EMI wallpapers

Peculiar sounding titles are catching fast in the marquee as it evokes great curiosity and builds up a craving feel among multiplexes viewers. EMI, an action packed entertainer from Sunil Shetty's POPCORN MOTION PICTURES in association with BALAJI MOTION PICTURES and SAHARA ONE MOTION PICTURES tries to add another realistically creative angle in the genre of the action flicks. Chirantan Bhatt, the budding musical whiz kid who made terrific presence in MISSION ISTANBUL makes his first solo presence as composer and second presence in tinsel town with EMI. It's pitched with six different lyricists with eight soundtracks (6 original and 2 remix) and caters to the feel of the flick. Does the line up of six lyricists with the team-work of promising composer like Chirantan Bhatt creates any hullabaloo on musical scenario? Will this EMI be as luring as the EMI (Easy Monthly Installments) that entices an average person to the desired luxuries in life? Let's check this out!

Chirantan Bhatt relives the Turkish magic of MISSION ISTANBUL in the seductively synthesized "item number" "Chori Chori". It has shades of bygone era where one experiences sensuous feel of Geeta Bali's songs with a tangy feel of Rehman's composed "Maiya Maiya" (GURU). Sunidhi Chauhan's raunchy vocal oomph is finely paced in evoking senses and gets well complemented with Suzan's timely back-up vocals. Shakeel Azmi's contemporary words in sluggishly paced arrangements are appropriately penned that gets considerately coordinated with impressive Sunidhi's rendition. It's echoing and pulsating "club" remix in techno-club mode is modish promotional act that will be catalyzing film's glamour quotient in its promos. Its flashy moves featuring Malaika Arora Khan along with Arjun Rampal is presumed to be strongest bankable factor in luring viewers to the theatres.

Soft guitar strumming in light-hearted arrangements with a strong feel of delightful romantic evening marks the arrival of delightful sounding Mohit Chauhan in impressive sounding "Aankhon Hi Aankhon Mein". The subtle soft rock feel may not be as great as his few previous tracks but Sarim Momim's wording makes substantial moves in evoking romanticism. Bhatt plays modest by not implying anything upbeat in its arrangements and just makes this a contemporary romantic soft-rock ballad with impressive acoustic guitar works. All those who relish Mohit Chauhan's voice with touches of genuine soft rock feel will be appreciating this supple number. It is likely to be another lovable entity for melody listeners and will be another solo delight from Mohit's after his impressively rendered "Yaad Teri Aayi" (UGLY AUR PAGLI).

After playfully peppy "Ckompany" (CKOMPANY), Sanjay Dutt turns into another singing "sutradhar" (anchor) in another title track titled "EMI" that works more on the hilarious witty feel of the flick than delivering anything strikingly melodic. The boastful outrageous impulse of taking "EMI" for various reasons and its repercussions has snooty overtones that are emoted modestly in Shabbir Ahmed and Hamza Farouqi wordings. The track that is presumed to be promotional feature makes it special for supporting Mahalxmi Iyer's vocals, its rap rendition (Suzan, Earl) and delightful flute notes that adds various moods to the humorous binge. This "loan-giving" special witty title track is energized with extra paced DJ beats and claps in typical "club" remix mode to deliver another potential sounding dancing track that will appreciate album's commercial prospects.

view EMI movie stills

view EMI movie stills

Chirantan Bhatt's flagship was consequential in delivering uproariously boyish numbers ("Mission Istanbul" and "Nobody like You" (MISSION ISTANBUL) in the past and one expects some really explosive stuff as he collages with extra enthused Shaan in "Aaja Aa Bhi Ja". It works simplistically on overheard "disco-beat culture" rhythms and arrangements and even Hamza Farouqi's lively words with added back-up vocals (Rishi and Suzan) hardly sparks off any flames. The energetically animated choreographic moves with potential face value are likely to be positive strengths that might be making it one desirable act in the flick.

The ethnic feel of "Yoon Shabnami" (SAAWARIYA) made Parthiv Gohil, a hopeful entity in the marquee and there are lots of expectations when he sings out "Roshan Har Dil". Against all odds, it comes out as downer as it relies out on wretched out 90's romantically attired arrangements with support of routinely penned Junaid Waasi's lyrics. Despite Parthiv's acceptable rendition along with Neisha and Joy's back-up vocals, the soundtrack lacks the gripping of a desirable mushy song and works out as mere filler in the album.

After recently heard "Munni Bhai Ki Bari" (WELCOME TO SAJJANPUR), there is another election-campaigning humorous binge in dark humored "Vote for Sattar Bhai". Ninad Kaamat, small time actor who made his singing talent felt in lesser heard "Police Police" (SHIVA) makes another witty hilarious cum mimicry singing act. Like "Ae Ganpat" (SHOOOUT AT LOKHANDWALA) and "Kallu Mama" (SATYA), this election campaigning song for "Sattar Bhai" (played by Sanjay Dutt) has something interesting for front benchers as it comes with mimicry of popular actors with realistically penned bawdy one-liners in its racy flows.

After showing loads of promise in his debut vehicle MISSION ISTANBUL, Chirantan Bhatt fails to deliver anything remarkable and promising in EMI. There are soundtracks like "Chori Chori" and "EMI" that will be attracting listeners for its catchy cinematic flare but still they will be more of a visual treat than melodic pleasures. It's not going to be anything hot-selling on stands but will be carrying out the feel, mood and genre of the flick in its soundtracks.

Rating -2/5


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