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Music Review : I Am Singh

 I Am Singh
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Puneet Issar
 Daler Mehndi, Sumitra Iyer, Monty Sharma, Sunil Sirvaiya, Sukhwinder Singh, Arvinder Singh
 Gurbani, Raj Hans, Sandeep Nath, Sudhakar Dutt Sharma, Sameer, Deepali Issar
 Tulip Joshi, Puneet Issar, Gulzar Inder Chahal, Brooke Johnston, Aushima Sawhney, Yusuf Hussain and Daler Mehndi (Guest Appearance)

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SINGH IS KINNG, SPEEDY SINGH and now I AM SINGH! The arrival of 'Singh' is again a newsmaker in the marquee. Actor-turned-director Puneet Issar directs this flick that deals with the bonding of different cast and cultures in USA. It has strong affixation of 'Sikhism' and its following and targets special sect of Punjabi viewers worldwide. Lacking in bankable star-value, the music of this flick has an array of half a dozen promising composers and much is expected in its musical kitty. SINGH IS KINNG and SPEEDY SINGH were notable musical successes, so can we expect I AM SINGH to be another big winner in this genre. Let's feel the 'bhangra' thump and get into its technicalities...

Nischay kar Apni Jeet Karoon...! Aggressively vociferous and laudable in verses, the album picks up optimistically with the sacred verses of 'Shabd Gurbani', epitomizing the soulful feel of divinity, valor, chivalry and sacrifice of great 'Sikh gurus' in energetically rendered 'Dukalaang Pranaasi'. Daler Mehndi, one of the most celebrated names in Punjabi music, sings his heart's out in serenading out the grandeur of 'Sikhism', a passionately delivered track that will be having maximum takers among Sikh listeners. Daler's composition is another worthy attribute that not only enthralls but also catalyzes the compassion. To be concise, the title I AM SINGH gets its melodic symbolism in the introductory track itself, its promotional feature is too encouraging and will surely add fuel to the fire in attracting its prospective viewers to the theatres. Inspiring!!!

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After recently heard 'Shera di Kaum' (SPEEDY SINGH) and immensely popular 'Singh is Kinng' (SINGH IS KINNG), the might of 'Singh' regales again and extols its traits in meticulously composed title song 'I am Singh'. Sukhwinder Singh's throaty vocals join Daler's booming voice and together they create bedlam of affairs with blend of meaningful verses (lyrics- Raj Hans) and chirpy hip-hop emceeing by Hard Kaur. Upcoming composer Sumitra Iyer delivers a bombastic listening affair that optimizes the high vocal qualities in mix and match of contemporary and funky arrangements. Hugely promoted and lavishly choreographed, this soundtrack has already created a desirable buzz and should be one among favorites among ardent Punjabi listeners. 'I am Singh (video edit version)' is the concise version and maintains the similar fervor that places boisterous voices loud in flows of 'bhangra' beat composition. Exciting!!!

Eclectically high on zealous 'dhol' drumming and spunky electronic fillers, Mika Singh's playfully loud nasal twang sets the mood on tizzy in infectiously loud 'Dhol Wajda'. The 'bhangra' beat carnival moves into celebratory moods and maintains the high spirited musical decorum of the album. As compared to Mika Singh's last few hits, it sounds like a meek comparison but still is highly enthralling in its energetically high 'dhol' beat entertainment. Monty Sharma composes this racy track that delivers sufficient amusement for dance floors, a likable listening feast that should be usurping up the pep-fizz factor in the flick.

After a pack of enthusiastically high and aggressively loud feasting dancing tracks, the word 'melody' finally makes notable moves in album's most melodramatically rich soundtrack titled 'Kya Jeena'. Upcoming composer Sunil Sirvaiya turns out to be biggest surprise of the lot as he not only changes mood with flair but adds bountiful of substance in the album. Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's classically refined voice proves to be an ideal choice for the track as it mellows well in high octaves with trendy sounding arrangements. This somber sounding number evokes pathos and is enriched with evocatively high expressive lyrics (Sudhakar Dutt Sharma) that echoes the plight of the protagonist. Sirvaiya's efforts at Sufi rock is worth-mentioning as it brings memories of couple of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's popular tracks and builds up a graph of momentous happenings in its five minutes duration. 'Doori Hai', a slower version of this track is equally melancholic and comes in almost unplugged and brief version. It regales out solemn Rahat's singing and should be worked out as an effective background score. Impressive!!!

view I AM SINGH movie stlls
view I AM SINGH movie stlls
Sukhwinder Singh turns composer with 'Chand Paragge', a song about celebration done in a 'stag party' before marriage in a customary Punjabi dancing and singing way. It works on traditional Punjabi 'boliyaan' and brings out Sonu Kakkar and Sukhwinder Singh at the vocals. Despite being feisty in spirits and stimulating in mood, it fails to invigorate the desired enthusiasm for a lively celebration occasion and ends up as a mediocre sounding situational number.

Cross-culture romanticism breathes a new whiff of air as now the feel of romance blooms for the first time in album with 'Naiyyo Lagda'. The song has a similar feel of 'O Rey Chhori' (LAGAAN (2001)) where there is anglicized feminine singing getting along with a 'desi' male singing his heart out. Monty Sharma's second composition has impressive flair of instrumentals (tuneful tangy electric guitar riffs in the prelude and later a blend of customary Punjabi folk instrumentals) that connects well with the mushy feel of the track but the end result is not as enticing as one expects it to be. Gayatri Iyer's slender anglicized voice is impressive and so does Sukhwinder Singh's lighthearted singing but the change in tempos and moods at varied places proves to be a spoilsport. Like situational sounding 'Chand Paragge', it comes out to be another mediocre outing that desires a colorful on-screen opulence of making its huge impact.

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'Khanda Prithme Saajke - Chandi Di Waar', a religiously authored track about the grace, valor and divinity of Sikh gurus is another laudable feature of the album. Like 'Dukalaang Pranaasi' and 'I am Singh', this track extols the pride of 'Sikhism' and blends well with sacred verses and likable arrangements that suit the mood of the track. It is composed and sung by Arvinder Singh and should be a notable background score feature in the film.

Turban Victory...finally! It all started off optimistically with aspirations of a victory for Sikh warriors ('Nischay Kar Apni Jeet Karoon..!), and ends up comprehensively well with the feel of being triumphant in energetically composed and rendered 'Turban Victory'. Kunal Ganjawala's beamingly high boisterous voices gives it a 'Jai Ho' victorious thumping feel where the victory and might of 'Pagdi' (meaning Turban) is extolled to perfection. Monty Sharma delivers an entertainer that has its heart at the right place and works well to serenade out the feel of being a proud Sikh in an alien nation. This soundtrack has an International musical feel where both English and Hindi lyrics goes in tandem to epitomize out the signature feel of this socially relevant film. Overall a well crafted number that should be doing laurels at the climax and closing stages of the flick. Invigorating!!!

I AM SINGH is all about being a Punjabi or a Singh at heart and soul. Almost zilch in expectations, it has a few good surprise elements in tracks like 'Dukalaang Pranaasi', 'I am Singh', 'Kya Jeena' and 'Turban victory', which should be working like a catalyst in the narration of the flick. For its immensely jingoistic but socially relevant theme and treatment, the album is targeted at a special sect of listeners and is likely to be having maximum takers among them. I AM SINGH is not the one chartbusting album that one may expect but is certainly an entertainer for all those who cherish the feel of being 'Singh' and like 'bhangra' beat culture music.

Rating - 3/5

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