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   Music Review : Karzzzz

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Starring :
 Satish Kaushik
 Himesh Reshammiya
 Urmila Matondkar, Himesh Reshammiya, Danny Denzongpa, Dino Morea , Gulshan Grover, Rohini Hattangadi and Shweta Kumar.

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view KARZZZZ movie stills

view KARZZZZ movie stills

Showman Subhash Ghai's KARZ (1980) was a landmark musical extravaganza that inspired movie moghul's of all generations and this Himesh Reshammiya's acted, sung and composed KARZZZ is just one such big example of it. The expectations are colossal, opulence is munificent and the feel is rocking. Himesh Reshammiya, who has frequently catapulted in to the top of the charts during the last few years with back-to-back three dozens plus hits, makes a magnificent comeback with this grand musical offering. Musical giants T-Series had a terrific outing in Reshammiya in his acting debut AAP KA SURROR-THE MOVIEE and make it even lavish this time by offering 19 soundtracks (9 original soundtracks, 10 remixes) in a 2 CD compilation. Will these big props make another ''SURROR'' for Himesh Reshammiya and T-Series. Let's be peeping tom to find the truth!

Himesh Reshammiya picks up serene and expressive melodic connotations of ''Sufi'' soft rock ballad in epitomizing out the eternal love sentiments of this ''punarjanam'' (reincarnation) love saga in touching title track ''Lut Jaon Lut Jaon''. Reshammiya mellows down his nasal twang in synthesizing out appreciably with the textures of Harshdeep's echoing soulful vocal inputs in flows of poignant sounding composition. Like ''Tanhaiyyan'' (AAP KA SURROR), this brilliantly arranged number has penetrative shrug in its slow tempo arrangements and Sameer's finely versed lyrics sums up to make this an enchanting melody. The added dimensions of smoothening impact and rollicking dancing fervor makes full blast in its ''Club & Lounge'' remix version.

Kishore Kumar's immortal melody ''Om Shanti Om'' (KARZ (1982), a quintessentially 80's earth-moving dance pop track gets rechristened into Reshammiya's patented ''Sufi'' rock in massy ''Hari Om''. Reshammiya's energetic thump brings memories of his finest fast-paced tracks and this number has tantalizing guitar notes that form impressive hook-line for the song. It's ''Electro mix'' by Akbar Sami is one of the finest remixes heard in recent times where enticing electronic sounds and beat patterns pulsates out senses. It's variably high on audible electronically synchronized disco beat fillers that thrive out boomingly with the original composition.

''Tandoori Nights'', a resplendently hip-shaking racy number that mixes ingredients of hip-hop, ''Sufi'' rock and trance music comes out as lively ''party'' number. This scrumptiously zingy number is highly catchy in its rhythmical patterns and staggering hook-line. Reshammiya makes sparkling chemistry with the impressive Sunidhi Chauhan, where spunky electronic sounds and rave party feel ''disco-binge'' gets rapturous in senses. Akbar Sami's outrageously zooming ''club'' party burst in snazzy hip-hop delights ushers out a typical ''disco-fever'' ambience that gets high with fast tempo in its ''remix'' version.

It's time for some Afro-American rap-n-reggae (by Earl D' Souza) stylized funky mood in ''Soniye Je Tere'', an emotionally piercing number about bonds of love that is strikingly high on vocals than on funky arrangements. Reshammiya tries to mix the madness of tracks like ''Gela Gela'' (AITRAAZ) and couple of his sentimental number in evoking romantic hues and vibes. Tulsi Kumar makes noteworthy additions in brief rendition and it props up as another audible situational love song. ''Soniye Je Tere (club and lounge mix)'' tries to mix and mood of ''club'' and ''lounge'' by varying between pitches, tempo and sound impacts in its thriving disco flows.

view KARZZZZ movie stills

view KARZZZZ movie stills

''Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki'', a mellowed and soul-enchanting melody by Himesh Reshammiya justifies to Rafi saab’s lovable brilliant effort in ''Dard-e-Dil'' (KARZ(1980)) and comes out impressively with all together different composition and arrangements. It's delightful to hear that traditional Indian instruments (tabla, sitar, harmonium and sarangi) getting mellifluously amalgamated with westernized beat patterns. Sameer's sensitively verbatim in ''antaras'' are worth-hearing and it's by far his finest effort by him in the album. It's ''club and lounge mix'' comes as party song where this decent sounding composition gets burdened by energized electronic disco beat fillers.

Himesh Reshammiya makes impressive gesticulation of ''Panchamda'' style of music in a frenzy rap-n-reggae flows to create an engrossing rendezvous for dancing floors in highly pulsating ''Sisak Sisak Ke''. Reshammiya's full throttle rendition and Sameer's free-flowing lyrics are at their fiery blast in a composition that reminds of flashy 80's disco era. It makes hullabaloo of blazing electronic sounds and peppy rap inputs and is likely to be big asset in appreciating album takers among pop genre. ''Sisak Sisak Ke (club & lounge mix)'' by Akbar Sami makes effective use of saxophone in a loud, thumping and energized ''disco'' beat culture music that has been trademark in all Reshammiya's successful remix numbers.

After inspiring ''Dhoom Tere Ishq Ki'', Himesh Reshammiya takes sedate and somber plunge by getting into ''ghazal-gayaki'' mood in lovable textures of classical Indian music in soothing ''Tere Bin Chain Na Aaave''. Tulsi Kumar makes affable improvisation in ushering out feminine sentiments in a track that completely belongs to Reshammiya's modulating baritones in varying pitches. The noteworthy aspect of it is its modest but remarkable traditional Indian musical flows that mellow impressively with booming vocals. It's ''Club & Lounge remix comes out as another ''party-feasting'' delight that goes all blast in making mood merrier on floors.

''Masha Allah'', a booming Sufi soft rock ballad has shades from Reshammiya's ''Allah Kare'', sounding reminiscent to the subjective feel of ''Dard-e-dil'' (KARZ (1980)) comes out as a song of adulation. The feel for this romantically impulsive track is situational where the arrangements sound routine and its one track that works with the needs and situation of the film. The ''Club & Lounge Remix'' version gives it a booming impulse but the disco-beat arrangements sounds like routine ''club'' stylized works.

Last year, it was ''Dastaan-e-Om Shanti Om'' taking inspiration lift from ''Ek Haseena Thi'' (KARZ (1980)) but now this melodramatically showy number gets courteously lifted with similar lyrics, composition but with different arrangements in the concluding track ''Ek Haseena Thi''. The serpentine guitar signature tune from the original version comes as its highpoint where Reshammiya along with Shreya Ghoshal makes optimum use of their singing potentials. It's ostentatiously melodramatic feel in ''Club & Lounge Remix'' version comes out as relevantly positive promotional feature element that is likely to be adding vows to the album's prospects.

KARZZZ marks the sensational comeback of Sufi mafia Himesh Reshammiya back in the marquee with an album that guarantees melody cum entertainment in its lavish packaging. The album promises larger shelf life and has its spotlights in tracks like ''Lut Jaon'', ''Tandoori Nights'', ''Dhoom Teri Ishq Ki'', ''Hari Om'' and ''Sisak Ke'' and all of them are likely to be making big presence in charts. KARZZZ will be filling out the space for next big album and will be a potential competitor to super-hit albums like ROCK ON and SINGH IS KINNG on stands.

Rating - 4/5

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