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Music Review : Sadiyan

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Raj Kanwar
 Adnan Sami
 Sameer and Amjad Aslam Amjad
 Luv Sinha, Ferena Wazeir, Rekha, Shabana Azmi, Hema Malini, Rishi Kapoor and Javed Sheikh (Pakistan)

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view SADIYAAN movie stills

view SADIYAAN movie stills

It's almost ages (SADIYAAN) when viewers have seen everlasting beauties like Rekha, Hema Malini and Shabana Azmi coming together for a worthy entertainer. Raj Kanwar's directed SADIYAAN makes this dream happen and that too in a flick that happens to be launching vehicle of a star kid Luv Sinha (son of Shatrughan Sinha). Low on profile but high on aspirations, this one happens to be conventional Bollywood conflicting love drama. This brings on 'fat-to-fit' Adnan Sami on centre-stage with his expertise as composer to deliver out the demanding naive romantic appeal. Barring the exception of LUCKY-NO TIME FOR LOVE (2005)), Sami hasn't zeal his way out as composer and his presence has been restricted to be seasoned campaigner as vocalist. Does Adnan Sami have the versatile genius of meeting the desired expectations? Can SADIYAAN be the one to stand out the heat of today's bestsellers on stands? Let's check this out...

Shaan's vibrant voice in modulating pitches makes consolidated start to the album and makes mood effervescent and eclectic in the opening soundtrack 'Jadu Nasha, Ehsas Kya'. Adnan Sami's music sounds pleasing in his peculiar set of arrangements and revisits the feel of his popular soundtracks like 'Tera Chehra (album -'Tera Chera'), 'Chori Chori' and 'Sun Zara' (LUCKY - NO TIME FOR LOVE (2005)). Shreya Ghoshal's sublime voice in tandem sounds routine and so do Sameer's predictable lyrics. It has optimum melodic quotient but lacks novelty and deftness in delivering out soul-enchanting poise for romantic moments. Shaan's remarkable rendition is the brightest spark that carries the mushy feel. If you have been ardent listeners to Sami's hit tracks then 'Jadu Nasha, Ehsas Kya' will surely be amusing piece of work.

Adnan Sami's deep-throated gravelly voice in sluggish tonality of Arabian musical flavors makes impressive moves in light-hearted duet titled 'Taron Bhari Hai Ye Raat Sajan'. This soundtrack sounds better and makes the finest of vocals, technicalities of sound design and refreshing lyrics to give it a sensuous love-track feel. Sunidhi Chauhan's lighter 'n' huskier tones get suitably permeated into the mushy textures with supple inflow of mild orchestrations. Sami's composition brings out mixed and matched works of Arabian 'lounge' with 60's touches to give it earthy romantic feel. Once again, it's an above average number that should be giving desiring lovey-dovey moments on big screen with sparks flowing across between two new lead actors.

Adnan Sami's typical melodic feel and vocal ooze that has been his signature style of singing for years makes resurgence in another mushy soundtrack 'Sargoshiyo Ke Kya Silsile Hai'. In this supple love-track, Sami directs Raja Hasan to inspire his singing flair with similar rhythmical pattern (similar to 'Kabhi to Nazar Milao') that has given him many hits in the past. Raja Hasan's improvised vocals impresses with fine control over pitch modulation in softer tones while Shreya Ghoshal's shrill rendition in low octaves adds to the feel. It works on similar tonality to the first soundtrack 'Jadu Nasha, Ehsas Kya' with almost comparable orchestral arrangements.

After three soppy 'n' soggy sounding duets, there is something refreshing and youthful that comes in Shaan's reverberating voice in 'Dekha Tujhay Jo Pehli Baar'. It scores high on alluring 'yuppie' appeal in its relaxing ambience with being upbeat in subtle westernized arrangements. Sameer's wordings may not be as engaging to the decorum of this light-hearted composition but it's the somber sounding Shaan that makes the maximum impact with his breezy rendition. Undoubtedly this stands out as the most enlightening of the lot and should be adding sugary feel to the love-chemistry.

view SADIYAAN movie stills

view SADIYAAN movie stills

Mika Singh's jocularly loud and impulsive vocals take the fort with celebrating 'bhangra' feel in situational sounding 'Man Mouji Matwala'. It starts off well in trendy set of electronic arrangements that raises expectations but settles down with routine 'bhangra' beat patterns with moderate appeal. Mika's nasal twang is matched optimally to the frisky dancing mood to create bedlam on floors and should be adding frolicsome colorful moments in the flick.

Classical Sufi singing comes out in archetypical melodic tones in depiction of separation of lovers in melancholically dramatic sounding soundtrack 'Sona Lagdha....Mahi Sona Lagdha'. This time Sami's tries to recreate the excruciating folksy feel of 80's hit track 'Lambi Judai' (KARZ (1980)) and 70's 'Mandir Masjid Todo' (BOBBY (1973)) together to evoke pathos for the lead pair. Richa Sharma's earthen and booming voice interacts with Sabri brothers in this classical fusion 'qawalli' that mixes and matches westernized arrangements with classical instrumentals. The longer duration of seven minutes plus the old-fashioned appeal will be making it selective for restricted set of listeners.

'Pehla Pehla Tejurba Hai', the last among the listing of duets arrives with speedy set of arrangements with mediocre feel. Mediocrity rules the show again with outdated 90's feel coupled with shoddy lyrics making it worse for listening ears. Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan's booming vocals sounds wasted as they energized the frivolous 'disco-dandia' night with ordinary sounding orchestrations in the backdrop.

The theatrical outburst of confronting life in many of its shades through ages ('Sadiyaan') makes mesmeric musical appeal in impressive sounding 'Waqt Ne Jo Bij Boyaa.'. Rekha Bhardwaj's penetrative voice in earthen shades delivers out motherly sentiments with fine set of meaningful verses in this longest soundtrack (nine minute plus) of the album. Sami succeeds in giving it a tear-jerking expressive feel for the tense moments. Despite some quality singing and notable musical toil, the soundtrack will be having broader appeal as effective background score rather than making mark as individual score.

SADIYAAN is a mediocre musical affair where every soundtrack bears out an old rehashed appeal from the composer's earlier works. It's another ordinary outing from Adnan Sami as composer that fails to make any mark. There is sense of optimism in soundtracks like 'Jadu Nasha, Ehsas Kya', 'Taron Bhari Hai Ye Raat Sajan' and 'Dekha Tujhe Jo Pehli Baar' but none among them promises to be chartbusting. Like all low profile entertainers, this album too suffers from mediocrity with nominal musical impact.

Rating - 2.5/5

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