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Music Review : Bheja Fry 2

 Bheja Fry 2
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :

Starring :
 Sagar Ballary
 Ishq Bector, Sneha Khanwalkar, Sagar Desai
 Shree D, Sonny Ravan, Shakeel Azmi
 Vinay Pathak, Minissha Lamba, Amole Gupte, Kay Kay Menon, Suresh Menon, Rahul Vohra and Aditi Govitrikar

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view BHEJA FRY 2 videos
view BHEJA FRY 2 videos
Our very own lovable 'Idiot' Bharat Bhushan (Vinay Pathak) is finally back! In listing of shockingly surprise hits, BHEJA FRY was one grand success that was noticeable as well as commendable. Its predictable sequel was one of the most anticipated moment to arrive for all those who relish comical bumpy rides. So, finally BHEJA FRY 2 arrives with extra band and bandwagon! Loaded with extra glamour (Minissha Lamba) and bunch of reliable comical talents (Suresh Menon, Kay Kay Menon), its musical section has three composers to enthrall listeners. After making promising vows in two original soundtracks of BHEJA FRY (yes, the film was not song-less), upcoming music composer Sagar Desai reappears back in the credits along with Ishq Bector and Sneha Khanwalkar as the other two composers. Packed with truckloads of hilarious jamboree and witty one-liners, one presumes its situational sounding soundtracks to be humorously fun-filled and fuelled with spunky beats that are streamlined to perfection on quick-witted chirpy lyrics. Comical entertainers have never been too high on melodic quotient, so expectations are presumably moderate from this laugh riot. Get set the musical journey is about to begin!

Ishq Bector's peculiar musical strengths that are primarily noticed on Indi-pop remix albums makes waves to create humorous stir in quizzically crooned and jokingly written song titled 'Ishq Da Keeda'. Ishq Bector along with Shree D sings out jovially this nonsensically penned track that narrates out the advent of 'love-bug', making its violent rashes on modest-looking simpleton Bharat Bhushan. Sonny Ravan and Shree D's instinctively chirpy wordings works to the comical situation and are likely to be making things amusing on big screen. The noisy and crappy singing makes the 'irritating quotient' loud and high and so do the nonsensical lyrics in making this as prominent musical feature of the flick. Nothing great, melodious or extraordinary to describe, this soundtrack packs some really witty-one-liners that should be sufficient enough to deliver heavy dosages of laughter. Wait 'n' watch!

The second funky offering adds 'glamour-ka-tadka' in this comical potpourri with mixing of hip-hop jives in streams of bhangra-beat thrives to deliver out a hip-shaking disco-beat number in 'We go crazy'. Ishq Bector's peppy composing is again at the helm of affairs as this time Shree D shares mike with sensuous sounding Apeksha Dandekar. For its bombastically garish appeal, it can be presumed to be 'glamour-struck' tempting title track that is likely to be lapped more by remix album lovers. Like the previous track, its highlights are nonsensically weird one-liners that are tuned in sync with catchy rhythms and beats.

download BHEJA FRY 2 wallpaper
download BHEJA FRY 2 wallpaper
Situational to the core, this bizarre sounding number gets its predictably loud 'club-remix' treatment with bunch of snazzy emceeing and peppy disco beat fillers in 'We go crazy (remix)'. This funky-paced number can be presumed to be ideal commodity for the promos and teasers; so do expect it to be running back-to-back on major TV channels in days to come.

Shocking surprise! Actors turning singers is nothing new to the marquee; the latest entrant in this cadre to arrive is the lead protagonist, Vinay Pathak, in archetypically jazz sounding 'O Rahi'. It brings back 60's bygone era of jazz music where one expects soloist to be singing his heart out with array of dancers, entertaining out in front of frenzy club crowd, similar to the classical 'black & white' era feel of 'Woh Ladki Hai Kahan (DIL CHAHTA HAI)'. Sneha Khanwalikar's musical aesthetics takes over the baton and makes Vinay Pathak sings out the crazy mindset, sweet 'n' salty experiences of love-struck music-aficionado in lighter tones. One never expects histrionics from Vinay Pathak's singing, neither has it delivered, but the end-result is a lovable comical-fiction that is engaging in bits and parts. It will be really engrossing to view all hullabaloos happening in this song that is presumably high on westernized orchestrations.

Following the spicy tinge of 'We go crazy', raunchy item number galore again as the folksy nasal twang of Rekha Rao takes the centre-stage in average sounding 'Banjaare Re'. The song has ethnic gypsy undertones in invigorating arrangements that delivers out a contemporary Bollywood item-song appeal. Sagar Desai's composition is simply mediocre and sounds more like 'tailor-made' product for the situational needs.

Revisiting the old simplistic charms of being 'Anari' in real life, the final original soundtrack 'Burra Na Mano Ji' sketches out varied funny caricatures of the lead protagonist. Shree D (sounding like Vinay Pathak) modulates his voice to perfection to deliver out hilarious punches while Dolly Peters shrill-pitched vocals add to the subject of the song. Ishq Bector's composing is strictly average again and works more like a funny chatter, a likable theatrical musical appeal is expected to raise the melodic strength of this situational sounding track.

BHEJA FRY 2 has humor and fun in its musical works but lacks the compassion and promise of delivering out potential chartbusters. There is a gleam of hope in soundtracks like 'O Rahi', 'Ishq Ka Keeda' and 'We go crazy' but the feel is thematically situational with no great shakes in singing, writing or composing. Despite the fact that the album has three promising composers, it lacks the ire and zeal of alluring listeners, a potential box-office show and shrewd marketing skills will be of great help in raising its commercial prospects.

Ratings : 2.5/5

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