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Music Review : Desi Boyz

 Desi Boyz
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Rohit Dhawan
 Pritam Chakraborty
 Kumaar, Irshad Kamil, Amitabh Bhattacharya
 Akshay Kumar, Chitrangada Singh, Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, Sanjay Dutt

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John and Abhishek yelled high for 'Desi girl' in DOSTANA and now it's John and Akshay bonding that is all going to make a big noise for the much awaited DESI BOYZ. Director Rohit Dhawan, son of veteran David Dhawan, enters the arena with a bang and is all ready to deliver out a comical but bizarre bumpy ride. Riding high on the success of musical hits like MAUSAM, BODYGUARD and READY this year, Pritam Chakraborty's name on the credits promises huge expectations from this comic caper that is fueled high with bankable star-cast and munificent production values. To add more substance to the musical line-up, it has the power-house of reliable lyricists like Irshad Kamil, Kumaar and Amitabh Bhattacharya to deliver out the desired needful. So, can these DESI BOYZ have the outrageous score to make some noise on the floor? Let's get into the groove of it...!!!

Roar, sound or boyz finally arrive! Boisterously vibrant and electrically charged in motion, the boy-brigade is all set to rule with pompously loud rhythms and beats in immensely catchy sounding 'Make Some Noise for Desi boyz'. It's a rapturously loud bhelpuri of Punjabi, Hindi, English and Spanish that makes helluva of noise that sets out impish tones for the philandering ways of 'Desi boyz'. Pritam prefers to go loud with funky ''Synthpop'' genre of music (sub-genre of Euro-pop music) and makes heavy usage of belligerently loud electronically tuned synth beats and sounds. KK's racy ''n'' pulsating vocals tell it all and energize the entire decorum with a set of eclectically high thriving paced orchestrations. Bob's crazy emceeing is an added delight that gives it snooty-cum-masculine shades and makes this a likable listening feast for urbane listeners. It's bouncy ''club-remix'' version packs an extra dosage of hip-hop emceeing that is mixed well with optimum proportion of tuneful signature beats and synth based DJ claps and scratches. Go for it!!!

UK pop-mania maintains its strong gripping on melodic front as now it's a ''comic strip'' sort of romantic-fantasy that takes over the proceeding in jovial sounding 'Subah Hone Na De'. The song brings out memories of popular 90's ''girlie'' tracks like 'Barbie Girl' and 'My Oh My' (AQUA) that made news for their peculiar ''Euro-dance'' type of music. It's a ''cool'' experimentation by Pritam that adds elements

of ''hilarity-in-motion'' that's not only prankish but also has flavors of ''bhangra'' buzz. Shefali Alvares's cute ''n'' cuddly voice suits the situation and connects with positive vibes of Mika's naughty Punjabi flavored vocals. 'Tu Mera Hero', a similar sounding soundtrack comes out as the ''jumbled version'' of the track. This version brings out a different array of arrangements and verses with similar vocal binge and funky orchestrations. Shefali's adorably ''kiddies'' rendition in booming octaves is the striking feature of the song that lifts the spirits of the track. 'Subah Hone Na De (remix)', a rip-roaring ''club-house'' stylized discotheque version is really rollicking as well as booty-shaking. It's a peppy mix 'n' match of electro-funk pop with loads of choral cheers, sounding more like an anthem for English Premier League football team. Funky!!!

view DESI BOYZ movie stills
view DESI BOYZ movie stills
Pritam delivered a catchy tune this year with 'Full volume' (THANK YOU) and similar frolicsome-twosome fun of ''teasing-pleasing'' strikes again with similar tangible ''masti'' in the album's most promising soundtrack titled 'Jhak Maar Ke'. Peppery and naughty in frivolous ''shehnai'' tunes, it's comical as well as romantic in vibes and carries the fun-loving chemistry of the lead pair. Neeraj Sridhar, a prominent singing feature in almost every Pritam album, gets into the soul and skin of a cheery lover who woos his love-interest to perfection. Harshdeep Kaur's folksy singing too is a peculiar feature that makes the mood merrier! To make the listeners dance to its rhythmical beats, the song enthralls as well as amuses in Irshad Kamil's lovable cheesy lyrics. 'Jhak Maar Ke (remix)' adds fervent ''bhangra-masti'' in deliriously punched disco-beat fillers that adds to the feisty love bonding. Like previous remixes, this one too packs a very solid punch to tempt one to dance to its rollicking beats. Overall a very entertaining fare that should always be the highest point in making this a commercially viable album. Chartbuster!!!

After delivering some fun-loving racy numbers, cracks and dents of mediocrity starts creeping with mediocre sounding composition titled 'Allah Maaf Kare'. Despite the presence of reliable Sonu Nigam, the song disappoints completely and comes out with rehashed and refurbished arrangements of 'Razia' (THANK YOU) with slender toned Shilpa Rao joining the singing party. It sounds like an old-fashioned 80's situational score that gets accompanied with predictable sounding lyrics. 'Allah Maaf Kare (remix)' proves to be a better outing where ''Synthpop'' disco maneuvers takes over the proceeding and adds pace and life in the composition.

To add mint-fresh breeze of somber romanticism, Pritam ends up with a tender soft-rock ballad that comes with mix emotions of communion and remorse in the pleasing sounding 'Let it be'. Like the soothing 'Kuch Kam' (DOSTANA), it brings out the comforting voice of Shaan in melodious tones that allures with its ''yuppie'' Indi-pop appeal. It's no great shakes in composition but it's the relaxing sentimental shades that the soundtrack provides which sooth the senses and add shades of emotion in the narration of the flick. Amitabh Bhattacharya's idealistically descriptive lyrics ('Fursat ki eento se khushiyon ke chheento se, Duniya humaari banaaunga sajaunga hai yeh vaada mera, Sapno se sach ki jo doori hai woh tai karunga, Main kaise magar hai yeh safar aadha mera aadha tera...') builds up a beautiful castle of love that makes this one an engrossing listening affair. For all die-hard Shaan fans, this one is an added listening delight and brightest attribute in booming up glam-quotient of this boy-friendly comical caper. Enjoyable!!! 

DESI BOYZ manages to make some good ''noises'' on the floor and comes out as a typical multiplex friendly musical entertainer. Pritam builds up a good tempo in 'Make some noise for Desi Boyz' and carries the fun promisingly with 'Jhak Maar Ke' and 'Tu Mera Hero' with an all-together new breed and genre of music. Despite some minor blemishes, the album deliver what it promises (full ''masti'' and ''dhaamal'') and is likely to catch fast amongst young listeners, a promising box-office show will be surely add fuel to the fire!

Rating - 4/5

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