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Music Review : Ruslaan

Director :
Music :
Lyrics :

Starring :
 Mohan Sharma
 Raeez Jamal Khan
 A. M. Turaz and Vicky Nagar
 Rajveer Sharma, Smita Jaykar, Megha Chatterjee, S. M. Zaheer, Shahbaaz Khan and Ganesh Yadav

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Hard-hitting cinema is catching fast with the audiences and so does the cloudburst of fresh talents that makes their dent with their incredible works. Surprises have always been theer in low profile flicks and RUSLAAN shows its gleam of hope in musical department. Talented Raeez Jamal Khan, along with equally prodigal lyricist A.M Turaz makes their way with this ''zero expectation'' flick that has a meaningful gist of storyline with an array of upcoming leading star-cast. We had seen miracles happening earlier and hope for the best to come from this promising set of musical team. Can RUSLAAN be the one underdog making its way into the big league? Does Raeez Jamal Khan's potential be big enough in making music as flick's biggest asset before its release? Just find this out...

Raeez Jamal Khan may feel fortunate to start the proceeding with divinity mixed with melody in the form of simplistically composed Sufi rock ''Qawalli'' ''Maula Maula''. It comes from the vocal expertise of Master Salim that finds fine trapping of traditional Vicky Nagar's suave lyrical works. Raeez's Sufi rock attire has strong shades of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's refined works but the feel is not soulful enough to make it into ''outstanding'' league, as it did in the similar sounding tracks like ''Maula Mere Maula'' (ANWAR -2006) and recently heard ''Arziyaan'' (DELHI-6).

''Maula Mere Maula (remix)'' by Abhimanyu Singh has that disco-binge of Sufi rock ''fusion'' than the highly accepted late night party hangover dancing feel. This remix can be listening addition for all those who have cherished soundtracks from Nusrat's fusion based album ''Afreen'' but still nothing outstanding for ''Qawalli'' lovers.

Soulful to the core! The harmony of everlasting romanticism mesmerizes to perfection within contours of serenity that blossoms with suppleness of gifted vocals and affectionately genteel arrangements in rhythm divine melody titled ''Pyar Ki Parsayee''. Raeez's ''purist-to-perfection'' composition is pure enchantment for ears and it's the mysticism of subtle arrangements in tender notes that fragrances out soul-stirring substance in it. Lyricist A.M. Turaz's soulful wordings bring out essence of being alive in loving acceptance that unleashes the beauty within our soul. It's a difficult expression to exude but lyricist's finesse in dictum is spectrum of nostalgic expressions. Hariharan's touching voice in subtle tones with fine collage of Sadhna Sargam's shimmering poise and ''alaap'' in the backdrop is the finest that one can ever expect from this modest looking melodic conglomerate. ''Pyaar Ki Parsayee'' is another ''Maula Mere Maula'' (ANWAR) that springs magical spells from this ''nobody-from-nowhere'' (Raeez Jamal Khan and A.M Turaz) with domineering mystical appeal in both its words and melody. Raeez Jamal Khan benchmarks himself with this rhythmical spell of pure ecstasy and adds substantial substance in making this ''must-hear'' soundtrack.

Candidly virtuous to the subject, ''Pyar Ki Parsayee (instrumental)'' is germane to innocence in tender expressions of love in mild ''n'' touching Pankaj Nath's synchronized flute rendition that touches to the core of heart with fine mix and match of classical ''alaaps'' in its interludes. The word ''brilliant'' seems to be perfect acronym for this melody that deserves to be heard repeatedly for its overall magnificent display. Sheer-magic!!!

Pop genre proves to be next set of targeted listeners with ample dosages of rock music pouring in with notable vocalists giving it touches of modernity in fast-pitched ''Har Ek Lamhe''. Javed Ali is fast emerging as Mr. Dependable and he rightfully delivers with his infectiously loud ''Oh-oh-ho-ho...'' matching in style to his upbeat pop singing. Sunidhi Chauhan's modulating tones gives it befitting support in slender feminine expressions embroiled in A.M Turaz's lovable wordings. Raeez's composition is whole-heartedly soft-rock in works with eclectically plucked electric guitar strumming along with racy percussions exuding out the feel of this delightful sounding romantic communion. Shailesh Suvama DJ ethics plays neat and meticulous in giving its ''remix version'' a conventional ''club remix'' in assorted electronic sounds, echoing impacts and DJ spins. Youthful!!!

RUSLAAN is a sweet and concise contribute from new musical prodigals with music that carries ''soul'' more than style in it. Raeez Jamal Khan along with A.M Turaz ushers out pure gem in the form of soul-enchanting ''Pyar Ki Parsayee'' (both versions) that deserves to get its due in due course of time. Despite its low contents (three original soundtracks and three remixes), the album proves to be honest affair. Low contents and profile, zero expectations and bleak promotion will be its biggest spoilsport but do treasure ''Pyar Ki Parsayee'' that carries the most ''wanted'' substance in present-day music- SOUL. It has in it!

Rating - 3/5

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