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Music Review : 7 Khoon Maaf

 7 Khoon Maaf
Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Vishal Bhardwaj
 Vishal Bhardwaj
 Priyanka Chopra, John Abraham, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Naseruddin Shah, Irrfan Khan, Anu Kapoor , Vivaan Shah and Aleksandr Dyachenko

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view 7 KHOON MAAF videos

view 7 KHOON MAAF videos

To inculcate new genre or unconventional style of filmmaking in commercial mainstream of Bollywood is indeed a herculean effort. There are filmmakers like Vishal Bharadwaj, who dared to swim against the tide and has succeeded in delivering it. 7 KHOON MAAF (inspired from Ruskin Bond's story Susanne's Seven Husbands) is one such effort that is not only realistically black but experimentally narrative. It pitches talented Priyanka Chopra in seven different avatars with seven male lead actors. If music of OMKARA and KAMINEY was sufficient enough to excite your senses, then do expect 7 KHOON MAAF to be next big thing on charts. Expectations- yes there are too many as this dark romantic flick has already made its presence through vivaciously sounding 'Darling'. Does this critically acclaimed director cum composer be able to deliver out another chartbusting success? Can we expect 7 KHOON MAAF to be one among best sellers of this year? Let's explore into its music terrains...

Hyped and then controversy! As the seven multifarious shades of Priyanka Chopra's character made their domineering presence in garishly loud 'Darling', it was labeled as inspired version of 'Kalinka' (Russian army marching choir song) in almost every media circuits. This flamboyantly promoted soundtrack was infectious in its catchiness, peculiarly voluble in grumbling tones, innovative in orchestral display that made itself notable, thanks to bold experimentation by composer Vishal Bharadwaj. It welcomes the arrival of Bollywood's first pop diva Usha Uthup back in marquee who croons 'Darrrrling' with immense pace to set tempo for ostentatiously festive number. Rekha Bharadwaj leads this 'Russian' flavored choral floor dancing number to perfection in her boisterous tones, nurtured optimally with all pompous sounds and rhythms to befit the mood. Bharadwaj's aesthetics in mixing and matching all 'military-drill' instrumental elements adds pulsating groove to the decorum and makes it a predictable chartbuster in days to come.

'Doosri Darling', the second version, comes as theatrically poignant feature where the songstress narrates her compassion for Russian lover. It comes in slightly sluggish mode and is more narrative in its flows, carrying the love-struck emotions in most appealing way. Impressive!!!

Soothing, calm and breezy in rhythmical flows, the 'shaiyarana andaaz' of Vishal Bharadwaj's somber toned singing makes impressive moves in poetically profound 'Bekaaran'. Gulzar's artistically ushered wordings ('Ik zara dekhiye toh, Aapke paaon tale, Kuch toh atka hai kahin, Waqt se kahiye chale, Udti udti si nazar, Mujhko choo jaaye aagar...') have mystical romanticism in air, serenading out subtle moments in those serene baritones. Vishal's extremely low pitched (somewhat reminiscent to Pankaj Udhas) voice gels appreciably in the supple decorum but it is Gulzar's poetic tinge that draws more laurels to the tracks. It's likely to be getting major takers among classy listeners, especially 'ghazal' lovers, for it's quintessentially 'shaiyarana' appeal. Just watch out for that relaxing 'Lillla...ahh' as the last breath of this soundtrack...

Russian musical madness, delectable 'ghazal' session and now hard-metal to enthrall! Versatility takes its top slot as the melodic tempo swivels to the grungy rock attire in bombastically bizarre 'O Mama'. Hot-headed percussive and ballistic voice of KK rocks the show and creates bedlam of affairs in this explosive sounding number. To be precise, it belongs to the genre of 'Death-rock' (belligerent percussions, bass guitar riffs and vocals), glorifying the phases of venomous infatuation in tangy wordings ('O' Mama, Kanche mare, Billi jaisi aankhon wali, Ek meow si ladki, O' Mama, O' Mama...') with racy Clinton Cerejo's supporting back-up vocals in the backdrop. KK proves to be prefect choice in fuelling up tempo in his extra vociferous throws colliding well with varying pitches, an ideal musical piece for rock concerts. Bharadwaj's composition is highly impressive and should catalyze 'yuppie' factor in this horrifying love saga.

view 7 KHOON MAAF stills

view 7 KHOON MAAF stills

'O Mama (acoustic)' adds pathos to this aggressive hard-metal song, exuding out a melodramatic scenario in this 'unplugged' version. KK's soothing voice is the cornerstone again for lifting up the spirits to deliver out another potential number to the album. Rocking!!!

Vishal Bharadwaj makes it clear that this time it will be 'rainbow' of genres and pitches out 'Sufism' as the next color to this musical show in 'Awaara'. Disappointing, disillusioned and dejected in expressions, Master Saleem's impressively excruciating voice throws, delivers it all in modulating tempo that is brilliantly matched with semi-classical arrangements. It brings out melancholic Sufi moments of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's era where quality singing gets fine blend of classical Sufi instrumental display (rabab, sarangi, santoor) with heartrending wordings as its main supports. Well versed and beautifully rendered, this soundtrack is one of the finest of solo ballads to arrive this year and deserves all positive on-screen histronics and pre-release promotion to prove its worth. Appealing!!!

From the struggling days of 'Chhod Aaye Hum' (MAACHIS) to confident sparkling phase of 'Raat Ke Dhai Baje' (KAMINEY), veteran Suresh Wadekar has been pivotal singing feature in Bharadwaj's musical spells. This time it's soft and tender romantic track 'Tere Liye', an old-fashionable love ballad that has been trademark of Bharadwaj's earlier works with added impressive modish jazz appeal. Suresh Wadekar's expressive voice appeals and so do delectable piano drills with Gulzar's easily perceptible wordings ('Halki si sardiyan aur saans garam ho, Shaamon ki shawl bhi, thodi si, narm ho, Tere liye kishmish chune, Piste chune, Tere liye...') adding to the sublimity of the situation. This may not be the finest in its cadre but a reasonably hummable number that should find trapping of picturesque happening on big screen.

'Zahreeley' (ROCK ON) was ferociously haunting and so do the next hard-metal base track titled 'Dil Dil Hi'. Extra screechy Suraj Jagan is again at the helm of affairs, pumping out his heart and thriving out his vocal chords to accentuate out this viciously ear-splitting rock number. Like 'O Mama', this hot-headed number too has connotations of 'Death rock' with haunting feel, exhibited well through harsh and repetitive drumming and coarsely pitched vocals. Situational to the core, it will be appealing to minimal sect of listeners (primarily concert loving youngsters) but should be appreciable add in epitomizing violent or compelling moments of the flick.

Painstakingly melodramatic with divine feel, the final outing comes out in Rekha Bharadwaj's morose expressional tones in touching 'Yeshu'. The song comes out as author-backed depiction of protagonist's plight with tonality of a church-prayer. Vishal Bharadwaj's efforts are appreciable in enamoring out serenity through chants, bell-rings, synchronized chorals, adding to the pathos of the track. The song is thematically inclined and is presumed to be motivating factor in building up a graph of protagonist character as it sums up varied emotions in its six minutes plus display.

7 KHOON MAAF is a musical feast as well as listening delight experience, showcasing varied genres, styles and formats, delivered well through absorbing wordings and potential singing. It is a well etched album delivering out music that is narrative, engaging as well as enthralling in nature. After delivering out chartbusters hits in albums like OMKARA and KAMINEY, Vishal Bharadwaj has another winner in hand with promising soundtracks like 'Darling', 'O Mama', 'Bekaraan' and 'Awaara', giving out enough reasons to strike gold in audio markets. Like Bharadwaj's previously directed flicks, this one too has music as one of its trump-card and it will be really interesting to view them when they strike big on D-Day.


Rating - 4/5

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