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 Aap Ka Surror
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Music :
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 Prashant Chadha
 Himesh Reshammiya
 Himesh Reshammiya, Mallika Sherawat, Hansika Motwani

By Satyajit, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

20 soundtracks! 1 male vocalist cum composer! This turns out to be pinnacle of all endeavors for Sufi megalomaniac Himesh Reshammiya as he dazzles bright with blistering rocking tracks and smolders out sentimentalism in couple of expressively passionate tracks. This finely blended musical compilation comes out as mantle for his dream debut as obsessed and beleaguered lover in AAP KA SURROR – THE MOVIEE (Movie with two “e”).

The frenzied pace rap (Earl), haunting sense of desolation and despondency gets mesmerized with the loud punch of rip-roaring beats and foot-thumping rhythms in setting the tempo of expression of salutation to the exasperated “lost love” in the deserving super hit soundtrack “Assalam Valekum”. The sauntering paced drumming and hip-shaking rhythmic effects mellows fiercely with Reshammiya’s peculiar nasal twang in making it his biggest hit of this year. This “Sufi” element based number will surely skyrocket chartbusters in big way and sounds reminiscent to all time hits of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s Sufi fusion works. Akbar Sami’s peppy and perky DJ expertise zooms into eardrums as the sizzling paced disco beats fillers, foot thumping drumming and flickering paced beat juggling effects creates a furor of emotions in “Assalam Valekum (remix)”. After two enthralling versions, “Assalam Valekum (dark mix)” props as engrossing background score with spine-chilling intimidating effect mixed with loud drumming thumps, DJ claps and scratching effects. ROCKING!!!

The tenderness of lovers “communion” sprightly emanates out the romantic feel in typical Sufi fusion base style where Reshammiya middling pitch rendition shows its finesse in the ballad “Tera Mera Milna”. The impulsive Sufi elements mushroom in recurring pace as the backdrop with Shreya Ghoshal’s silken vocals mellowing with it in tandem. This rhythmically delivered subtle track is amalgamated with contemporary DJ’s techno-wizardry in a rather redundant hip-shaking presentation “Tere Mera Milna (remix)”. “Tera Mera Milna (House Mix)” has added impressive essentials of classical “alaap” (Jayesh Gandhi) with fine concoction of “sarangi” and “tabla loop”, giving it an edge over the previous remix number.

Himesh Reshammiya tracks down contemporary Bollywood’s harmonious flair with strong flavors of fusion Sufi “Qaawali” in tunefully melodious “Jhooth Nahin Bolna”. It brings shades of psychedelic 70’s with big orchestration inspiration (combination of “tabla”, “sitar”, “ghungroo”, “dhapli”, “harmonium” and “shehnai”) from Nadeem Shravan’s school of music. This ethnically orchestrated number is remixed in typical “club” mix attire as spirited vocals are sequentially mixed with fastidious foot-thumping drumming with a festive feel of “sarangi” and “shehnai” notes in pulsating “Jhooth Nahin Bolna (remix)”.

“Tanhaiyaan” or “Tanhaiieeyaan” (as articulated in the song) is engrossing amalgamation of medium paced Sufi rock base and inspiring vocals where lover mesmerizes his nostalgic moments and shows his recluse after inevitable severance. Sameer’s dramatically mournful lyrics excel in exhibiting the emotional excruciation and should be complimented as one of his finest sentimental display of the year. It has a tinge of signature tune where intimidating harmonic impulse collages expressively with Reshammiya’s loud pitched and Sunidhi’s synchronized feminine vocal display. After “Assalam Valekum”, this promises another combustible chartbusting treat and positively will be great asset for its connoisseurs. “Tanhaiyaan (unplugged)” has more theatrical feel in its brief rendition as it gives out silhouetted images of desolated expressions worn by the protagonists. Akbar Sami’s histrionics are back as it produces a “desert rose” by remixing this gloomy number in a vigorous flashy and upbeat style in “Tanhaiyaan (remix)”. The infectious echoing effect, DJ claps, animated drumming beats collides effectively with signature tunes and spirited vocals in creating rollicking dance floor track. SUPERHIT!!!


The mood swings to contemporary Sufi based lyrical work with scurry of fusion music elements in above average “Ya Ali”. It has stylish Arabian base music that gels brightly with Sufi fusion rock but the desired zing is missing. It’s a rare disappointment as the number suffocates with recurring beat patterns and continuous rendition of “Ya Ali”. This belligerent number is about the painfully expressive parting emotions delivered by Sunidhi Chauhan and Himesh Reshammiya with no big hullabaloo. Akbar Sami’s two highly pulsating remixes works effectively than the original soundtrack as the accelerated “beats per second” adds dash of frolicsome pace in it. “Ya Ali (Electro Mix)” has added loud electronically generated disco beat fillers that make it vibrantly sounding in a rattling pace sound patterns. “Ya Ali (remix)” charters the conventional “club” mix path and makes its presence special for disco freaks.

Nostalgia of “Aap Ka Surror” refurbishes into soul-stirring melodic work that should work as emblematic presentation to this heart piercing love saga in “Tere Bina”. The echoing “lounge” music effect, synchronized violin notes, “tabla-sarangi” loop is beautifully mesmerized in slow paced and pitched Sufi fusion music rendition. Sameer’s mournfully gloomy lyrics lift the spirits and finally transpire the musical tranquility into serene musical work. The serenity of expressions loses its way in undesired and unwanted DJ display in “Tere Bina (remix).

Reshammiya plucks strings of Classical Indian music in delivering his passionate aspiration for his beloved in sluggishly paced “Kya Jeena”. Its modest musical arrangement with strong classical musical influence will restrict its acceptance among pop genre. “Kya Jeena (remix)” sounds like an accommodated filler to fill the space as heavily sentimentals needs strong blend of “lounge” music impact than loud pitched “club” music style of mixing.

Reshammiya takes a bow to legendary R.D Burman by chilling out “Mehbooba” (SHOLAY) in an obligatory and apologetic manner to Asha Bhonsale as he remixes, revamps and refurbishes this soundtrack in two different versions.

AAP KA SURROR – THE MOVIEE reinstates Himesh Reshammiya in top slot once again as the album succeeds to be his second major musical presentation after the magnanimous triumph of NAMASTEY LONDON. The album sparkles brightest in vivaciously punched “Assalam Valekum”, sensitively turbulent “Tanhaiyaan” and soothes senses with poignantly melodious “Tere Bina” and “Tere Mera Milna”. It seems that Reshammiya has treasured these melodies and tunes for this dream project and these impressive works will probably re-establish his stature as pop icon after series of misfired albums.



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