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 Himesh Reshammiya
  Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanaka Chopra

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Download Aitraaz WallpapersAfter the disastrous debacle of Taarzan - The Wonder Car (which did no Wonders whatsoever), the immensely brilliant director duo Abbas-Mustan are fortuitously back to their wisest choices of cast and crew with Aitraaz. Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanaka Chopra starrer Aitraaz is a swift adventure movie with music being of the essence.

Himesh Reshammiya exclusively composes the music for this esteemed project while Sameer feels at home with some of his long-standing associations still going strong. Produced under the illustrious banner of Mukta Arts, Aitraaz carries the International undergo and rightly so, as the movie seems to be greatly inspired from the Hollywood Blockbuster 'Disclosure'. Let us cruise through the musical course of Aitraaz and see how inspired oops… inspiring it is.

With the aperture of the very first track 'Ankhe Bandh Karke', you may perhaps feel you are listening to 'Dil Ne Yeh Kaha Hai Dil Se' from Dhadkan, but the tune sprucely or rather instantly moves on to be more unique. The melody of the track is affable and uncomplicated. Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik dutifully execute the romantic track and the lyrics only help them do better. It may well be difficult to reminisce the track unless you listen to it for at least thrice, but the rich musical prop up is hard to miss.

Udit Narayan Alka Yagnik continues to get better with each impending track. 'Tala Tum' is meaningless lyrically, but the harmony of the track is rather fascinating. A solid situational support may be required to justify the existence of this track in the movie.

The album regains consciousness with 'Woh Tassavvur Ka Alam'. Perhaps one of the best tracks on the album, it has been sung by the best in the industry - Udit Narayan and Alka Yagnik again. A charismatic melody and opulent composition prove to be a savior to this sinking album. Lyrics are special and at it's meaningful best and appends the quality of the track.

Download Aitraaz WallpapersSensuousness just gets better with the next track 'Nazar Aa Raha Hai'. Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan once again mesmerize with their soulful singing and this is what enhances the melody of this track, but not the complete extent.

Adnan Sami and Sunidhi Chauhan do their kinda singing in 'Gela Gela Gela'.

After 'Tum Tala' this is another hollow track in every sense of term. Adnan's lousy singing fails to recreate the Udi Udi magic from Saathiya, although he tries hard to. Even after incessant listening, the only aspects of the track that may possibly take off are the initial two lines.

The lyrics these days are turning out to be more and more naked and raw.

Download Aitraaz WallpapersThe title track is just one of those, having Sunidhi Chauhan blaring at the top of her voice, I want to make love to you. The track has melody by a hair's breadth, but I presume it would more than suffice given that the steamy picturization of this track will be remembered and cherished by hoards of the desperate souls waiting to devour anything that even remotely looks or sounds like 'Bheege Honth Tere' from 'Murder'.

Reshammiya's final attempt to entice the audiences with 'Hey You Yeh Dil Tum Pe Aa Gaya' is also not good enough. K.K. and Alisha haul the track to a different genre and leave it there. With the exception of a fine melody, the track has almost everything that is neither required nor recognized.

The album also has a dozen of Mix versions for almost all the tracks that are equally inconsequential.

The music of Aitraaz moves from being emblematic Himesh harmonies to a mix of contemporary fast-paced beats, which is totally need based. The pleasant and delightful melody of Himesh's music is somehow missing in Aitraaz such that not one track really grows on you unless you force yourself to them and/or vice-versa.

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