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 Raj Kanwar
 Akshay Kumar, Priyanka  Chopra, Lara Dutta

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Much-awaited Andaaz's tracks have been appearing enthusiastically on satellite channels these days. Produced by Suneel Darshan, Andaaz features a very lucrative and an impressive star cast. Two beauty queens make their respective debuts here with this flick. They include gorgeous and sexiest Priyanka Chopra (Ex-Miss World) and attractive lass Lara Dutta (Ex-Miss Universe) respectively. Akshay plays a lead role opposite both of these beauties. Akshay's flicks are considered to be fully action packed but here with Andaaz till date, it seems the movie walks on the smooth pavements of love and romance. If so, then it could be a nice and new change in Akshay's film career. Suneel Darshan once again appears along with his all time favorite Akshay Kumar in this movie and this combination can lead them to the heights of success. Raj Kanwar comes on the pitch to play the innings of direction. Raj may succeed with Andaaz, as he has not been in a good form over the years. His latest venture, Ab Ke Baras could not do well at the box office. So his eyes are focusing on Andaaz, which can hit the jackpot in the days to come. On the other hand, Suneel and Akshay's pair has been in their element giving hits like Jaanwar and Ek Rishta. But their latest bomb, Talaash, could not explode at the box office. Andaaz might fetch all of them a real success for which they all have been longing for ages.

The duo of Nadeem-Sharvan once again polishes up their instruments to compose the music for this show, Andaaz. Their composition is brilliant as usual, for which this pair is known well. Sameer, who is becoming each and every filmmaker's favorite day by day, pens the lyrics for this album. Suneel Darshan also tries his hand at presenting this album. His home music company, Shri Krishna International Audio releases the soundtrack, which has 8 tracks in total to entertain the ears of the listeners who have been begging for a sweet and melodious music for a longer period of time.

The soundtrack welcomes the listeners with 'Kisi Se Tum Pyar Karo'. The duo of Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik delivers the number romantically well in a perfect rhythmical style, which automatically enters into the ears. A romantic and melodious track all the way! The music is much appealing and catchy. Nadeem-Sharvan arranges the tunes in a manner, which is liked by all and sundry. The creativity is pretty obvious in the work. Lyrics by Sameer win the hearts. As the song has been appearing on satellite channels for days, it's becoming very popular amongst the audience. The number that deserves full marks from every aspect and has a magnificent hearing effect too. The track will definitely top the charts and might bag awards in future.

Kumar Sanu polishes up his voice by delivering 'Kitna Pagal Dil Hai', a romantic and melodious number all the way. The lyrics by Sameer completely signify the mood of the song accurately. Sameer seems in his excellent form. Sanu renders the song perfectly well in an impeccable style. The composers' duo Nadeem-Sharvan decorates the tunes beautifully well. A good dish for all music lovers.

Alka Yagnik pockets the same number, 'Kitna Pagal Dil Hai'. She delivers it well but her vocals do not register a good impact if we compare them to Kumar's vocals. Anyway the track is passable. Lyrics are excellent whereas the music is also up to the mark.

'Allah Kare Dil Na Lage Kisise' wakes up having versatile Sonu Nigam and Alka Yagnik doing the honors. Together they both sing the song in their silken voice. The number hits the listeners' emotions to the direction where they arrive in the state of ecstasy. Sameer getting drenched in a beautiful feeling pens fantastic lyrics. Music is stupendous. Nadeem-Sharvan being high profile composers score a lucrative piece of music here which is very ear-friendly and leaves a good impression on the listeners.

A crew of vocalists comes next to prove their mettle in singing by rendering 'Rabba Ishq Naa Hove'. Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik, Sapna Mukherjee and a new find Kailash team up and deliver it well. A qawwali type song, having average lyrics by Sameer. Music is accurate. The pair (Nadeem-Sharvan) fulfills their routine duty of presenting a qawwali type of number in every album of them. Overall an ok track.

Udit Narayan teams up with Alka Yagnik to deliver 'Aaj Kehna' in their deep voices. A romantic number all the way. Both the singers knowing their duty do well with their respective jobs. Sameer excels in lyrics a bit. Whereas music by Nadeem-Sharvan is average. The song might stay with the listeners for a specific period of time.

'Aayega Maza Ab Barsat Ka' yawns and brings the listeners Babul Supriyo and Alka Yagnik as vocalists of this track. The duo of Babul and Alka attracts with their vocals but the lyrics and music cannot accompany them. Finally the song becomes a so so number.

Shaan pairs up with Alka Yagnik to deliver 'Shala La Baby', an item number all the way. The song has been shinning pretty well on all satellite channels these days. The crystal clear renditions of the singers lift the song in an accurate style. The number when played automatically produces thrill in the bodies. Energetically composed by Nadeem-Sharvan, the number has also good lyrics by Sameer. An electric number to lock the album. The track might also take a good position on the charts as it has a solid potential to be the one amongst the good numbers.

On the whole, the soundtrack of Andaaz showcases the marvelous and creative skills of the composer duo, Nadeem-Sharvan. No doubt, some of the tracks will bag awards in future. The album has an up market music. The whole content of the soundtrack is memorable and a gorgeous gift for the people who have an ear for rhythmical music.

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