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 Manish Jha
 Pankaj Awasthi, Mithoon
 Hasan Kamaal
 Manisha Koirala, Siddharth Koirala, Nauheed Cyrusi, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz

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AnwarLost in the jungles of communal vandalism, an innocent trapped in web of political conspiracies… this is the world of ‘ANWAR – nation without love’. Manish Jha’s earth shattering success of MATRUBHOOMI – nation without women’ made him phenomenal entity in tinsel town and the tirade continues with “nation without love” in ANWAR. Musical surprises galore in this highly sensitive melodramatic realism as rhythms, sounds, beats, vocals and genres collage to create different sounds. Melody sounds sweetest in this unwanted deep rooted communal vitriolic abhorrence and it comes from two new musical prodigies – Mithoon and Pankaj Awasthi. Mithoon made big news with “Tere Bin” (BAS EK PAL) and now he is back with mentally relaxing musical bonanza in numbers like “Maula Mere Maula” and “Tose Naina Lagey”. Pankaj Awasthi music comes out with folksy rustic flavors but fails to match with Mithoon’s superlative harmonic feat. Siddarth Koirala makes performance of his lifetime as “Anwar” after being written off in clumsily portrayed sexual maniac in ‘FUN-love can be dangerous’.

The everlasting mysticism of God Almighty comes with fresh whiff of air as soulful chanting of “Maula Mere Maula” enlightens senses in beautifully composed “Maula Mere Maula”. Roop Kumar Rathod could have never sounded so meaningful and soulful with Sayed Quadri lyrics camouflaging divinity with eternal love. The poetic lyrics are epitome of divine serenity as it transforms listeners into ambience of mentally relaxing decorum. Mithoon music is a revelation with harmonious backdrop of everlasting tranquility seeping into mind and senses. It never gets out of mind and makes you listen again and again for its priceless melodic excellence.

Song of desperation and emotional exasperation falls into ears in semi-classic vocals of singer and composer Pankaj Awasthi in the soundtrack “Dilbar Mera”. Awasthi’s loud vocals emote out lost, depressed sentiments of frustrated lover with repetitive violin notes and tabla loops. Shyam Ravindran poetic lyrics sound too mediocre and monotonous than sentimental with screeching vocals making it average composition. 

AnwarThe soft and subtle waterfalls noises melting out with soulfully romantic vocals come as another musical delight by Mithoon in “Javeda Zindagi (Tose Naina Lagey)”. The romantic idealism rendered through Hasan Kamaal lyrics are visited through the sounds of natural delights and classically enriched vocal impact by new singing talents Kshitij and Shipa Rao. Kshitij rising and echoing classical vocals (“ragas” and “alaaps”) comes flying with fine rhythmic balancing of guitar strumming, violin notes and tabla loops. Shilpa Rao breathy vocals strike enchanting feminine equilibrium to Kshitij’s emotionally quivering vocals. Hear it for soulfully delightful romanticism as it makes two in succession after “Maula Mere Maula” by Mithoon.

AnwarFolksy and raunchy to the core, the hip-shaking UP-Bihar “nautanki” makes screeching presence in loud and garish vocals of Megha Sriram in “Bangla Khula”. The wild folksy tunes of “Ishq Kameena” and “Aayi Hoon UP Bihar Lootne” are rehashed in new folksy musical packaging with ludicrous and double meaning lyrical impact by Dharam Sarthi. Guest composer Ghungroo changes the mood from subtle serenity to sensually rustic flavors felt in recently heard “Beedi” and “Namak” (‘Omkara’).

It gets raunchier and front bencher’s delight as Vishvajeet remixes this number with techno generated disco beats in hip-shaking “Bangla Khula (remix)”.

The dream journey to world of “hope and desires” gets the make over of refined instrumental backdrop of electronic flute in sentimentally divine number “Anwar’s dream- A symphony in blue”. This time its Pankaj Awasthi’s sounds and notes that are emoted through fine display of flute and couple of stringed instruments.

Awasthi makes strikingly intimidating presence in another instrumental work “Into the Black”. The dark and daunting loneliness is emoted through keyboard instrumental works with brief rendition of classical “alaaps”.

Pankaj Awasthi’s classy pitched vocals return in deep, depressed and emotionally tormented soundtrack “Jo Maine Aas Lagayi”. This brief vocal performance depicts excruciating emotions of depressed lover in almost unplugged musical version.

AnwarThe final touches comes in rustic and folksy feel in Pankaj Awasthi’s extra loud and ear splitting vocals in “Mela (Shadow of light)”. It’s last dosage of “lok-sangeet” (folk music) that may sound cacophonous to average listener but will have acceptance from its segment of audiences.

Mithoon, new kid on the block rules the soul and heart through soulfully harmonious soundtracks “Maula Mere Maula” and “Tose Naina Lagay” and proves to be prodigal talent of this year. Even Pankaj Awasthi comes out with moments of joy, ecstasy, fear and love in couple of instrumental soundtracks. The music of ANWAR is cut above the rest for being innovative in delivering spiritually and mentally relaxing musical feast. It will have its share of acceptance but hear it again and again for “Maula Mere Maula”.

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