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 Dharmesh Darshan
 Nadeem Shravan
 Anil Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, and Sushmita Sen

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Music knows no barriers. Telecommunications and Internet are the technological phenomenons that have shriveled the orb to such an extent that everyone is nigh on close to each other. Nadeem and Shravan are two such partners in rhyme who have been composing hit after hit, year after year notwithstanding such wide geographical barriers amid the two of them.

Dharmesh Darshan is one such Nadeem-Shravan loyalist, who has at all times stood by them through thick and thin and all his previous movies have had not only best-sellers but also the most enduring music from the duo (Raja Hindustani, Dhadkan to name a few). They come together under Boney /Sridevi Kapoor's copious production "Bewafaa". Extravagance begins with the cast, which is star studded in the true sense of word, as some of the existing searing favorites rub shoulders with each other. Akshay Kumar and Kareena have overt reasons to beam post Aitraaz, while Sush's magnetism seldom fails. As for Anil Kapoor, nothing matters, this is his home production and besides, he is way ahead of any such contemplation.

Nadeem Shravan, Udit Narayan and Akshay Kumar steal the show at the very first instant with "Ek Dilruba Hai" for the tune, singing and the on-screen execution likewise. Check out Akki's tattooed rock star look and Udit Narayan's customized singing to help Akki decoy any woman with his vocal and corporeal maleness. Sameer too deserves every bit of applause for this situational track. One to watch in totality.

"Pyaar Ka Anjaam" is more of an unadventurous and uncomplicated track bearing expounding Nadeem Shravan touch. Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik just live up to the expectations while methinks someone of Sunidhi's aptitude could have done better justice than Sapna Mukherjee. The melody of the track is blasť as well as mundane while it's impossible to tell apart for the lyrics.

"Kaise Piya Se" is a pleasant package of bolt from the blue with Lata Mangeshkar's divine vocals escalating an average tune like this to a certain level that is beyond any eerie annotations. A tragic number by nature sounds soothing on ears due to Lata Di's mature singing and equally mature lexis. The track deserves an instrumental and rightfully gets one toward the end of the album.

Abhijeet carries forward the intense undergo of the album with "Ishq Chupta Nahin". A track so mellow is also a showcase of Abhijeet's passionate and emotive singing skills, but a very common tune makes the track very somnolent of much excitement.

Asha Bhonsle and Shaan shatter the milieu of intense emotions created so far with "Kehta Hai Kabutar". A true Govinda ishytle track with lots of fun and pun along with loud music and typical Ahsa Bhonsle feats should go well with the masses.

Shaan returns with his version of "Ek Dilruba Hai" called "Pyaar Ki Raahein". Not better than Narayan's rendition, the track is an interlude of barely 1 minute 15 seconds and does not register that effectively.

It is now Sonu's turn to display his version of "Ek Dilruba Hai", but the word Dilruba now gets replaced with Bewafa. High on beats and rhythm the track is basically, the remixed version, if I may say so. Sonu Nigam along with a supportive female chorus sounds young and restless, which is good in a way, but the original version of the track still rules.

The album returns to its fervent feel with Ghulam Ali's "Teri Yaad Yaad Yaad". A Ghazal by country's Ace Ghazal singer with modern orchestration does have elements to grow even on an ephemeral music lover due to its commercial appeal. The placement of the track in the movie should be of the essence.

An instrumental called "Drum Beat" concludes this varied compilation rather skillfully and energetically. Positively, this is the only piece where one can let the hair down and dance.

Musically, the movie can boast of an assortment of top quality singers of our nation and it is indeed very formidable. At present however, barring a track or two others seem to be a ravage of prestigious singers. Nevertheless, with Boney Kapoor, Sahara and Dharmesh Darshan, the movie is in safe hands and one can vouch on their ability to get themselves heard.

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