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 Sudhir Mishra
 Sandesh Shandilya
 Irshad Kamil
 Kareena Kapoor, Rahul Bose

By Raunaq Kotecha

Off late you must have spotted Kareena Kapoor on various Television channels in flashy red colored sari along with loud make-up on her face. Well, she is all set to promote her latest movie - Chameli, where she plays a sex worker. Rahul Bose, who has by now attained mastery in acting in such off beat movies will also be seen (or should I say only be seen) with Bebo in this movie. Chameli's screenplay is quite predictable, due to the promos frequenting on every television channel, but hopefully what might turn out to be different is the climax, as well as the treatment of the subject. Chameli is a dream project of the late Anant Balani, whose untimely death resulted in shift of directorial honors of the movie to Sudhir Mishra, whose preceding movie - Calcutta Mail, recently bombed deficiently at the Box office. Produced by Pritish Nandy Communications (PNC), Chameli is geared up for an early 2004 release.
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Chameli's music has been composed by Sandesh Shandilya, who has once again done a fantastic job after Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Lyrical department has been governed collectively by Irshad Kamil and Prof. R.N. Dubey. All the songs are sung by Sunidi Chauhan, who has once again displayed true colors of her talent and versatility in the movie.

The very first track of the movie itself is a Magnum Opus. "Bhaage re mann kahin" is a soulful rendition by Sunidhi depicting joy of a woman in a quixotic and seducing showery night. Sunidhi excels in generating the right amount of crisp and youth with modulating to a supple voice (which is otherwise husky) to which Kareena slickly sets the screen ablaze. The song has an ability to coerce you to an entirely different world right from start to finish with exceptionally divine flute pieces and equally delightful musical arrangements. Lyrics by Irshad Kamil are also apt and just as divine to compliment the feel of the song. This track in particular has a very high repeat value, as one dose of it will lead to another and the addiction will persist.

Sunidhi goes from velvety to absolutely husky in this next track called "Sajna ve Sajna". Chameli Wallpapers This is essentially a dance bar number filmed with spot lights and few dancers in background, but the music and treatment of the song is far from being repulsive or down market. In fact, the song sounds extremely situational and has meaningful lyrics like "Teri khatir duniya se ab tanha hi lad jaaongi". The tune is quite enticing and can also make you shake a leg or two. Sunidhi's voice modulations again are commendable and especially the high pitches towards the end of the stanzas are particularly noticeable. Sajna Ve positively adds value to the album.

Next comes another celestial track "Jaane" with Sunidhi again getting back to a idealistic mood, but this time along with Udit Narayan, who also lends his eternal voice to this track. Both the singers exhibit exceptional mastery in singing this soulful composition with again some truly consequential lyrics and a subtle tune. However, the saxophone pieces and high-pitched notes by Sunidhi in this track just cannot go unnoticed.

If you are craving for more than just continue listening and Sunidhi will return with the same track - "Jaane", but this time with Javed Ali, who executes a fair job in complimenting to the feel of the song. Although, he sounds more like Shaan, but provides some freshness to the song. All you have to do is decide for yourself, as to which one is better, the one with Udit or this one.

Chameli WallpapersMaintaining the pace of the album, "Yeh Lamha" will lure you to an extent, but due to a scarcely impressive tune and being repetitive in nature, Yeh Lamha might fail to bag a second listening session. Although, if you are the one who can look beyond tunes and more so if you give prime importance to lyrics then this one is for you. Prof. R.N. Dubey, has penned momentous lyrics for this one, and this certainly places this track high on lyrical value.

Last but not the least; you can listen to Soul of Chameli, which is the only composition that lacks Sunidhi's voice, as it is an instrumental of "Jaane". Although, Soul of Chameli is an instrumental of one particular track, it sums up the entire musical theme of the album.

If Chameli as a movie is a showcase of Kareena's acting talents then as an album, it is even a bigger showcase of Sunidhi's vocal talents. Although, there are not many variations in all the songs and most of songs play on similar lines, variations and modulations in Sunidhi's voice are adequate to bequeath Chameli's music an attentive listening. Also, full marks to Sandesh Shandilya for coming up with some divine tunes and award winning musical combinations.

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