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 Kalpana Lajmi
 Aadesh Shrivastava
 Sushmita Sen, Anuj Sawhney and Mithunda

By Ronak Kotecha, Bollywood Trade News Network Send to Friend

Off beat movies with one main stream star is her signature style. Kalpana Lajmi, one of the few women directors in India, is ready with her next project – CHINGAARI. The curiosity associated with this movie has only increased over the time due to various controversies surrounding it and for the interesting story line with an equally interesting star cast that has Sushmita Sen, Mithunda and Anuj Sawhney playing interesting characters. Aadesh Shrivastava’s music too compliments the distinctive feel of the movie.

The very first track, “Dank Maare,” has the most rustic and countrified feel with Sunidhi at her versatile best. Once again, the girl manages to pull off a total rural act by getting her base vocals out. With Aadesh sketching a melodious tune set on Sameer’s apt lyrics, the track is an entertainment package for the masses and should create enough impact in the story as well. Watch out for Aadesh doing a solo on the same track and giving a run for their money to Ila Aruns and Sapna Awasthis.

Aadesh Shrivastava takes sole credit for the subdued “Kitni Sardi Kitni Garmi,” that has an anonymous female voice supporting in the background. An average voice for an average tune that sounds more situational than likable.

After Aadesh, it is his wife, Vijayata Pandit (remember, she debuted opposite Kumar Gaurav in the hugely successful Love Story). At first, she sounds a bit like Lata Mangeshkar and then suddenly a little like Kavita Krishnamurthy and as the track advances her vocals become an interesting mix of Lata’s tranquility and Kavita’s magnetism. Set on a good tune, the track scores on lyrics too. It’s difficult to comprehend why a music director like Aadesh would go talent hunting for a TV channel’s desperate wannabe singer competition and not exploit such good talent back home.

Sunidhi returns with another energetic, earth shattering number “Maha Kaali” that is a prayer for the firebrand Indian Goddess Maha Kaali known for her killer attitude. A good tune that is at its best when heard in the movie.

Next is an instrumental called “Taandav” and much like its name, the music too is very vigorous, brisk with drums, and other instruments played at their full capacity. Once again, there is anonymous chorus that chant the inexplicable mantra.

Side B of the tape has only one new track called “Jab Jab Saiyyan” by one Himani Kapoor and the rest are repetitions of the previous tracks by the musical couple – Aadesh and Vijayata.

“Jab Jab Saiyyan” is a total classical with the traditional Tabla, Sitar and Santoor at play at the traditional Kothas and the singer’s vocals prominently bring out the classical touch and surprisingly Sameer writes some of the most pertinent lyrics. In all probabilities, this should be filmed on Miss Sen-sation and should be one to watch out for in the movie.

CHINGAARI’s music is more to be audio-visualized while watching the movie, as it’s so much a part of the movie. There are some terrific experiments tried out by the music director that merit appreciation. Musically, CHINGAARI may not be the best of the releases this year, but the music will definitely be remembered for its exclusivity in the movie.

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