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Starring :
 Vivek Agnihotri
 Dev Kohli, Mayur Puri, Praveen Bhardwaj, Ajeet Srivastava
 Anil Kapoor, Suneil Shetty, Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Emraan Hashmi, Sushma Reddy, Tanushree Dutta

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Post Kaante, its been sort of a fashion statement to wear black coats, goggles and some madcap hairdo and aimlessly wander around the streets of a city abroad. While the previous flicks had only the men meandering around,Download Chocolate Wallpapers this one has the women too following the footsteps of their male counterparts. This Anil unshaven Kapoor, Suneil Shetty, Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Emraan Hashmi, Sushma Reddy starrer has former Miss India Tanushree Dutta making her debut in the tinsel town. With name as unusual as its cast, Chocolate is yet another laden attempt from Vibha Bhatnagar and Ragini Sona of Spice Team Entertainments who have previously delivered duds like Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya and Shukriya. Thankfully, the duo have roped in music director Pritam whose Dhoom went on to become an international hysteria. Directed by debutant director Vivek Agnihotri, this chic thriller has music only for the young and the restless.

Halka Halka Sa Yeh Sama grips right from the prologue of flute pieces till the very last note. Style and Sonu cohesively transcend beyond the average standards while the upbeat orchestration compliments the hazy youthful feel of the track to the core. Lyricist Mayur Puri keeps it simple yet modern. While Sonu prominently features on the credits Sunidhi Chauhan despite putting up an equally efficient performance in the promos on air is missing (for some strange reasons) not only from credits but also from the track.
Well, if you are contemplating some rocking, the rocky remix of the track with some thumping beats and compulsive firang lingua franca might NOT be just the right thing you are looking for. The remix trudges at a pace as sluggish as the original and those few superfluous beats do not do much good.

Download Chocolate WallpapersHowever, one could continue gentle grooving with Panaahon Mein Mohabbat Ki as Kunal Ganjawala hauls you through the nuances of love, pyar, mohabbat et all. Not a fine tune and not a great rocker either, the track may not hold on to itself for long. Lyricist Praveen Bhardwaj offers a modest lyrical support, but in totality, the track lacks the likable element.

The album quickly picks up the lost pieces and makes up for the little loss with Jhuki Khuki where Sunidhi Chauhan and Kailash Kher sing from the hearts for the hearts. Lyrically, superior with Dev Kohli, the track is a compulsive Pritam composition with idyllic instruments having an echoing prop up of a lilting yet mystifying tune and a blend of indo-western cede.

Download Chocolate WallpapersGraduating from a slow start, the Chocolate Theme goes on to become quite a grove and then turns into a monotony with numerous instruments playing in the milieu and some chorus solidarity and a meaningless verse by an anonymous male voice, no credits dished out.

Sensuous voice of Suzan opens Khalish and is almost instantly taken over by Kunal Ganjawala in his extreme modernity and high-pitched vocal stretches. The track turns out to be a discreet winner with an enigmatic enthrall and vigorous lyrics by Mayur Puri.

An annoying accentuated English verse by one Indi when followed by the soothing vocals of Sunidhi Chauhan in Bheega Bheega Sa Yeh December Hai opens the floodgates of sensuality and serene undertones of tender love.
Aesthetic expressions by Ajeet Srivastava crooned with absolute grace and tranquility; make this track divine and delightful to quite an extent.

Download Chocolate WallpapersThe compilation springs to hard core hammering with Sunidhi in a total contradiction of the previous. The sensuous and serene grace turns into a tormenting teaser of some weird nature and sense with some of the most rubbish terminologies in the history of Hindi cinema that go something like Kehte hai badi hot hoon main - Tequila ka ek shot hoon main.magar Mummy se nahin kehna. Succumbing to the bizarre demands of the makers could be on of the viable justifications Mayur Puri and Pritam can give for such obtuse lyrics and music respectively.

K.K. marks the end of this roller coaster ride with Zahreeli Raatein. High on electronic contrivances and brisk beats, the track sounds quite analogous to the Viju Shah school of thought. The track is so fast paced and fervent that the melody is lost right from the beginning and does not return ever.

Download Chocolate WallpapersChocolate is a blend of real good to average and some truly below average tracks, but the ratio of good to bad is, thankfully quite healthy. With Bollywood entering one of its most exciting and unpredictable phases ever, one cannot underestimate the potentials of any upcoming endeavor. All it takes for a track is to catch fancy of a few unswerving audiences and its just a matter of time before the track, along with all the other tracks and the entire movie becomes a mass hysteria.

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