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Starring :
 Sukhawant Dhadda
 Sukhwinder Singh, Sardool Sikander.
 Debi Makhsoopuri, Tajinder Harjit.
 Gracy Singh, Vinod Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey.

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Sardool Sikander, the renowned Punjabi musical sensation makes himself audible in Bollywood through rustic Punjabi folk culture encapsulating marital relationships in CHOORIYAN. The album brings the team work of Sardool Sikander with prominent musical prodigy Sukhwinder Singh with almost half dozen culturally enriched soundtracks. Folksy and culturally rooted lyrics of Debi Makhsoopuri and Tajinder Harjit give it a regional soiled feel of ethnic Punjabi traditions embellished with thematically composed musical works. The film brings back the introverted imaged Gracy Singh in author backed role after being sidelined as glam doll in blockbuster to average entertainers. Sardool along with Sukhwinder maintain the uproarious thump of “Bhangra” with scurry of traditional “boliyan” and gives it a melodramatic feel of “lost paradise” in couple of sentimental tracks with average results.

“Chandi Ki Surmedaani”, traditional folksy number kick-starts with sensual whimpers and loud phonation of “Chooriyan” with loads of beat-thumping music to give album a rip-roaring start. Sukhwindra Singh promises an apogee of Punjabi feast with rustic ethnicity of Punjab by incorporating traditional “boliyan” (folk lore) with chirpy lyrics by Tajinder Harjit. Sonu Kakkar makes optimum use of her schmaltzy n noisy vocals to give it a cultural feel. It has regional appeal but will have restricted takers for its rustic touch.

The hip-shaking effect of disco beat fillers makes a splurge of emotions in echoingly pompous “Chandi Ki Surmedaani (remix)”. Play it loud if Bhangra pop thrills you as it has titillating folk rhythms attached to it with snazzy beats.

The assimilation of traditional folk lore’s maintains its homogeny in the album with “Boliyan” from mediocre vocals of Javed with regular “dhol” beat music. It would have been more fabulous if it was spiced up with improvised audio technologic work to give it a thrashing effect. It disappoints for its monotonous rendition as it has been delivered with “beaten to death” drumming effect with situational feel.

The heartbreaking sentimental moments for bride departing from her parents make gripping effect in sentimental “Gudiyan Gudiyan (My deep color bangles)”. Sukhwinder’s throaty vocals peeps through Punjabi traditional verses in imbibing pathos with Swadeshi Kumari rustic vocals and chorus giving it a situational feel of blessed marital bondage. Once again it’s been designed as situational soundtrack with strong ethnic backdrop of Punjabi tradition to make it viable for Punjabi audiences.


Sardool Sikander makes its first dent with salubriously customary musical package of festive “boliyan” (folk lore’s) in traditional “Kala Doriyan”. The synchronized rendition of folksy musical instrumental work mixed with soft n shimmering vocals of Shreya Ghoshal and matched amicably with folksy paced Sardool Sikander gives it a festive touch. Despite the pompous festive hum drum, it’s an above average soundtrack with conventional musical cultural backdrop and lacks the trendy incineration to spark ire and zest among pop genre.

Soul stirring sentiments of losing soul-mate gets overwhelming tearful vocal rendition by Sardool Sikander in morose and depressing “Bawan Di Chooriyan”. It has an obsolete musical backdrop with effectively sentimental vocals and penetrative lyrics making it a meaningful situational number. Debi Makhsoopuri lyrics makes its most thoughtful semblance with lamenting display of verses and phrases in evoking pathos for the protagonist.

The customary “Mehndi” makes its traditional vows and vibes with “Chooriyan” (bangles) in marriage preparations and celebrations in festive soundtrack “Mehndi”. Deepali Somaiya’s shrill paced voice sings out the emotions of “would be bride” as the significance and implication of “Mehndi” gets its due worth in words and music. The number fails to deliver a sentimental feel despite its resounding nostalgic vibes but has the tenacity to restrict itself to its limited listeners.

CHOORIYAN has limited appeal to lure Punjabi listeners and will find few takers for its outdated but impressive feel. In recent times, there has been bombastic splurge of “Bhangra” pop and rock from all wing and corners of music world and Gen X expects something magnanimous to arrive. The album disappoints but has its share of joy and ecstasy nurtured with traditional ethnicity and limits its acceptance to small sect of listeners.


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