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 Chupke Se
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Shona Urvashi
 Vishal Bhardawaj, Ranjit  Barot
 Gulzar, Abbass Tyrewala
 Masumi, Zulfi Sayed, Rati  Agnihotri

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Musical beauty, Chupke Se, a production of PLA Entertainments, is making waves to come out for the entertainment of moviegoers. Some of music world's giants are attached to the film such as Gulzar (lyricist), Vishal Bhardawaj (musician), Asha Bhonsle (singer), Udit Narayan (singer) and Daler Mehdi (singer) respectively. These giants would imperatively play a lucrative role for designing the success of the movie altogether. Though directed by a debutante director...Shona Urvashi, Chupke Se nevertheless has its magic on the movie lovers with the musical treat to offer them. The flick carries model turned actress Masumi (who makes her debut with this film), model-turned actor Zulfi Sayed (who has just one film "Pyaasa" to his credit yet) and veteran Rati Agnihotri as the lead players. Gulzar and Vishal Bhardwaj's team is better known for creating sensitive and melodious piece of music. Herewith this musical pad, they continue this melodious journey accurately. Abbass Tyrewala joins hands with Gulzar for writing lyrics for one song whilst Ranjit Barot shares his talent too with Vishal for arranging a composition for a track. Renowned music company Saregama-HMV releases the soundtrack laced with 6 numbers for the amusement and joys of the listeners.

The album opens pretty well along with a melodious and catchy song, Kehte Khete. A pure romantic duet all the way, the song has legendary Asha Bhonsle and Lucky Ali as the vocalists of the number. The song gets a soft rhythmical musical start, which easily grows on ears. Asha Bhonsle manages the rhythm brilliantly as usual and takes us to the world of magic. Whilst the fellow singer, Lucky Ali showcases his brilliancy accurately too. Arrangement of all musical instruments spreads romance all around. But violin takes the lead and creates magic on ears. The sensitive and nature observer poet Gulzar writes pure romantic lyrics, which opens the avenues of philosophy of romanticism all the way. The creative composer Vishal Bhardawaj arranges catchy tunes, which stay well with the listeners while generating likeness for the song altogether. The song is on air presently featuring the likes of Masumi and Zulfi in the lead dancing slowly as per the mood of the song. The direction and choreography deserve positive marks. Overall the song is well orchestrated and will construct magic on the listeners for a longer period of time. And of-course makes good hearing whenever listened.

Next comes a fun-filled solo by Alka Yagnik. Alka delivers Kafi Nahin Jo in an energetic style, which appeals the listeners. Amongst the instruments used by Vishal Bhardawaj.... jhankaar, baja and piano stick out most. Gulzar as usual pens creative lyrics. Whilst Vishal arranges average tunes, which do not gel accurately with the lyrics and the mood of the song as well.

A fun-filled number (again), Jeele Jeele takes place on the album with much oomph. Ranjit Barot, KK and Alka Yagnik fasten their belts to drive their vocals for the song. The track carries the philosophy of living life to the fullest. The song gets a bang start with male vocals. Ranjit Barot and KK cannot impress as the vocalist whereas Alka attracts a little bit too. Chorus in the background is below average whilst the arrangement of background musical instruments is not up to the mark. As far as lyrics are concerned, Gulzar Sahib does not impress with his creativity here and pens average rather plain average lyrics. Following his team, the captain of the ship, Vishal decorates just passable tunes. Overall a below average number all the way.

Dildara, an entertaining and love number comes listeners' way next on the soundtrack. Delivered by Gayatri Iyer and Zubeen, the song creates listeners' liking altogether. Zubeen's high-pitched vocals do not come up to the expectations. Whereas Gayatri wins the listeners' hearts all the way. Jhankaar and drumming take the lead amongst the instruments. Abbass Tyrewala by getting drowned in ideas pens good lyrics. Ranjit Barot happens to be the musician here for this song and designs gorgeous composition. The song makes good hearing.

A love duet, Koi To Hai emerges on the album. Udit and Alka team up to render the song. Udit as usual manages the rhythm well. He seems in his elements. Alka catches the tunes accurately. Background chorus attracts. Violin amongst other instruments spreads romance all around. Gulzar knowing the fact that the theme is based on romance, uses his sensitive-natural and romantic mind to knit gorgeous lyrics for his fans. Vishal provides then ample support to Gulzar while managing rhythmical composition on the lyrics. Overall the song is easy on ears and provides soothing comforts.

Kajrare Naina Wali, a solo by singing maestro Daler Mehdi. The best song on the album is also a treat for his fans. The number is about the praise of a girl's beauty. An active piece of music pushes up the song. Daler as usual showcases his energetic and electrifying vocals and makes the listeners dance to the beats. Jhankaar and drumming stick out most as the musical instruments. Daler's delivery of "Naina Tere Naina" which emerges time and again on the narration of the song takes us to the world of ecstasy. Lyrics by Gulzar catch the breath. Vishal's composition is classy altogether. Overall the song makes fantastic repeated hearings.

Chupke Se is the soundtrack, which is laced with musical beauties. The collaboration of Gulzar and Vishal seems to be enough for the selection of this album.

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