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 Yash Chopra
 John Abraham,Abhishek Bachchan,Uday Chopra ,Esha Deol ,Rimi Sen

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At a time when one felt that Yash Raj Films could bring out only mushy, romantic comedies, the Chopras have changed tracks and present an action thriller - 'Dhoom'.

Rumouredly, 'Dhoom' is inspired by the Hollywood hit 'Biker Boyz'. Packed with a plethora of stunning bike action sequences, the film promises to be an adrenaline-pumping ride. To add to the glamour apart from the cool biking stunts is the hunky trio - Abhishek Bachchan, who plays a tough, no-nonsense cop, John Abraham, who plays a slippery thief and Uday Chopra who is a bike racer. Esha Deol and Rimi Sen are also a part of the film.

The film's soundtrack has been composed by Pritam. Pritam who, did you ask? Jog your memory a couple of years ago as an unknown duo composed some lilting melodies for 'Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai'. While Jeet was one of the composers, the other half of the duo, Pritam has gone solo with this album.

The album kicks off with the title number, sung with gusto by Sunidhi Chauhan. In a way, the song can be the perfect theme for the film - it is packed with loads of attitude and is bound to climb the charts quite swiftly! Particularly impressive is the way Sunidhi maintains great poise while singing the verse.

'Shikdum' is a playful number wonderfully sung by Shaan and Shreya Ghosal. While Shaan proves that he is the best when it comes to singing flirtatious conversational songs, Shreya Ghosal continues to impress as she brims with youthfulness.

'Dilbara dilbara, apun ki tu, apun tera' - lyrics cannot get worse as these amateurish lyrics penned by Sameer make you feel that one is listening to a song from a David Dhawan comedy flick. The only reason the 'Dilbara' is tolerable is Abhijeet's confident rendition, which gives a semblance of credibility to the otherwise poorly-composed song.

'Salaame' is a delightful amalgamation of disco beats, with a heavy Goan flavour dominating the song. A number which would have you itching to get on the dance floor! Kunal Ganjawala and Vasundhara Das sing the song enthusiastically. Ganjawala, who has had a brilliant year so far with some brilliant songs in 'Yuva', 'Murder' and 'Kyun Ho Gaya Na', continues to impress.

The tantalizingly titled 'Bedroom Mix' of 'Shikdum' is catchy, but an excess of DJ-scratching and an overdose of rap make you wish that the original of the song was not tampered with.

'Dilbara' is featured again in the album, the only difference being the fact that this time around, Abhishek Bachchan delivers a few wisecracks between the verses. No great shakes otherwise, this one.

The title song is featured again and one wonders why most of the songs in 'Dhoom' have two different versions. There is a difference this time though, as the singer in question is the international pop singer Tata Young. However, Tata fails to successfully recreate the freshness of her record-breaking single 'Sexy Naughty Bitchy'. The song is quite catchy and an innovative video might make it popular, but an opportunity is lost as one rues the fact that Tata Young's youthful voice was not up to the mark this time.

Coming from the Yash Raj stables, the music of 'Dhoom' is extremely disappointing. Shikdum and Salaame are the bright spots in an otherwise lackluster album. Good lyrics, which have always been a feature of Yash Chopra's offering, are conspicuously missing and Pritam has not managed to replicate the success he had along with Jeet. Avoidable!

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