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 Dil Maange More!!!
Director :

Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Ananth Narayan Mahadevan
 Himesh Reshammiya
 Shahid Kapur, Ayesha Takia, Tulip Joshi, Soha Ali Khan

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Following 50 years of incessant and hysterical movie manufacturing, the dearth of movie names is emphatically apparent in Bollywood. "Dil Maange More" is the name of this movie, which was once a catch line for an enormously eminent cola brand. With a brigade of fresh young faces like Shahid Kapur, Ayesha Takiya, Tulip Joshi and introducing Soha Ali Khan, the movie looks as fresh as crack of dawn.

"Dil Maange More!!!" is a Nitin Manmohan Presentation produced under the banner of Fourth Wall Productions and directed by Ananth Narayan Mahadevan who unfortunately did not have much luck with "Dil Vil Pyar Vyar". Leaving nothing to luck, the makers have only opted for the best and the most happening Himesh Reshammiya and Sameer for music and lyrics respectively.

Visit Official Website of Dil Maange More!!!The album sets the expectations bar high enough with the very first track "Gustakh Dil Tere Liye". The track is an electrifying dance number with time-honored melody having likeliness to Shammi Kapoor - Sharmila Tagore somewhat tracks from the groovy 70's. When it comes to dancing, Shahid Kapur is no less than Shammi Kapoor while he makes his Guru (Shiamak Davar) proud. Soha Ali Khan has a long way to go synchronizing expectations with momma Sharmila and Brother Saif. With Sameer's uncomplicated lyrics set on Himesh's racing melody executed by Sonu and Sunidhi in the best of their spirits, the track should soon be on the top of the charts.

Melody, freshness and youth continue to lead with "Aisa Deewana". Alka Yagnik and Sonu Nigam rather fluently make their way to the hearts through ears while they croon an extremely captivating and delightful tune by Himesh. Sameer should be complimented for making the most optimum utilization of the words Dil, Deewana and Pyar and No Pun Intended please. The track has an equally enthralling Instrumental toward the end.

Visit Official Website of Dil Maange More!!!The album shifts gears with "O Makhna Ve - Why Does it Happen in Love", which fills the compulsive 10% reserve for Punjabi lingo in all the movies following Yash Chopra/Karan Johar School of movie making. The track has an average melody, but far from the goodness of previous two. K.K. and Sunidhi deliver as per the expectations. However, you would not know Why Does It Happen in Love until you see the movie, but the catch line of the movie might just catch the youth fancy if the track pulls it off like "It's the time to Disco".

"Shikwa Tumse" is indeed the title track of the movie with Sonu Nigam crooning the title in the very beginning of the track and impressing a good deal with his intense performance in rest of the track. A track about complaints and affection for the one you love has a solid composition with potentials to grow gradually. Himesh's upbeat musical resourcefulness and reasonable lyrics by Sameer will help the track work its way upwards.

Straightforward melody returns with "Maine Chun Liya" where Himesh and Sameer give their best shot, but again, the track takes its own time to establish. Udit Narayan and Shreya Ghosal make a harmonious couple while they chant the duet strewing humbleness of serene love in the air.

Shaan's pleasant vocals spill youth and pleasance with "Kubaku Mujhe Tu Nazar Aaye". To know the meaning of "Kubaku" you can wait to either watch the movie or let your imaginations run wild and assume. The track has a gripping melody, that takes no time in appealing to the listeners and the lyrics are spot on.

The album concludes with a brief interlude of "Shikwa Bhi Tumse" and the instrumental of "Aisa Deewana".

Sameer's lyrical reserves only seem to get better with each passing movie and Himesh Reshammiya is undoubtedly the current melody king with amazing assortment of enduring melodies. With the promotions arousing curiosity among the youth and modish casing, the music of "Dil Maange More!!!" should have no convolution recording high sales in the coming days.

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