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 Ek Chalis ki Last Local
Director :
Music :

Lyrics :
Starring :
 Sanjay Khandoori
 Sandesh Shandilya, Amar Mohile, Dj Aqeel, Sanjeev
 Mehboob, Ankur Tewari
 Abhay Deol, Neha Dhupia, Snehal Dhabi, Deepak Shirke, Ashok Samarth, Vinay Apte

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Low budget entertainers have never been reliable and consistent in delivering potential musical contents in their albums but still there are few exceptions. EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL tries to be experimentally innovative with new set of music composers that ranges from Pakistani pop band “Call – the band” to foreign composer Tknow Frankcorsi to our very own Sandesh Shandilya and Ankur Tiwari. The album succeeds to some extent in trendy paced “Laare Choote” (‘Call –the band’) and “Bheegi Bheegi Si” (new composer Ankur Tiwari) but their magnetism is miniscule and limits their appeal to small sect of listeners. While foreign composer Tknow Frankcorsi is restricted to music arranger as he punches his style of frolicking music to create a different feel in couple of soundtracks. Bollywood’s trusted prodigy Sandesh Shandilya disappoints completely in loosely packed musical number (“Panga”) as the album shapes itself into average grosser.

Vicissitudes of life takes big slice in chiseling out fortune and destiny and these nerve-racking emotions finds the sound and music of Pakistani rock band “Call – the band” in upbeat rock base track “Laare Choote”. Xulfi, the lead vocalist of “Call –the band” proves to be prodigy of this low profile album as he mixes and matches his lyrical intellect with vocal finesse. The soundtrack has flashy sounds of racing trains where the protagonist’s voices their tales of fluctuating fortune in short span of time. Its indifferent rendition makes it a situational number where actor Abhay Deol vociferous one-liners emanate the theme. It should find its acceptance with listeners who have been entertained with Sufi rock base music in past otherwise it will relegates itself to cadre of impressive works by new talents. Hear it to feel it! DJ Suketu along with Aks proves their mettle in nurturing another worthy hip-shaking dance floor number in rock-feast soundtrack “Laare Choote (remix)”.

Alisha Chinai’s excruciatingly sensuous vocals admonish the repercussions of the fluctuating fortune in a game of luck and fortune as shimmering jazz music sizzles out the emotions in “Ekka Chauka”. Sandesh Shandilya’s music is big take from “Kaisi Yeh Paheli” (PARINEETA) and “Dil Ko Hazaar Baar” (MURDER) for its haunting musical impact that meanders into senses with conventional jazz music with strong impulse of synchronized saxophone notes. It has strong situational feel but ordinary lyrics and sluggishly paced fails to give it a sturdy gripping on ears.

Tknow Frankcorsi musical finesse is stranded with re-arranging the musical arrangements of this track as he renders titillating instrumental notes in intimidating “Ekka Chauka (Title Version)”. This version has typical Hollywood thriller feel where the musical backdrop takes its skin and soul from “James Bond” theme music.


Kishore Kumar’s evergreen melody “Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si” (CHALTI KA NAAM GADI) has been soul inspiration for decades and it finds its impressive grounding in soft “n” supple “Bheegi Bheegi Si”. Fresh talent Ankur Tiwari has many aces on his sleeves as he pens, voices and composes this over-sentimental musical work that talks about sweet communion of lovers in soppy rainy day. The singer impresses to the hilt but his vocal tonality sounds more akin to Indi-Pop singing flair. It should bring smiles and reasons to croon on Valentine Day’s but it’s delirious pace will restrict its acceptance to campus capers. mpressive!!!

After moments of enchanting melodies, it’s time for sleazy and gaudy musical stuff that comes with garish vocals of Rashmi in easily forgettable “Akh (film version)”. It works like stuffing for item song where folksy lyrics are blended with sloppy paced music and sub-standard music. Skip it! It is recreated with different musical arrangements with the vocals of Anushka in “Akh (dance version)” with slightly better results.

Bollywood’s contemporary music makes its first dent with Sandesh Shandilya’s music that talks about “pangas” (misadventures) of missing the last local train in funky paced “Panga”. Alisha’s shimmering vocals reappears in this duet as they mingles with ever reliable Sonu Nigam with introductory catchy beats. It kicks starts off impressively with catchy beats but thereafter its musical pace slapdash completely. The song reminds of zillions of similar situational tracks heard in last two decades and this song comes out as filler for album and for its listeners.

EK CHALIS KI LAST LOCAL tries to hard to impress with new breed of musical talents but it fails to pull out a winner. New and unheard musical talents Xulfi (‘Call –the band’) and Ankur Tiwari proves to be saving grace and winning equation for the album. Unfortunately their work fails to groundbreaking but still their efforts are laudable as they churn out impressive numbers. The album has limited appeal for listeners who craves for indifferent style of musical packaging but will be average entertainer for common listener.


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