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Starring :
 Vikram Bhatt
 Nadeem-Shravan, Himesh Rishamiya
 Aftab Shivdasani, Bipasha Basu, Rahul Dev, Farhan Hashmi, Anupma Tilak

By Goher Iqbal Punn

Vishesh Entertainment is back again with its latest flick, Footpath. Produced by Mukesh Bhatt, the promos of the film are currently displaying hot scenes picturized on sexy Bipasha and chocolate Aftab. The big banner "Bhatt" seems to be enough for the publicity of the film. This year, they have already given magnificent hits like Jism and Saaya. Apart from that, no need to mention their yesteryears' works at all, as all and sundry know the fact. Directed by none other than Vikram Bhatt, the film features the likes of Aftab Shivdasani, Bipasha Basu and Rahul Dev in lead roles. Vikram's repertoire has always been very positive from the outset. If sometimes his films do not get what they deserve nevertheless fetch audiences' applaud in plenty. Ghulam and Raaz are the vivid examples, which portray this true fact to the fullest. The popular pair of music world, Nadeem-Shravan (who are very much known for composing catchy melodies) score music for the film together with the renowned hot lyricist of today, Sameer. Whilst Himesh appears as a guest musician for one song too. A horde of vocalists polishes up their singing skills here with this album. Famous in its work, Tips releases the soundtrack laced with 7songs in total.

The soundtrack welcomes the listeners with a melodious song, Saari Raat Teri Yaad. Delivered by none other than Udit and Alka, the song gets a bang start with their sharp and crystal clear vocals. Udit and Alka impress with their catchy vocals. Their repertoires have rich experience along visible through their voices. Amongst the instruments, the arrangement of dholak and jhankaar stick out most. Sameer getting drenched in ideas pens good lyrics. The composers' duo Nadeem-Shravan does not seem to be innovative here. Their tunes are ordinary here. The visuals of the song are on air currently featuring the likes of Aftab and Bipasha in the lead. The direction and cinematography raise the spirits accurately whilst choreography does not appeal at all.

A true romantic duet lands up on the album. Chain Aapko Mila is one of the best songs on the entire soundtrack. The number features the likes of S. P. Bala and Asha Bhonsle as the vocalists. Both the legendary singers showcase their pure singing skills here. It seems nice to hear S. P. Bala after such a long time alongside legendary Asha. Bala's vocals remind us the early days of Salman Khan's career when he used to render his vocals for the macho Khan. Bala initially came in limelight with genius actor Kamal Hasan. He has sung a number of hit songs for the versatile actor (Kamal Hasan). Asha Bhonsle provides an ample support to Bala by giving sweet vocals for the joys of the listeners. Amongst the instruments used by Nadeem-Shravan...drumming, piano, violin and baja stick out and spread romance all around. Sameer pens true romantic lyrics for the song, which fit well with the mood of the number. The duo of Nadeem-Shravan arranges catchy and stupendous tunes here, which boil the blood. This song of S.P and Asha takes us to the melodious era of early 90's when these types of songs were very much IN. Overall, an award-winning song and makes a fantastic hearing in romantic mood altogether.

Kumar Sanu pockets a tragic number, Dost Milte Hain. The song is about the injustice of friends and life altogether. Sanu truly spreads magical singing herewith this particular song. After such a long time, he catches the listeners' breath. Chorus in the background seems perfect as per the mood of the song. All used instruments attract. Sameer happens to be a philosophical lyricist there. The philosophical lyrics really philosophize the listeners altogether. Nadeem-Shravan are in their true elements by scoring a well-orchestrated song all the way. The track deserves to be heard time and again. Overall an impeccable song altogether for the best treat of the listeners.

Abhijeet and Alka team up for rendering a melodious song, Kitna Pagal Hai. Abhijeet does true justice as usual to his job and catches the listeners with his sharp and catchy vocals. Hi delivery of "La La La" and "Hey Hey" catches the breath and haunts a lot. Alka follows the colleague accurately and renders her part of singing with perfect ease. Sameer while getting drowned in ideas writes good lyrics, which lift the mood accordingly. The weakness of the song is the arrangement of music by Nadeem-Shravan, which is not up to the mark though it sounds pleasant on ears but upon listening it carefully one finds the composition very similar to an earlier movie's composition, Raaz. The song is running on all usual music channels presently starring Bipasha and Aftab in the lead. The picturization fetches positive marks. Overall the song can stay with the listeners for a limited period of time.

The talented pair of Udit and Alka emerges on the album with a sad song, Zara Dekh Mera. The song is about the mental situation of the lovers who think that they can't live without each other. Both the vocalists impress with their respective vocals. Amongst the instruments, dholak and piano attract most. Lyrics by Sameer bag applaud from the listeners. Nadeem-Shravan's music is audible but unfortunately again on this soundtrack they lack innovation and as a result arrange a routine piece of music for the millions of their fans around. The routine composition makes the song just passable.

Alka Yagnik bags the second version of Dost Milte Hain. This tragic number of Alka attracts the listeners all the way. Her vocals seem so catchy and catch the breath too. She is in good form. Chorus in the background is pleasant on ears. The arrangement of all instruments is good. Sameer pens philosophical lyrics again altogether for the listeners. The duo of Nadeem-Shravan designs beautiful tunes. Overall the song stays with the listeners.

Soorat Pe Teri locks up the album. This Punjabi number features the likes of K.K, Hema Sardesai and Jayesh as the vocalists of the song. All the singers hold the cord of singing accurately and impress the listeners with their respective vocals. Sameer writes adequate lyrics. The guest composer Himesh Rishamiya does justice to his job by scoring a good piece of music. Overall the song is audible.

Footpath carries a gorgeous piece of audible music. Almost all of the songs have weightage and make good hearing altogether. The soundtrack displays the fact that it belongs to Nadeem-Shravan's camp. One or two songs of the album can bag awards in the days to come. In short, the album is a good companion of all moods.

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