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Director :
Music :
Lyrics :
Starring :
 Prawaal Raman
 Ajay-Atul, Amar Mohile
 Nitin Raikwar
 Tusshar Kapoor, Antara Mali, Ramman Trikha, Govind Namdev, Raghuveer Yadav, Rasika Joshi, Ikhlaq Khan and Natasha.

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Fantasies have always been an integral part of human imagination and our film fraternity knows exactly how to glorify, exploit and present a variety of such human fantasies in form of a motion picture, which takes the audiences on an imaginary trip for a couple of hours. The Varma corporation believes in this mantra more than any one else and after a series of successful ventures, Ram Gopal Varma/K Sera Sera production is outfitted with their new-fangled product or rather A Factory Product - Gayab!

Produced in association with Prime Focus, presented by Sahara Manoranjan and directed by Prawaal Raman, Gayab is an emblematic Varma Production offering, characterized by low star value, passable music, an exciting screenplay, smart packaging and not to forget - A very squat title! Strange but true that even after Mr.India's astounding success, no one in Bollywood ever attempted the Invisibility Formula for all these years. Well, better late than never, it had to be someone of Ramu's caliber to be the first one to reiterate the plot, which was already exploited to the T by another stalwart - Boney Kapoor.

Gayab stars Tusshar Kapoor and Antra Mali. Ajay-Atul and Amar Mohile are the music composers Taabish Romani and Nitin Raikwar have penned the lyrics. Released on Times Music, Gayab has a total of 5 tracks along with an instrumental called The Rampage Notes and a Bonus Track to wedge the remaining space. Let us venture further into the intricacies of the music and see whether Gayab's music deserves a listening.

The title track "Gayab Hoke" has an extremely passable tune with distinctly gripping musical arrangement, which is not a great aid. Kunal Ganjawala is a decent choice for such a narrative track, as he successfully expresses the excitement of being invisible and simultaneously being able to envision the world. Taabish Romani's lyrics thrive in explaining the situation, but a better tune would have done more justice.

"Tanha ab na raha jaye" is a sad song sung by Sonu Nigam. As usual Sonu manages to infuse the precise emotion. The tune is also slightly on a better side. Lyrics are apt, but what really stands apart is Amar Mohile's music, which is absolutely soothing and alluring.

The album picks up some pace with "Dilkash". This one is a duet by Kunal Ganjawala and Shweta Pandit. Both the singers sound quite contemporary and stylish, which in turn compliments the modern feel of the track. The score is equally modern with commendable violin pieces. Many other musical instruments have been used very effectively. The tune is racy and superior except when it moves into the stanzas. Lyrics couldn't have been better.

Moving on to the Side B, the first track is a Hindi-English (Hinglish) number called "Main Love Tumse". Sung by Vinod Rathore and an anonymous singer (who sounds like Shweta Pandit, but nothing mentioned on credits). Vinod Rathore sounds pleasantly different and his female counterpart is also impressive. The Tune is amusingly seductive and music is barely audible, but if this track hits the bull's eye then it will be purely on the basis of its funky/funny lyrics by Nitin Raikwar.

The Hinglish fever extends to the next track - "You are my Superman". Sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan, the duet does not have a very notable tune. Regular lyrics (Taabish Romani) and the James Bond music do no good to the track.

Lastly, Rampage Notes and Ek Hasina thi Remix (both by Amar Mohile) plug the remaining spaces. While Ek Hasina Thi Remix still remains unimpressive, the swift Rampage Notes might go well in the background while watching an invisible Tusshar seizing thorough advantage of his invisibility.

Although, Gayab's music sounds situational; it is well below average like most of Ram Gopal Varma's recent flicks. From Gayab's musical score, it is quite obvious that Ramu does not really depend on the music (at least recently) more than a tool for publicity (which is also not big shakes for Gayab). All we can do now is hope that the audience does not remain Gayab from the cinema halls when this flick makes its way to the silver screen.

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