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 Milan Luthria
 Mayur Puri
 Kunal Kapoor, Rimi Sen, Nana Patekar, Paresh Rawal, Danny Denzongpa, Harsha Bhogle, Gautam Bhimani

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Cricket mania rocks silver screen! Pritam rejuvenates his branded style of peppy and tuneful music with élan with added doses of “cheerathon” (marathon cheering) in cheerfully endearing HATTRICK. This emotionally packed cricket bonanza boasts moments of triumph and jubilation for spirited “Team India” which connects theatrically with four different lifestyles. Milan Luthria pitches experienced campaigners Nana Patekar, Danny Denzompa and Paresh Rawal as the front runners of the show with long haired hunk Kunal Kapoor sharing lovey-dovey moments with bubbly Rimmi Sen. The euphoric feel of winner forms the style statement of the film with the message of “triumph of human spirit”. Pritam fields his trusted new prodigies as the added fuel and fire for the album with success.

The tuneful Sufi impulse of “Ya Ali” and the rhythmic guitar strumming of “Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai” makes upbeat grounding for the lively and enthused soundtrack “Ek Pal Mein”. KK’s penchant vocals are picture perfect for this rollicking firing rock soundtrack that stems out youthful idealism. The singer showed his panache recently with “Tu Meri Shab Hai” and this number adds to the list. Mayur Puri’s lyrics are vigorously poised with “yuppie” flair sounding easy to ears.

“Home is where my heart is, take me home…” mesmerizes out nostalgic feel, it takes loads of excruciating emotions in poetically refined verses (“Kitne Armaan Lekar Ab Main Jaoonga Kahan, Kuch Paane Ko Jo Khoya Phir Paoonga Kahan, Manzil Kho Gaya Ek Pal Ko Bas Raah Gayi…”) with Roop Kumar Rathod’s classical flair in notably brilliant “I am coming Home”. Vishal Dadlani shows his poetic intellect in sensitively penned lyrical works –“Chehra Jaana sa, Kuch Pehchana sa, Main tha Magar Main Nahin…” Pritam’s earlier work “Khwabon Ki” (MUDDA) is rekindled with sentimentally mellowed flow with tinge of feminine sensuality in Caralisa rendition. Mellifluous to the core, it has the heart piercing resonance with an incessant ambience of serenity. Pritam’s exuberance complements magnificently with Roop Kumar’s rhetoric flair and Vishal Dadlani’s prosaic skills.Worth-a-hear!

Rana Mazumdar’s cheerfully boisterous vocals lift the tempo with accelerated rhythms and vigorously plucked guitar strumming in lively “I am coming Home (reprise)”. Its bonus offering that should caper pop genre fancies with a rock-star feel.

Youthful and vivacious scurry of zestful emotions bubble out with Soham Chakraborty rocking the mike in energetically delivered “Kahan Kho Gaya”. The sound of loner with heart felt impulse of “lost paradise” gets the musical make over of conventional hard rock. Groovy to the last beat; it has the “yuppie” binge with impressive vocal flair and promises to be ear-grabber.


It’s time to disco with over-sappy and enthused DJ techno-buzz as the mood gets frenzied in bouncy “Kahan Kho Gaya (reprise)”.

Rhythmic flute notes (similar to “Halka Halka”) makes merry with rustic and yore of Punjabi blend of fusion pop in foot-thumping and chirpy “Rabba Khair Kare”. Vociferously resilient and harsh Labh Januja pumps out hilariously penned “Ek Main Jat Yamla Pagla, Ek Meri Soni Mere Dil Mein Woh Rahti, Uski dil mein Dhoni…”, a satirical affinity with Dhoni. Mayur Puri’s witty one-liners and quizzically punched lyrics make it theatrically humorous with tons of pulsating musical thumps. It’s fourth success in a row after “Mundiya to Bachke” (BOOM), “Pyar Karke” (PYAR KE SIDE EFFECTS) and “Let’s do Balle Balle” (NAKSHA) for Labh Januja that should make itself present at the charts. Listen it loud if you feel special about your romantic date being spoilt by the loud cheers of cricket match by your better half. Besides impressive rendition by new singer Gulzar, the mood gets eclectic in techno-generated “club mix” by DJ A Myth in booty shaking “Rabba Khair Kare (reprise)”.

Lasciviously driven remix music mania grips the passion on floors as the seductive vocal oomph of Mahalaxmi Iyer rocks the show in “Jab Chaye Mera Jadoo” (Dev Anand’s LOOTMAAR). The aura of vintage sensuality is serenaded with rollicking beat pattern which gels exuberantly with Mahalaxmi’s sensual vigor.

Cheerathon! Morale boosting cheers of triumph and glory make merry with boisterously punched Caribbean musical enchantment in animated “Wicket Bacha”. Veteran pop diva Usha Uthup throaty vocals shriek out the cheering passion for “Team India” with frenzy hip-hop and infectious chorus display. Too jarring, but still delivers the needful and notably audible for being innovatively driven for cricket maniacs. This cheering rhapsody is woven into hip-shaking passion of “club mix” with accelerated tempo by Bunty Rajput and EMU in highly spirited “Wicket Bacha (reprise)”.

HATTRICK boasts trendy entertainment package for multiplex audiences with frothy and vivaciously delivered youthful soundtracks. Pritam adds one more feather in his cap and the good news continues for him after the success of JUST MARRIED. It refurbishes soul sauntering music display with impressive “I am coming Home” and flags keep flying high with energetic “Rabba Khair Kare”, spirited “Kahan Kho Gaya” and cheerful “Wicket Bacha”.

Go for it!


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